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“Chloe Ting” (repeated) Chloe Ting Summer Shredding Challenge Progression review! So if you've been feeling a little unmotivated recently and you need that extra boost of motivation I've got just the thing for you guys today.

I've got lots of inspiring before and after videos from and photos from you girls, you guys, toddlers and also cats! So I'll probably do another update video if you guys like this one so I can do more shoutouts.

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BREEZE WOODSON!! She made a video about my ABS workouts and she got like 2 million views like that's insane.

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Alright, so let's start with my results.

They want measurements.

So my waist is.



I think 25 and a half.

Oh my god So much bigger than last time.

My hips.


36 still and my legs, Wow, so sexy 20 inch, yep about nine and a half.

Let's measure my face.

Alright Alright, let's measure myself.

Start with the waist Can't see.

What is it? 23.

2 Oh whoa Lost quite a lot of my waist! Now my thighs, 19 inches 9 1/4 35 inches Oh, I've lost a bit of gains but that's what it is.

When you lose weight, you can't lose everywhere.

You can't really pick and choose.

So, yeah, that's my progress.

Alright guys, so that's my progress after three weeks.

I feel like this time around I've done a little bit better than my flat belly challenge like my summer shredding challenge I think I lost actually a little bit more on my waist this time.

So I don't really want to focus on my weight anymore.

Like I haven't weighed myself in a long time because I don't really want to focus on that because I think that sometimes I can get a little bit obsessed over it.

I feel like 'I'm getting fat' when I'm not really because sometimes just worry intentions so Yeah, I'm really happy about the progress.

Look at that And now it's time to jump into some of your results So I've got results from the flat belly program, the summer shredding challenge and also some are just transformation photos from doing my workouts for a long time Don't be discouraged if you don't see results in 30 days Some people are gonna take a little bit longer because they have a little bit more to loose on your belly And some people like you can see that some people got results within two weeks some people 30 days 3 months or 6 months So just don't give up if these girls can do it.

You can do it.

It's all about consistency Let's start with Eain Dray and oh my god Look at the 11 line on her abs like she got such amazing results.

So proud of you girl.

You just smashed it So now we got Elizabeth and she did my flat belly challenge recently and look at her waist line! Her waist line has definitely trimmed down a little bit and also abs are definitely more defined now so great job! So next we got Fhara here and look at her results! It's really amazing.

Just 25 days! Look at that! I'm seriously so impressed right now.

So now we got Lau here and I love her.

She is such a sweetheart She comments on so many of your guy's photo that use the Chloe ting challenge hashtag I really love her results.

Like her ab definition has gotten so much more defined Now we got one from KY.

HN Her bleats(?) are popping! Like girl, You're doing so great.

So we got Mana here She completed a summer shearing challenge and look at her results Oh my god, you can see that There's a big change in the belly Although, her before photo is a little bit like more arching site So, but having said that guys, like you can see a major difference in that so really really great job Now we got Morgan and I think she took the 30 days flat belly program And yeah Like you can see that her waistline has shrunk and also her ab definition is popping right there Now I got Muriel here and she did a fat belly challenge and oh my god, her results are impressive guys Like look at that such a big difference.

So now we got Noemel.

She was obviously super proud of her results because when she sent it to me, she's like you can share it There you go girl you done an amazing job and you can see that from a before photo She doesn't have that much ab definition and on her 24th week photo Oh my god, her butt looks so much more defined and also abs.

So proud of you So now I got Rosie here and she did my workout for one and a half months and with strict diet and her results is impressive But again guys, you don't have to go super strict with your diet You can do an 80/20 80% of the time you eat healthy So like whole foods and clean food and 20% of the time, you can have a little treat here and there so don't be too stressed out about like being super strict.

But great job Rosie.

So now I got WZ_paradise.

I don't know what her name is But girI, I love you so much.

Look at your feet so she has updated daily since day one until day 35 on her Instagram She'd take photos and share her progress every day I'm seriously so proud of you and I can't believe how much she has changed like from day one to day 35 She has lots of love handles, her waist has shrunk so much! And again, she mentioned that she doesn't want to measure herself because she doesn't want it to be about you know Measurements and numbers and that's what I say about my weight as well I didn't want to weigh myself because sometimes those numbers can be a bit discouraging and Sometimes it's just about the programs like how you feel mentally and physically not about the numbers So yeah, I'm so proud of you girl, like seriously this makes me so happy so now I have a couple of results from the lean thigh challenge And Tanabe Akira, you can tell that she has lost a lot on her waistline and also on the thighs So now we've got LKLSTSCF2 So anyways, she did the lean thighs challenge as well you can see such a big difference in her upper thighs like seriously That's pretty impressive in 30 days as well Now we have a couple of you guys that are not even done with the program yet and have such great results starting with Emma She had such a big difference in 5 days 5 days Obliques poppy her abs popping.

It's just really amazing and we got Jade here She's only halfway through the program and she's are they seen such great results.

Just look at that I'm so proud of you girl.

Now we got Audrey and the result is so impressive as well Like she lost pretty much half of always right there in 14 days just 14 days I can't wait to see the results in 35 days.

So keep going girl so now we've got a bunch of Transformation for us for those of you guys who have been doing my workouts for a year or two years Starting with Shelley.

She has been doing my workouts for two years now and look at the results.

Oh my god Oh my goodness.

Look at how the ABS now she's done So well, like look guys like it takes time like sometimes it takes a year sometimes six months But it's all about the consistency So yeah, really really love her results.

So now I got you Lisa and she has been doing my workout for a year now I'm so probably girl because when I look at your transformation for a I Don't know I just feel so touched like you've been through so much and you've lost so much weight as well like you look so Amazing now like not saying that you don't look amazing before but you have lost so much Nice, like she's lost so much on a waistline amazing job, and she looks so much more confident now So I'm just really really happy for her and Austin is next and look who is representing the guys guys I noticed a lobby watching my videos youtube analytics don't lie.

So just bloody sudden your results Okay, Austin looks amazing after a year of hard work.

So great job Austin.

So now we've got he hilarious so she Didn't say how long she has been doing my workouts for but she said that she has been working out with me for a while Now and as you can see, her result is so impressive So, yeah, so probably girl you're doing amazing.

She's so much more confident now She's wearing a cup top and you know, skinny jeans.

I love it.

I love the confidence girl All right.

Now we got Cove our Civic I'm not sure how long she has been doing my workout for it but it has been a while and you can see that her app has gotten a lot more define like It's really really gorgeous Beautiful abs there.

So now we've got Morris from the Philippines.

Yay So she want to show you guys what my workout has done to her body So she went from this tip is oh my goodness.

Look at how confident she is right now She's wearing her skinny skinny tights and sports bra.

So yeah extremely proud Extremely happy for her progress.

So she took about two to three years, so don't give up it takes time So don't rush into it.

You can't do it guys All right, guys There's just way too many results for me to go through so I'm gonna cut myself off and keep this video rolling With more results, but thanks so much for sending in your photos and please feel free to share your progress videos or photos on youtube or on IG or just DM me I love looking at photos so don't stop doing that smash that like button if you enjoyed this video and also click on that Bell button so that you get notified when I have a new program coming out which is Thanks so much for watching and I'll see you guys soon.


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