Never Fast Before A Workout with Boss, Keegan-Michael Key, and Kevin Hart

After every episode of”What the Fit, ” you knowwe love to complete it with a nice workout from mytrainer Ronald “Boss” Everline.

We don't throwtoo much stuff at you.

We throw simplicity at you.

Things that you can do at home, wherever you at.

Just reasonsto get you to move.

You got a guest here.

Introduce your guest.

They already know'cause he did the whole episode.

But, no, introduce himto this episode because maybe they didn'twatch the first episode, and they watch this episodeand there's something new.

They can't get to this episodewithout seeing what we just did.

Yes, they can.

They can watch thisepisode without– y'all don't always watchthe full episode.

– You watch the Boss episodes.

– Okay, fine.

This is Keegan-Michael Key.

Is that fine? Yeah.

So the first moveis called machine guns.

You go fast as you canfor 30 seconds.

Machine gundon't sound like that.

It's a different typeof machine gun.

This is one witha silencer on it.

Go! 30 seconds.

Okay, Keenan looks betterthan you.

Come on, Kev.

– Like a machine gun.

– Keegan.

Keegan with a G.

Keegan with a G.

– Ke– how do you say it again?- Keegan, Keegan, Keegan.

– Keegan, my bad.

– You asked me to say his name, and then I say it, and you say it wrong.

Good job.

I like his effort.

I like his effort.

Good job.

He's gonna win.


30 seconds.

You can do this inthe living room.

You can do thiswherever you at.

You can do three roundsin 30 seconds at the housein the bathroom.

– Why are you so tired?- In the bathroom? – Huh?- Why are you so tired? – Why are you so tired?- I'm fasting.

– He's fasting.

– I haven't eaten in 48 hours.

I haven't drank wateror anything.

I want you to get downin your core straight, just like this.

– Yeah.


– Get those obliques.

Get your feet straight.

You get a partner.

You can grab a partner.

You can do this at home.

And you're just gonna doan anti-rotation.

You're right here, and you're gonna do ten.

We're gonna do teneach side at home.

And then you grab your partner.

Ten anti-rotations.

– I do ten?- Let's go.

You can be a littleaggressive with it.

Be a little aggressivewith it.

– Don't hurt yourself though.

– Don't poke your eye out.

What you– relax.

– Relax.


– This ain't wood.

– Kev, show him how to do it.

– Hey, brother.

– Ten!- Okay, no, that's it.

– All right, out in front of you.

– Are you all right? Straight outin front of you.

Now, Kev, ten.

– Show him how to do it, Kev.

– What happened, man? – Control it.

– You can do it a little harder, Kev.

– I like his energy.

– That's the thing, man.

People at home, when you do all this healthand wellness and fitness, it ain't about aggression.

It's about control.

– Control it.

Control it.

– Yeah, control.

– Did we just– we switch it?- You know what? Just because you said, let's do other side.

– He got something for you.

– Here you go.

Control it.

– Just control, okay.

– Control it.

– That's my mantra right now.

– There you go.


Kev, arms straight outin front of you.

– There you go.

– Talking about that control.

– Look at that.

– Control.

– Control.

– Look at that.

– Control.

I'm just gonna do 11.

– Look at that.

– You didn't have to do.

– Okay, that's it.

You didn't have to do 11.

You didn't have to go one over.

Now I gotta do 11 'causeyou just tried to one up me.

– Let's go.

– I'm sure Boss– One.

Squat, squat.

Squat, Kev.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah.

– ( grunting )- Ooh, that's delicious.

– 28.

– ( grunting ) – Good job.

– 28.

– 20— I did 28.

Yeah, you did 11, I did 28.

– You got one more?- I'm gonna just do a basic banded push-up.

Have you ever donea banded push-up? I have not donea banded push-up.

Definitely think youcan do 25 banded push-ups.

You have never seen medo it before? I've never seen it.

So you put the bandbehind your back.

– You're gonna do 25.

– Yeah! Right here.

Right there.

– 25.

– Okay.

– You only did two.

– I'm not doing 25.

– Everybody here knows that I can do 56.

– No, we don't.

– I've done 56.

– They don't know.

– Let's go, Keenan, 25.

– Keegan! – Huh?- Keegan! My bad.

I'm from Texas.

This is the way I talk.

– Jesus.

– Keegan-Michael Peele.

– Huh? Good job.

How many is that?- Give me five more.

– Five more.

I've got your spot.

– ( grunts ) – How many is that?- I got your spot, come on.

– Come on, champ!- You can't spot a person in push-ups.

– Come on, champ! You got it!- I've never heard of this.

– ( grunting )- Don't you give up! Don't you give up! – That's muscle failure! That's muscle failure.

– Slap him on his back.

See, what happened waswhen he said Peele.



– Yeah?- He sucked the energy out of me.

– I get it.

– Let's see what Kev's got.

– Or I just have chest issues.

– I'll do this here.

Sometimes you just havechest issues.

– Just give me 12 of 'em.

– I'll finish mine, then we can complete it, man.

We'll complete itafter this, guys.

Here's what you guysneed to take awayfrom all these episodes.

– All right, so— Motivation, inspiration.



Basically what we're tryingto tell y'all– Kev is talking, and we're gonna tell you toget up and be active in 2020.

– Move.

– And be better.

Kev, this has been anotherepisode of “What the Fit.

” This is Ron “Boss” Everline, Kevin Hart, Keenan-Michael Peele–Keegan-Michael Peele.

And, yeah, can we sign outright here, Kev? We gonna have to afterthat goddamn debauchery.

Why are you strugglingwith your words today? So, what I've learned today, – do not fast for 48 hours.

– Yeah.

– Don't do it.

– I haven't had water.

– Water.

– I haven't had gum.

– Don't do it.

– We know you ain't had no gum.

Olympic superstarKevin Hart here.

To see my athleticismbe put to the test, I want you to click onall of these videos, and also subscribeto my YouTube channel Laugh Out Loudfor non-stop laughter.


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