Peptides That Can Help You Loss Weight & Enhance Energy

the AOD 9604 is phenomenal because of itdoes work on the growth hormone pathways but it also it opens up some metabolicprocesses that allow patients to really shift over into burning fat as an energysource instead of the sugar so it makes your fat more metabolically active sothe white fat turns to brown so there are five major categories sojoint health I mean that's bpdc1 five seven and you may you can use thethymosin beta 4 also known as tv:500 and that creates very selectivity and thestem styles that also is is a great way to heal tissues are going in and thatthe thymus and gene is the very first one that's activated when you get a cotor when you have an injury so you know activates this healing response so it'sa very powerful peptide the third the category is is where we look at more ofthe immune categories so the things we've got the infections and thatthe category is fascinating because if if you think about you know some of thethings that can go on with autoimmunity I mean we talked a little bit aboutyou know the coronavirus and how devastating that is but if you thinkabout some of these lingering like Epstein-Barr virus –is Lyme diseasethese things can completely disrupt somebody's life even mold toxicity soyeah so some of the sides we use for mold toxicity would be you know onceyou've clear mark on and do some of the underlying foundational work for thesepatients we'll use as a base so an activeintestinal peptide that dr.

Richie shoemaker helped formulate and discoverwill use ll 37 and that's you know that's a natural secret tome from youryour stem cells and that helps eradicate Nathan II kind of biofilms so ll 37 is aa great one we use the BP CT one five seven to get rid of some of theglyphosate and some of the toxins because this is you know it's a humangastric secretions are where the EPC one57 comes from yeah so that you knowthese are some of the medians modulatory peptides that we found to bevery effective and incredibly safe along with the thymus and alpha one which is aa universal peptide that almost anyone can use then we got diabetes and diabeteswhat I call this module and these these peptides so if you look at weightthe loss you know a lot of people get frustrated because you're like lookwe're gonna bed trying the keto diet I've done paleo I've been vegan andthey've done all these things in there like, man, I can't lose the fat and I feellike crap and I go on a high-calorie diet low calorie and so this is where we'duse you know peptides that are very specific for you know these types ofpatients and so some of those peptides this is like a OD 9604 and this is anexciting peptide because of stands for anti-obesity drug the AOD and 9604 isphenomenal because it does work on the growth hormone pathways but it alsoopens up some metabolic processes that allow patients to really shift over intoburning fat as an energy source instead of the sugar so it makes your fat moremetabolically active so the white fat turns to brown so that's when themitochondria come to the surface and your body can actually start using thatas an energy source sorry for the interruption again to findout more about this speaker become a speaker on our show has dr.

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ross carter calm to learn more on with the showthere's a hormone that HCG that kind of has a similar effect very similar effectand they've actually done studies so the HCG one of the problems is you knowthere are side effects and it can also affect your pituitary and it can downregulate some of your endocrine function right and it can up regulate cortisolwhich will end up causing you to put on more weight in the long run that's notknow not good at all but the AOD nine six-year of four doesn't have any ofthose downstream adverse reactions that we've seen oh that's great and so uhyeah fascinating the one caveat on anytime you're working ongrowth hormone you want to be about ninety minutes away from any food thatwould cause an insulin spike so the for those of you who are using thesepeptides you know there's the right way to use them and there's the wrong way soyou know the wrong way that I see where it doesn't work for people is whenthey're like yeah I'm doing my injections I'm Michael when are youdoing it they're like well usually just after dinner and I'm like yeah andyou've probably had a glass of wine ate some dessert or whatever and you'reso your blood sugar spikes which pushes insulin into your blood and then thesethese peptides don't work so don't do them unless you're in a more of a fastedstate okay God kind of an important note for for you doctors out there who arejust getting into this cuz you know we we've we've went through it trust mewe've made all the mistakes so right that's the advantage here so that wouldbe the diabetes and weight loss sect it was there any other ones in this monthyeah and then there's a there's a few others but kind of a one that I love isthe five amino 1mq and the five amino 1mq is another oneI know it's another great name I mean five five amino a 1 and Q one Q that isjust a fantastic name and this one you can do orally we would share ourpatients you know they love it because it's a lot of these are injections onlybut but this one actually helps improve muscle performance it works on IGF italso works on the MNT pathways so that same pathway that activates the ampk soit gets your it just turns on your mitochondria so this is another greatway of influencing cell the cell communication turning on fat burning andworking directly on that DNA so it's it's that's a fun one so and there's afew other the esup is you'll like this named d sip it sounds like a rapperyou know like exactly like your with the ll what was the ll one ll 37 and not tobe mistaken with LL Cool J correct that's exactly that's exactly where Iwas thinking all right there don't want to get those confused alrightno but going along with the rap rap theme yeah this is where de sip is adeep sleep inducing peptide or Delta sleep inducing peptide oh that's so thisone just like a potala and epital and works on your pineal gland this one doesas well so it regulates circadian rhythms help your melatonin secretionand down-regulates that sympathetic the nervous response so d sip our patientsdig it so yeah you take that is that before yougo to bed or 45 minutes before you go to bedis it a daily thing or is it you do it not well the great thing about peptidesis it's not like you stop doing them you know-how if you take a supplementusually, it's like okay I've metabolized that thing I pooped out the rest andit's out of my system you got to keep making it yeah well peptides stay inyour system they create a different the expression so the cell communication andthe vibration of the cells actually there's a continuation for you know 30 to 60 to90 days some patients had completely resets things and so it's not like it'ssomething ought to keep taking Dees if we find that we put a person on it forabout two weeks and then we can take them off and they continue to sleep wellcontinue to sleep well yep like it that's all yeah I like things that workand that actually changed the way that your cells you know where they'renot dependent on me so they're it's like yeah I'm sleeping great and I don't needD sip anymore so couple cycles and we want them off beautiful beautifulalright so any more related to sleep or is that the primary one that you go foron that's the primary one I mean anytime someone takes any of thegrowth hormone type peptides the anti-aging they're gonna sleep better.

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