Perfect 15 Minute HOME Workout (No Weights & No Running!)

now like a lot of you guys over the last month I haven't been able to get into my gym I also don't have a gym at my house no weights no machines no way to get my workout in honestly gents that's a bunch of it's a lame-ass excuse

in today's video gentleman I'm introducing you to my friend Tim loo this guy's got ten years experience as a personal trainer he's a certified strength and conditioning coach and he spoke at my med fluent shil event so I talked to him and I asked him to put together

a solid workout routine for my guys here at real men real style that wouldn't require any weights that you could complete in 15 minutes and you could do in a small area so Jen's you ready for the perfect at-home workout let's do it I've got y'all covered with

today's special workout it's called the morning band maker the way we're gonna do this is we're gonna set a timer for 10 to 15 minutes and you're going to be doing as many rounds of five exercises you're gonna be doing ten reps each and we're gonna go through

them all right now all right guys we're gonna start off with the Burpee the Burpee is a full body movement which works on increasing your conditioning and your strength endurance even though it's an awesome movement it needs to be done with proper form now to do the Burpee

properly start by standing tall with your feet just outside of your shoulders squat down and place your hands on the ground just inside your legs then spring your feet out like you would in a push-up position keeping your chest tall and back straight reverse the motion by bringing

your feet back to just outside your shoulders stand tall at the top to finish the rep now if you want to make this movement more challenging you can throw in a push-up at the bottom and or throw in a jump at the top if you need to regress

this movement use a small step of some kind to decrease the range of motion after the Burpee we've got reverse lunges the reverse lunge is a great lower body movement to strengthen your quads and glutes and it also opens up your hip flexors if you've been sitting all

day chances are your hips are tight and it's a good movement to open them up and begin the movement simply take one leg and step back keeping your core tight and hips squared lower yourself down until your back knee touches the ground as you're coming down be sure

that your knee stays tracking straight you a front leg push through your heel to return to starting position when you're doing the lunge you can either perform one leg at a time or alternate them back and forth perform 10 reps of each leg and if you need to

regress this movement simply perform a stationary lunge aka a split squat and if you want to make it more challenging hold the weight of some kind to increase your resistance [Music] next up we've got push-ups the push-up is the most fundamental upper body pushing movement that you can

do to perform the exercise align yourself so that your shoulders are stacked over your wrists and your feet are extended and together that is the proper push-up position keeping your back straight with your core tight and glutes squeezed lower yourself down and tell your chest touch the floor

push yourself up flexing your chest and triceps heart the top to finish now if you don't have the strength to perform a full push-up what you can do is elevate your hands on the surface before working your way down and if you want to make the push-up more

challenging you can do the opposite and that's elevate your feet crank out 10 reps next up we've got the side plank with rotation the side plank is a great exercise to work your obliques and your core but by adding a rotation you get movement in our upper back

and it allows us to challenge our core even more to perform this exercise lay on your side with your feet stacked on top or one leg crossed over keep your core tight and glutes squeezed lift your hips up and forward so that you're in a straight line with

your top hand perform a scooping motion across the body while rotating inward bring your elbow back squeezing your shoulder blades together before performing another rep perform 10 reps before doing the other side if you need to progress this movement simply hold the side plank for 20 to 30

seconds each side instead [Music] finally we've got jump squats the jump squat is a great plyometric movement to build power and endurance in your legs to perform the movement squat down quickly to where your hips are just above parallel immediately jump up in the air and when you

land be sure that you're landing soft with your knees out once you've safely landed perform another jump jump for 10 reps to complete the set if jumps are tough for you given where you're at you can perform a squat with the calf raise it'll help you work on

your squat form and also strengthen your calves for the jumps later down the line [Music] [Applause] so there you have it the morning that make a workout you've got your 5 exercises do 10 reps of each exercise back-to-back once you've finished rest as long as you need and

then do as many rounds as you can within those 10 to 15 minutes that you've set record your score afterwards and try to beat it next time you do it pretty good workout right jets if you want to learn more about Tim if you want to contact him

I'm putting his details down in the description of today's video I do know that he takes on clients individual coaching so if you want accountability if you want to be able to master your own body this is what Tim focuses on it's not heavy weights it's not about

running this is all about you being able to master your body with simple exercises and by the way there's no sponsorship here there's no affiliate deal I simply love what Tim's doing and I wanted to introduce you guys to him to go check out what he's doing maybe

just send him a note thank you for the video but an awesome guy that can help you get into the shape that you want to be if you want to see more content like this let me know down in the comments I love hearing from you guys and

honestly I'm just trying to serve you with great content and it really helps want to hear from you down below so what video to watch next how about the importance of a routine guys in this video I break out exactly why routines are so important how they will

set you free especially with what's going on in the world right now you need to have a morning routine find out why in this video

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