Parasport home workout #2

welcome to the second of our workouts unlike the first workout this is gonna be a little bit more intense it's gonna be aerobic activities to try and elevate the heart rate just like our first workout there's two versions and if you're standing you can follow Dean Dean will

be doing the leg work as well as the upper body workouts or if you're seated like myself just follow everything I'm doing for your upper body workout if there's a certain move you can't do we're gonna have a holding movement which is just a marching movement with the

arms and/or the legs okay we're going to start off by first of all loosening up our joints we want to loosen up the shoulders by rolling them around we're gonna now kick our arms back just reaching back bringing them up stretch out your fingers so just take them

back and again lift up and down through your body where you can I'm gonna do one more and then we're gonna shoulder circle with the right arm lead it around in a circular movement keep it reasonably relaxed we're just trying to warm and soften up the joints and

then change over to your left arm same again leading round and then I'm gonna be really mean we're gonna do both hums together it I feel really tight trying to pull them around open around two more and then we're gonna bring our arms always reaching up and back

stretching back lifting up down one to go taking it all the way up to the ceiling or reach up nice and tall reaching out nice and wide slowly relaxing down loosen up your shoulders and then just give yourself a little bit of the rotation loosen up the core

if you want to just punch the arms forwards as well you can and then just makes you a nice and comfy shirt warm up because we're not going to be taking this too intense to start with so the main move our holding move is a March we're gonna

be bending through the elbows we want to get a little bit of movement into the shoulders and into the core if you're standing is just a gentle march through the knees and through the hips and then what we're going to do is going to do four sets of

every exercise so we're going to throw in a separate movement and back to this March and then we're gonna do it four times over so we're gonna start with an easy one which is a shoulder lift so we're gonna bring her arms down gonna squeeze the shoulders and

reach to the floor so squeezing up and down up down two more and then back to your master there you go that's our first move really simple and hopefully you're gonna sort of get the benefit from this by increasing in that effort so getting ready to go there

again in four three two one and squeeze down two to go one more and then back into that March again if you're finding your sort of fun do this really easy put a little bit of bounce into it if you're using your legs knows where else you can

get a little bit more energy and height we're going back into the shoulder lifts in three two one squeezing up down up down good squeeze and lower squeeze and lower form or squeezing higher if you can pushing lower as well to increase that movement two more back into

your March so again take it from side to side make sure you gain these shoulders involved as well otherwise it makes it too much of a small movement get ready for your shoulder lifts again in three two one and lift down lift lift reaching right down to the

floor four more squeeze down squeeze two to go and then that's your match loosen it up so that's your first exercise done and next one is going to be taking out arms forwards it's a little bit like a chest press so we're pushing forwards to extend the arms

and we're gonna squeeze across the chest and here we go in three two one push and push now if you're doing this standing you're stepping back with your legs one leg at a time so you're lengthening your body and you're sort of giving that extra bit of balance

challenge going on two more of these and then back to March nice and easy hopefully if not and lower those arms a little bit low in the chest press or stick with this marching movements ever suit yourself get ready to go again in three two one and push

push push so you're contracting right into the top of the chest the tops to the backs of the arms two more one two and March nice and easy getting ready for that push again in three two one and brush make sure with those legs as well you were

extending them back to get the stretch through the upper part of your leg and we're gonna do two more of these 1 2 and that's your March you're ready in 3 2 1 and push push push now with this if you can squeeze a little bit tighter into

the top of the chest you give that extra bit of contraction and a stretch into your shoulders we're gonna do 3 2 1 and March soften it up if you finding this is getting a little bit too much ease off on those movements or maybe saying that's the

end then if so start marching a little bit smaller into your heart rate drops back down and then you can come back to us next time so our next movement is gonna be what I call a jack we're gonna keep our elbows bent and we're lifting through the

top of the arm so we're gonna pull up in 3 2 1 lifting up down and make sure with this you feel the movement coming from the top of the shoulder and if you're doing the legs you're taking the legs out to the side alternating between one and

the other trying to get that stretch on the inner thigh two to go one two that's your March listen up again hopefully you're giving a little bit warm and a little bit elevators in that heart rate getting ready to go back to those jacks again and remember to

pull right through the upper part of your arm rather than with your hands in three two one lifting up down up down up up down up two more lifting up what to go and shoot through again okay now we're gonna move to what I call jazz we keep

the elbows bent we're pulling to the upper part of the arms and we're gonna pull out nice and wide in three two one so lift low if you're doing the legs just stepping out to the side one leg at a time to keep that even balance lifting up

for four more one two three four back to your MA she loosened up the shoulders again get that wiggle moving to the upper body the more you can loosen it up the better that will be getting ready to go again nice and slow nice and controlled in three

two one and lift down lift down as you're lifting up try and take those arms out nice and wide from the shoulder as well you want to feel it right across the top of the arm and shoulder two to go and up down up that's your Mars softly

up the fingers as well you'll naturally start try and clench the fingers if it helps stretch them out as you're marching through and don't forget that core as well keep that posture good and tight get ready for your third set in three two one and lift down lift

down lift for two go and up down up two more and back to your March soften up the shoulders the next one we're gonna be bringing both of our arms forwards if you're doing the leg version you're gonna be stepping back so again we're gonna lengthen that body

a little bit more it's a little bit like the first one where we did a chest press but this is more of a swing from the shoulder in three two one reaching up and down stretching up stretching right back with the legs as you're reaching up lengthen the

body four more up down up two to go getting ready for that March again and again soften up if you're finding this getting a little bit hard to reduce the height and size of those movements to reduce the energy needed on your body or if you need to

just keep this holding move go in after marching get ready for your second set in three two one reaching up stretching back those legs as well turn lengthen them as much as you can four to go and up down up two more want to go that's your MA

soften it up again got one more set to go here we go in three two one and lift down lift down stretch your fingers as well get that stretch right down into your forearms lengthen your arms and your shoulders as much as you can lifting up through your

core two to go and back to your March loosen up now this time we're gonna be squeezing into the backs of our shoulders so we want to squeeze our shoulder blades together we're trying to keep our arms is near to shoulder height as we can as well so

it's a slightly smaller move and a little bit more isolated in three two one so squeeze cross squeeze if you can bring the arms across at the front to stretch into those shoulder blades a little bit and it gave you do the leg version you're taking your legs

forwards to the heel to try and lengthen and stretch to the legs your MA soften it up get ready to go back to those shoulders again in three two one and squeeze cross squeeze keep that core nice and tight whether you're stood or seated keep it tight keep

it balanced and controlled that's good for to go squeeze and cross squeeze two more and back to march again two more to go and ready to go again in three two one and squeeze cross squeeze squeeze him right into the shoulder blades squeezing into the biceps as well

so you're squeezing into the top of the arm as you're pulling back two more back forwards back ma soften it up so now your hands to relax just a little bit they're getting tight again so our next one is gonna be a shoulder press this tends to be

a little bit more demanding because we're taking the arms above the body so if you need to stick with a March or a smaller version you want to take them out wide towards the bottom and then we reach up tight into a point above our heads in three

two one we're reaching up and down up and down and again stepping back if you're doing the standing version or if you wish to you can jog on the spot instead if you find this a little bit challenging on your balance two more back to your March soften

it up that core moving get the hips moving as well make sure you're not tense you got too much in the legs in three two one and nice and wide at the bottom see really pulling across the chest and shoulders reaching up nice and tall to the ceiling

so you're lending everywhere from your hips upwards to go back at your March softening up those hands three two one pushing up and down lifting and stretching the whole of your body even if you're standing and stepping back you're trying to make your body as long and as

tall as you can to to go up down up that's your March soften up your shoulders in three two one reaching up down up down stretching your body makes you feel it everywhere from your hips upwards all the way down your legs if you're standing to more reaching

up down up back to that MA so soften it up now we're gonna change this slightly we're gonna sort of ease off on the effort but we're gonna get a rotation going so we're gonna hold our arms at shoulder height with the elbows bent and we're going to

rotate through the core like we did in the first workout but instead of a stretch we're gonna try and take our body in the pin of the nerve movements so start to bring the arms up rotate out and center for the right taking it out as far as

you're comfortable to go for on the left rotate and in make sure that tummy is pulled in nice and tight out in back to your MA soften up anything that's getting tight get ready for your next rotation in three two one rotate and center rotate Center rotate getting

ready to go to the left keep it nice and smooth so left center left left one more that's your March soften up always keeping that body soft as soon as you start to tense up you make it more difficult to get those movements going in three two one

and rotate Center three more lifting up nice and tall as you go round that's the center and left four for two more want to go March it again soften up anything than these softening wiggle those toes as well where you can if you're seated getting ready to rotate

again in three two one rotate Center rotate rotate one more over to the left same again keeping those arms relaxed shoulders relaxed tummy tight one more back to your March soften it up now next one is what I call a trap line we're gonna take our one arm

up and I wanna arm down here we go in three two one take it out out out change it over left arm up right arm down bat your Mirage here we go three two one and four three two change it over so the single arm if you need

to if you're struggling with the two together change again change it over and that your ma says soften it up okay next we're gonna do either a press up of a squat Dean's gonna do a squat says he's using his legs so bring the hands down to your

lap if you need to bending at the knees and the hips coming down and up down up down up four more keeping the tummy pulled in nice and tight keeping that balance nice and steady two to go back into your March stuffing up the shoulders in three two

one so down and up down as you're coming up try and lift your body up nice and tall so you're elongating the back squeezing the core nice and tight two more perhaps your March coming in three two one and down up down up down up down that's your

March lose it up one more set to go in three two one and down up down up down four to go squeeze the core push through the arms push to the chest one together and that's that March so we're gonna go back to my shoulder lifts we're gonna

lower the arms down and squeeze and stretch so squeeze stretch squeezing up stretch up and stretch reaching back stretching the arms nice and long reducing the effort again stepping back where you're standing that's the shoulder squeeze so up and down easing off on the effort to to go

to that kickback reaching back down back and two more and I'm gonna back to our shoulder circles keep it below shoulder height nice gentle so you're just stretching around the shoulder area change size left arm up and round up and round two more and then their little front

raise bring in the arms for it's just stretching as far as you can and down stretching forwards and down two more stretching forwards and down one to go stretching forwards and down bring your arms up to shoulder height bending at the elbows we're just going to go into

gentle rotation to take the head and the shoulders around to the right coming back to the center round to the left back to Center one more either side to round Center and left center its finger arms down loosen up your shoulders and then just before we finish that

we do want to stretch so take your right arm forwards take it across the body gently stretch as we did in the first workout to get that stretch into the back of the shoulder and bring that arm forwards change to the left arm same again taking it across

gently pulling in the stretch into the shoulder and then bring both arms forwards to the Mayers wires you can go with the palms facing forwards easing back to get that stretch across the chest and the shoulder and then bring the arms forwards reach up to the ceiling stretch

the whole body up as tall as you can go and bring the arms as wide as you can slowly down loosen up your wrists up into your elbows put your shoulders so that's the end of the second workout hopefully you've enjoyed it hopefully you found it elevates your

heart rate and you feel as though you've worked try and do at least once a week if you find it starts getting easier I have increased those movements to make them bigger and harder or try doing it two or maybe three times a week there are lots of

information on different types of classes and types of exercise available through the Paris ball and if you're still uncomfortable about going to a gym or taking part in exercise to start with don't be afraid to get in touch and ask for an appointment to speak to an instructor

to discuss your needs your abilities remember it's always bet your abilities not your inabilities so think about the things that you want to do and what you want to get from those classes and discuss them with those tutors and make it something that you're going to enjoy and

say come back to these videos try and keep them go in try and keep improving in your abilities and I hope that you get the benefits from it you

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