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well you know switching to an at-home only workout routine is not easy but it's certainly not impossible right our next guest is sharing a 20-minute workout using household objects for a full body workout yeah great way to break a sweat owner and trainer of Snap Fitness at the

Seabrook location Chris Garcia along with his wife Yvette Armenta are showing us how it's all done hey Courtney and Eric thank you so much for having me back hope you're staying safe and healthy today my wife and I are going to be showing you how to avoid the

quarantine 15 with items that you could find around the house okay so the workout that we're gonna be doing today is called an AMRAP which stands for as many rounds as possible and we're going to be doing a 20 minute timer of this you can do longer but

we're just gonna do 20 minutes okay the reason why I love this is it can be as easy or as hard as you want it to be all right so the first exercise we're gonna do today is called the mountain climber we're gonna be doing 20 of these

over back is one rep over back is one rep you're engaging a lot of shoulders in this too a lot of core event here showing you the modified version she's still keeping those core that core tight shoulders strong taking the knees to the chest you just eliminated that

little quick hump right so the next exercise we're gonna do 15 reps we're to stay on the floor when you go into a plank toe touch so we're gonna be here pushing back now this again targeting the shoulders targeting the core or Lennox now that's the full version

modified version we're gonna go into just a nice easy shoulder tap but still you want to stay but down nice and flat shoulders have been over and back everything looking good now I'm going to go into the next exercise this is where the town comes into play right

where to be here this is called a reverse lunge probably one of the best exercises you can do for leg development right so we're gonna be here pushing back and forward they're nice and easy we're gonna go for 12 on each leg don't alternate down you don't need

the tower if you don't want to use it can be a little hard sometimes so hard you to do is push that leg back and tap you're gonna pick up that that back leg that's okay guys make sure you're leaning forward pushing through that heels to be great

for glute-ham street development now who doesn't want nice glutes right the next exercise we're going to be doing is called a squat thrust we're going to be using detergent here but if you don't have something like this you can use a gallon of water or anything that's just

resistance right here big chest going into the squat pressing over the head engaging a lot of leg this is a full body exercise but you're beating easy legs shoulders arms now if you have knee problems what I recommend just grab a chair you're gonna sit down still doing

that bursting movement needs a big chest still engaging to minimize the tension in the knees all right and the less exercise we have for today we're gonna be going into burpees the infamous Burpee right these are tough but there were morning so we're gonna come down all the

way a full Burpee dress that's demonstrating the modified version she's still doing the full Burpee – the push-up or the jump at the end right another way to do a modified is when you step back so you go down step back step back a lot less impact the

first modified version okay now with these guys we're only going to be doing five of these but that's without an rap exercise for today concludes we're going to do in 20 minutes as many rounds as possible go hard give it everything you've got slow down if you need

to but remember consistency is key for more at home workouts follow us on instagram at Snap Fitness Seabrook TX thank you so much for having us we love y'all guys take care stay safe oh thank you take care and stay safe as well these were all such great

workouts full-body check out the scene on Houston live section of our website to connect with Chris that was great stuff yeah it was great to see Chris and his wife Yvette and I love how Chris was just talking through that whole thing like no big deal I would

be passed out in the corner thank you for the tips guys that was great

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