My weight loss journey, the beginning to fixing my health issues.

hiwelcome back to my channel this is pj's thrivingand during some of my other videos i had said that i was learning how to takecare of myself in a better way so this particularset of videos will be on literally taking care of myselfmy health i need to get my health back in order there's just been a lot ofthings up and down roller coasters emotional things abuse all kind ofthings that i grew up with and now that i'm an adulti got past a whole lot but in the last few years some things have beencreeping back in and i just kind of really let myself goso this is the first time i've i've ever admitted this but i am fiveeight i've always been growing up i was really skinny umprobably lack of food but as a teenager andin my early adulthood i was five eight and about 130 135 poundsnow in the last several years a lot's been going on and i have beeni think emotionally eating maybe but i've just been packing on the pounds andsome of it just because i'm getting olderi am now 51 years old and so for five eight myweight should be 140 to 160 and several months back six months agomaybe i got on the scale because i wouldn'tget on the scale for a long time just i i justdidn't because i knew i went from a size 6 8 to a size 18 and then18 started getting too small so i went up tomy highest weight 238 pounds and i've been cutting back the junk foodand not snacking so much and i'm now currently like 2 10.

so i still have a long journey ahead of me and i know that there's a lot ofissues that i'm gonna have to work out so as i start losing this weight i keepit off but it doesn't come back again but my health issue since i startedgaining weight has went spiraled out of controlso i've been on thyroid medicine for probably about 15years so i'm going to try and turn this cameraaround so it actually i'm not sure how i'mgoing to do this to show the medications that i'm onbecause of my weight sothe first thing that i was put on oh my god okay the first medicine that iwas put on uh of course was the thyroid medicinethe levithoxin the second one my blood pressure startedgoing up so then i was it was added a blood pressure medicine um i startedgetting headaches from attention headaches thatturned into migraines and they put me on several different medicines that justweren't working the migraines would just comewith that with a force i wasn't sleeping well they had me tested and i went oni tested as a severe sleep apnea disorder so i went on asleep apnea machine and those things were horriblebut i would still because i wasn't getting enoughoxygen i would wake up with these horrible migraines so theni got put on the self-injection image it's a generic imatrexand because i still was having such a hard time sleepingthe neurologist also put me on magnesium and trazadone and it actuallyputs me to sleep within 30 minutes i just only sleepi would say two to four hours and then i start waking up againwell my cholesterol started going way up so i was put on cholesterol medicinenow they my bad cholesterol was normal it wasjust the good cholesterol that was reallyhigh and my triglycerides or whatever the tri onesare was getting up to be two in three hundred so i was puton the the medicine and has brought down nowthey're saying when that happens with your cholesterol most likely it was becausemy as i gained more weight the thyroid medicine was not enough for mybody so they had to up it once they upped it and put me onthat my cholesterol went back down to normalthen through all that testing we found out that i am severelydepleted of vitamin d so i'm on prescription level vitamin dand because of the extra weight and now all the medicines and not sleepingi have also developed and the left side of my heart is enlargedum and it's causing it's kind of like some of the blood it'ssome it's pumping too hard and it's causing some of the blood toi guess back flow and that causes little pain sothat medicine is to help with the heart then i've been having other issues thecardiologists also put me on um the baby aspirin every day andthrough some testing i had been in a car accidentum just and the extra weight has put an extra strain on myspine so doing the mris we found out that i have stenosisin the neck and i have the c3 4 and 5 all have bulging discsand then my lumbar we just did an updated mri in that and ihave a herniated disc at l5 s1i have stenosis i also have a fluid pocket that they're not sure whyit's there and then l1 is okay but l2l3 l4 and l5 all have bulging disc and stenosis and thisdegenerative disease in all of them in my thoracicwith the middle of my spine i have twobulging discs and one has a slight mild bulge to the rightside now this past thanksgivingand i flipped my truck and then the next day i was chasingthe two-year-old that was too running with my new puppyand somehow my feet landed towards the ceiling and i landed hardso that was 200 pounds that came down on that lowerspine area and then after i got home i realized you know through tests andand we had to do x-rays i also have a fracture in l5in the actual lumbar and the little pieces of bonethat come around the back side that come out like a little wing onthe back there's a small small fracture there tooso i'm kind of been healing from that sofrom all of that they put me on pain medicinewhich gave me very very uh bad stomach problems throwing upso they had to put me on these anti-nausea medicinesum to calm the stomach down so i can tolerate any kind of narcoticthey also put me on muscle relaxers and there's another type of a muscle relaxerthey also have put me on gabapentin which is normallya anti-seizure medicine but it is actually blockingsome of the nerves from something from the brain to the nervesto make it tell the nerves that they're really not in painand then they also have me on diclofenex which is an anti-inflammatory to helpbecause the lower back and the areas of the neck are swelling upreal bad and then through some more testing wefound out that my hormone levels are way off somy estrogen progesterone and and testosterone all of it is completely offso i'm on the highest doses of progesterone andbecause i have uh arthritis issues which i don't know thati have yet i mean they're telling me through x-rays and everything that i'mgoing to have really severe arthritis in my joints and the issues with my spineand because of the degenerative they advise me to start taking calcium600 milligrams every day and because ofus traveling around in out of the countryand this whole virus thing going i'm also taking vitamin c100 milligrams and to help because i can't do a whole lot of movingaround i'm starting to but they also have me onthis um diet pill medicine that makes you nothungry and gives you this gives me a lot of energy so i'mtaking that too so that is my daily regimenof all of these pills now i don't take this is only as needed and then thisnarcotic medicine i take as needed i've not had to take too much of it toomuch anymore so that's anti-nausea so those are asthese are as needed and i take all of the rest of this every day andall of this is because i've gained weight gain weight gain weight so i havegot to get my health back in order because this is way too many pillsand i every bit of it including the cpap for thesleep disorder is all due to the extra weight sofor me i have to start taking care of myself so i canget off of all of these pills this is every day i have to take this so in the vid in this video i willshow a heaviest weight photo and then a photo of where i am now and a photo ofwhere i used to be before i started gaining all of this weightum i just i'm so out of hand that i i have no other choice but to get mylife back together emotionally and physically especiallyphysically so pleasehold me accountable please comment any tips or suggestions that you have tohelp me along my way like subscribe hit the bell buttonfollow me along and help me stay motivated until next time see younext video bye you.

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