OMAD Results | Weigh In Update | Part 2 of 2 | Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Journey 2020

hi it's Mieka fasting weight loss and thisis part 2 of my omad fasting intermittent fasting weight loss journey2020 I'm doing my April daily weigh ins I just haven't been making videos bad jobI know first we're gonna start with the quote by Tonya Harding and we watchedthe movie I

Tonya on Hulu and that's why I decided to use her as the person totake the quote from okay he's gonna read the quote okay I've been I've beennoting several times but it's my faith in myself and my father that comes backto me and makes me get back off

of my butt and be something worth worth beingproud of Tonya Harding okay so I love that because she was at super Lowe's inher life and she's got a really hard life due to her reputation what peoplethink happened and she had the movie come out until it probably told

her sideof the story for the most part then she went on Dancing with the StarsI'm skipping around I don't know what happened all in her life but and shewent on Dancing with the Stars and people loved her so I just thought itwas really inspirational that it was hard

for her in life and now she keptgoing and now she's living a happy life with her family okay we also watched theSimone biles movie which is the gymnast and amazing good movie because I toldher story and we're currently watching madam CJ Walker I had no clue I thoughtshe

was someone totally different and so I start watching this movie these arethree this one's on Netflix these two are on Hulu I love that based on truestory movies if you haven't seen greater I'm you must see that too I'm prettysure it's on Hulu like it's a must-see okay

um let's seeso Wayans son Netflix greater okay so now I'mgonna give my lands for all these days that I missedthere's nothing spectacular here um but I just want to put them cuz I said Iwould and I know I've been doing a bad job every day I keep saying

okay you'regonna get up oh wait did I tell you about the board somebodyhe loves me brought me this big giant whiteboard it's so you mungus did Ialready talk about that I don't think so we did this video like five times so Ican for what I said but yes

he brought me those big giant giant you know I'mlike five eight and three four so it goes my whole wingspan it's so heavythat I'm not putting it on the wall cuz he said it needs to be on brackets putinto the studs of the room so I'm moving in

two or three months so that's whenit's gonna go up on the wall and I'm gonna use it for my other channel whichI'm not gonna mention the channel yet because I haven't started it it's therebut it's not really started but I mean is this giant big board for that

channeland I'll stick with the other board and set up for this channel okay if you'renew I'm doing fasting weight loss it's a huge struggle for me but I'm just tryingto not stop and I'm trying not to game on my way back I started at two seventythree point two

my goal is one eighty three point twowhich would be a 90 pound loss and at the April first I was 248 and I had highhopes of doing really great this month um I haven't done bad and I'm still downfrom that but now I'm gonna give you all my

weigh-ins part wine if you didn't seeit I'm gonna put it in the in screen it shows my meals for all of these daysexcept for it's not showing yesterday I had fast food it was OMAD I don'twant to share all the time choices that I don't think are good

like I don'tthink it's the best choice of foods I'm I'm gonna share it sometimes sometimesI'm not and I just don't feel like it and I feel happy about thatand this was not good but it wasn't a banj and it was Ahmed this one on April12th was not good

that was really bad okayall the other days were omad and I'm proud of that I've only had two days outof a whole month of fast food which was yesterday of the 12th all the other daysno fast food that is a win for me no binges I want to

say that what was itI want to say this was too much food this was definitely a bench okay but Igot right back to it and today the 17th is only home ad and if you follow me onInstagram I put my own map pictures the day of and then

on YouTube I put themthe next day okay so the 10th okay so the last this is not exciting theseweights okay and my period started yesterday yesterday was day one so keepthat in mind too it's not an excuse it's just that sometimes it will add a poundtwo or three

to your weight as you retain water or fluids or whatever yourbody does I don't know okay so April 10th 2:30 I don't know if youcan see there's two thirty nine point four two thirty eight point zero twothirty eight point four the 13th to thirty nine point two the

14th to 39 isreally just not even spectacular at all the 14 to thirty nine point eight thefifteen to thirty nine point eight I don't know if I've ever had that happenthree days in a row to thirty nine point eight um okay I'll talk about thattomorrow um exercise only

one of these days twodays I walked one I think it was thirty minutes the other day which wassomewhere over here was an hour and ten minutes walk by the river I justthinking it a really mental I needed a mental break by myself and it reallyhelped me a lot

I'm feeling good I'm feeling at peacesupposed to start Amazon on Sunday I am totally not excited about it I reallyfeel like I need to be here to monitor my children's school they're still inschool but I need to go makingI had an income since April 23rd but I made

a sale on eBay today I don't knowif it was someone from here or just someone random but that was cool so Imailed out the two perfume oils to that person and subscribe and that's it fortoday I'm going to try hard to get back into the swing of things

thank you forwatching

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