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Hey everyone! Its Grace here from Penn Statecampus recreation fitness and wellness one of the certified group fitnessinstructors during this break period we know that we are all experiencing somechallenges in some ways and we recognize that school comes first but we also wantto be able to provide you with

content and workouts so you can clear your mindand you can have a healthy well-being your mental and physical state iscrucial and with being active it can help in many ways for you to stayhealthy and fit during this time this workout today that I am providing withyou is an

outdoor workout so I will be working at a field particularly a soccerfield you can workout in your back yard in your front yard a park a fieldwherever you are today or where we are able to go to you can work out there Iam choosing a soccer field this

workout does include some running but at thesame time it does utilize a lot of bodyweight workouts as well so how were gonna set up : I am recording this now and then I will record myself outthere as well I'm I probably will speed up some things but I

will line it allout for you now and I'll be sure to edit it so you can understand what is goingto happen so the first thing I'm going to do is do two laps around the fieldlike I said I'm doing a soccer field set is around a quarter to

a half of a milegive or take after I do that I will start at one endof the field going towards the opposite going so I'm at one going I'm gonna walktowards the opposite goal so I'm going to do walking lunges until I reachhalfway when I reach halfway I'm

going to do ten switch lunges and I'm going togo back ten switch lunges go back ten switch lunches so I'm doing walkinglunges and then when I get to the half or the end lineI do ten switch lunges there's a total of six times so going up in back

countsas two so for a total of three times up and back you'll be doing walking switchlunges we're walking lunges walking on justswitch lunges both wonders switch one just one just the challenge isn't welllet me switch on this walking lunge it situations all right I think you guysget the

gist after those six you will then be doing bear crawls tothe half when you get to have you are going to do ten sprawls and back forthose of you who don't know what's bras are anything like this I will be demoingthem all for all of you so you

will understand later on down the road onceyou are done all six of those like I said that's three times up and back youare going to do shuffles to half when you reach half ten jump squats go backto the end line ten jump squats okay after that you will

do ten sprintsthat's five times up and back so sprint to have three burpees sprint to the endthree burpees that's ten times for a total of fivetimes back and forth at the end of that we come full circle and we do two lapsaround the field again like I said

if you are in your backyard and it's alittle bit smaller if you are in a park and it's larger you can adjust this towherever you are and wherever you feel like is most comfortable for your body todayas always if you need to take out impact please take out

impact that's quitealright if you are working out with someone remember social distance six toeight feet from each other start and stop as needed there is no time limit onthis I don't even know how long it's gonna take me like I said I might bespeeding this up so this

is just a guideline for you all to followbe sure to wipe any services before after exercise washing our hands aftertouching the ground and things like that making sure we're not touching our facewe're cut about clothing and I let excuse if you feel dizzy shorter breathor have pain stop

exercising so like I said in previous at workout videos wecannot provide you with the music you put on your favorite playlist ever let'sget started and let's have a good workout get a good sweat in and let'sget ready to go I'll see you out on the field I think

I'm gonna cross field I'mnot sure all the Nets are moved so there's no like real outline there arethe lines here so I just mark myself at the end I think and then I think Imarked myself at halfway so I'm going to actually demo the moves for you nowthough

so the first one is the walking lunges after those two laps so walkinglunges making those two 90-degree angles goingback and forth to 90-degree angles switching those arms engaging that corefor balance then we get to the end those walking lunges turn into switch lungesso what that means is we

add a hop so ten of these that's four five six seveneight nine and ten good and then we walk right back down so like I said we'redoing three back and forth for a total of six with those so after those walkinglunges we have that bear crawl now the

bear crawl is hard and into challengingwe get down on all fours here we try and keep that butt tucked and we bear crawlto the end so bear crawls are like this trying to keep that button down when weget to the end we have ten sprawls so what's brawls

are basically low burpeeswe're not standing all the way up so the sprawl hold that's two three four andall the way to ten do those three times back and forth for a total of six afterthat Wow I'm already out of breath after that we have the shuffles so getting

lowin those legs sinking low shuffling down getting that lateral distance when we dothat all the way to the hip we have ten squat jumps so knees are behind thosetoes weights and those hills we sink low and up good so coming to the side glueit to the back and

awesome after those we have our sprintsso sprinting down we know how to do Sprint's fast running once you get tothe end three burpees hands down feet out in an up option here walk those feetout in and up alright so those are all the moves yet again you're gonna

seethem later on I'm going to probably speed up this entire workout you can goon your own pace stop and start whenever you need it maybe challenging workout Ihave a feeling I'm gonna have to start and stop at certain points which istotally okay like I started beginning be true

to your body if you need to sortof stop at any time take out any of impact please do so always do that asalways if you feel dizzy stop if you feel pain stop all right so I'm gonnastart with those two laps and then we're gonna get into it

like I said I probablyspeed it up I might check in on some points but let's get started well I wouldn't go – laughs all right whoo – labs are downnext we're gonna get into that walking lunge how I'm gonna get a drinkI'll get you set up and we'll

get going walking lunges here we go well made it back ten switch lunges nineten little interests and then we could go on with the rest of them alright guys I didn't record my last twotimes back and forth for you guys but just make sure that you are doing

6total 3 back and forth on that field oh they got memy legs are definitely warmed up now the second one we're doing are those bearcrawls these might tire out the shoulders the arms a little bit more ifyou need to address where you're going back and forth from please

do so I areadjusting mine because I was going very very far and my legs were getting veryvery tired and we want to make sure were able to finish out this workout like Isaid take breaks at any time that you need everything time I came back andforth I got

my water I took up deep breath and then I got that context allright so these next one are those bear cross remember keeping that butt downand flat bear crawl and we get down 6 sprawls and then back alright here we goremember don't touch your faces after this yeah

come come in not standing it uptens bras can you get you off that chest it's five eight nine and ten first timedown and back two more just like that I'm gonna turn you off let you got yourown pace pause the videos need to hey okay get that music

going and let'sfinish out these two other rounds finishing out these bear crawls tennisballs right here whoo two three eight nine and tenwhoa awesome job all right on that marked our halfway point we're halfwaythrough this workout we have half way to go let's keep it up this next when

wehave those shuffles with the ten squat jump so remember sinking low shufflingdown on the way back make sure we're switching that side squat jumps feetshoulder-width apart down at that jump if you don't want to add the jump standit up tall sink low nine ten eight nine ten grab

that drink and get your breath allright the last one we have are the sprints and burpees this time we haveten sprints three burpees what that means is we're going five times up andback instead of three okay this is gonna finish out that spot that we made at thehalf

whatever distance that we made for ourselves to make each time okay tenSprint's three burpees five times up and back and forth once right on those twolaps around the field again and we call it a day we got our sweating but let'sfinish it how strong turn that music back

on and let's go hey listen also youdon't want to sprint don't sprint go at your own pace run jog walk whatever yourbody needs for you today let's get going that marks two for me take a breakwhenever you need I'm gonna take a little bit of a break nowand

keep going hard I'll see you at the end these are my last two sprints youdon't have to sprint you can jog you can run you can walk take it at your ownpace finish out these Sprint's so we can get those two laps on cooldown and getyou on your

way and we will keep that chin off thatchest walk it out grab a drink I'll meet you am I readyfor those two laps all right friends two laps to finish out this workout now youmight be faster in the beginning then at the end of this workout completely okayyou

take these two laps at your own pace after those two laps will stretch out alittle bit but I do encourage you to stretch out on your own as well and I'llhave you out of here so let's get going two laps here we go well my son whoa –

laughs we're done keep touchingoff that chest walk around grab water and I'll see youfor the cooldown all right everyone I hope you had achance to walk this V out grab a drink let that whore you come down a littlebit if it's still too high pause this video right

now come down alittle bit we're just gonna stretch it out a little bit and then you'll be onyour way so standing up tall one foot lift that toe sink down low feel astretch in the back of the leg remember keep that chin off that chest good andswitch meet

here awesome stand up tall swing that armaround grab the shoelaces peel those quads together gauge a corporate balancearm in front for balance on the belly button staring at something switch awesome if you're gonna comeshoulder-width apart we're in a sink low to one side poppin that to or keeping

aplanet whatever you want feeling the stretch in the inner quads on the innerthighs some switch nice I hope you all enjoyed this workout today if you wantto let us know how it is please message us on Instagram just the EMAs comment onsomething we do want to hear feedback

if you're liking these videos if they'renot challenging enough of you they're too challenging if you want to seesomething in particular just let us know good stand up tall reach down to theground remember don't touch our faces we've been touching the ground today good let's switch over to one

side awesome over to the opposite side nicefeet come in a little bit sink down low and peel those kneel knees apart littlepulses good one last time reach down to those toes send the glue to the back good to begin here how's the next edgeright here sink love big

inhale and exhale one more big inhale and nexthouse shake it out hands come together clap it on out awesome job today I'msure you all did great I missed seeing you guys in class butwe're always here for you hello everyone it's me again so I hope you enjoyed thatworkout

and I thank you all for joining me and Penn State campus recreationfitness and wellness the bunny is joining us now I hope you all enjoyedthat workout that you got a good sweat and that you're able to get outside andbe active for a little bit stay healthy and positive

and look out for the nextat-home workout so we'll be riding with you and hopefully you'll see me againsoon bye everyone you

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