My Weight Loss Journey-week Two Weigh In. Journey for weight loss during a stay at home order.

hi welcome back to my channel it's PJ'sthriving and I am all about growing and learning and self-empowerment learningto take care of myself in a better way getting myself back on track throughdifferent journeys this journey for this video today is it is Friday so it is myweigh-in day on

my journey for weight loss so I'll get to the weigh-in towardsthe end of the video the video will not be that long very long today I just wantto say that it where we are still under a stay at home order in Greenville SouthCarolina that has not changed yet

it is still ballroom not a whole lot to dostill haven't been able to get back out to my state parks and the waterfalls togo hiking the best I can do is walk around the block or two a couple oftimes and that has not discouraged me I'm still moving

I'm still going in theright direction I have my little sidekick which we came back from a walkjust a little bit ago and you see she is out can't hang she's gotten lazy with mein the last couple of weeks I have to stay home and do nothing but thankgoodness

so far our family or my direct family is state safe stay healthy I hopeeveryone else has to if you would like to support me along my journey pleaseclick the like button click the subscribe button and click the bell soyou'll get notified every Friday when I do a new

weigh in and update on mylosing weight this week I went to the grocery store and actually wentyesterday I got some fruits and vegetables that's kind of like my lootfor this week you'll see that next about my little baby a tree look at thatI scored that was at Walmart

– but this is my groceries for the week you see itis all healthy stuff haven't tried the white cheddar ones yet but they are only45 calories I love these things no they're a little bit higher they're140 calories but for when I really need something those are great still

almondmilk the unsweet only 30 calories a cup and then this is my loop for the weekI'm gonna have some hummus with my carrots this weekgrapes blackberries strawberries celery lettuce cucumbers some parsley to makesome salad all together with that cuties pears regular salad apples bananas twothings of the premier

protein I use those for usually a breakfast I'm notreal big on breakfast so I will drink one of those and of course somechickpeas garbanzo beans 1/4 of a cup I believe is 120 calories oh is his half acup but if you look at the protein at 6 grams

of protein so I don't really eat awhole half a cup what I do is I end up adding them into my salad it just givesit a little texture a little flavor a little something different so that is myloop for the week and I'm just so excited I scored

I can't find itanywhere yet in Greenville South Carolina so I found that at Walmart onAnderson Road in Powdersville but they didn't have much now I do take the time like this morningI spent a little time going through my frigerator I organized everything and Ipre-portioned the fruits and the

vegetables and some things snacks that Ihave so it's ready in the fridge it's easier for me to just go grab it fromthe fridge and I don't have to worry about portioning it and I already haveit done so getting ready for the next couple of daysI am portioning my

portions one cup size the great black berry strawberry carrotscucumbers I haven't sliced but know that that's gonna be about a cup I do this ona regular basis put them in a little container that sits in the fridge so Iknow that when I grab something need a snack it's

ready it's set and it'salready individually packed I do like three days at a time and then the onlything else I have to worry about once I've had breakfast and my snacks for theday I have a little lunch and then the only thing I really have to worry aboutis

dinner and I wait for my husband and come home from work for that and thenboth my husband and I are both on a diet we're counting calories we are makingsure that we get enough protein every day the biggest thing that I hear fromthe doctors the dietitians and a

lot of people that are on YouTube is whenthey're doing their diet they don't get enough protein so I have protein shakesthat are only a hundred and forty calories but 30 grams of protein sousually I have one of those in the morningthat gets me jump-started ahead with protein so

it's not so low every day ifyour protein is not if your intake is not where it should be it kind ofdoesn't help you along with your weight loss look that up if you're strugglinglook that up to figure out your calorie intake in your protein intake the otherthing that

I have is it's called a fit index Bluetooth bodyscale and it sinks in with my phone I have an iPhone so it sinks in with thatthe bluetooth when I get on the scale it automatically uploads the informationinto the app that I have that's on my phone so I

will leave that up loadtowards seeing it a little bit on you'll see a picture of that on it calculatesbody measurement body weight measurements body fat water body waterweight it does a bunch of cool things I am not promoting any products I'm notsponsoring anything that is just what I

use that what is what works for me sothis week I feel like I just haven't done a whole lot this week but I guess Ireally have I'm all that medication I take but the one thing that take that ishelping me the most is the medicine that the doctor

gave me for so I just don'tfeel so exhausted all the time it helps me with energy but it also curbs myappetite so I literally have to make myself eat those snacks so having thempre-portioned helps and even though I'm not hungry and I don't really want toeat I know

I have to get through so many I have it all broken down so I mycalorie intake should be about 11:50 a day I'm getting right about thatsometimes a little less by the time I'm having dinner that medicine is kind ofwearing off but I'm still just not hungry so

I forced myself a lot of timesto at least eat half of the dinner and if I don't finish it all at least theprotein and then sometime in the evening while my husband is usually having hottea and cookies sugar free of course I will snack on a little something

usuallysome piece of fruit but that's it so the other thing I'm having a hard time withis getting enough to drink water intake and I have a very very bad addiction toPepsi but I have changed the Pepsi to the diet which there's no sugar in thePepsi no calories and

there's no caffeine so I'm trying to justify that Iknow all the diet drinkers haters out there you know we're gonna say somethingabout all that diets not good for you my sisters women but that's Pepsi and I'mjust not giving it up yet I made thesacrifices to go to diet

and then to the caffeine free so I'm feel like I'm goingin the right direction now I'm just trying to cut back on that and increasethe water water or unsweetened tea so this is where I am I did loose this weeklast week's weigh-in was 217 so here is the

next weigh-in I'm feeling good aboutit and hope that things start to normalize and we can get back out thereso I can do a lot more for my body but I'm not complaining because I did losethis week so that's it for this week here's my my way in which

will scrollalong here in May until next week thanks for watchingthanks for supporting and I will see you next week you

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