My weight loss journey / LOSING 100 POUNDS / week 13 / kan jag gå ner 50 kilo?

Hi guys! Welcome to week 13 and let'shope it's gonna be a good week and not as omnious as it sounds.

It's been a bitof a Jojo ride for me right now a roller coaster going down up and down because I gainedagain, 0.

1 so um I'm hoping that the rest of this week is gonna show to be a bitbetter but we'll see, I can only do as good as I do and that's it any loss is agood loss any gain is a step backwards but you can't stop you have tocontinue so um I'm sure it's gonna be a good number tomorrow.

Yeah I got somepackages delivered today I'm gonna do unboxing of that it's some lightingactually for my videos I'm hoping to get some better filming done for you andit's also for my photography actually I can use them for that as wellif I want to, to help with the light I love normal natural light photographyoutdoors but sometimes you need to do something different and maybe they wouldcome in handy but we'll see I will make a video of that when I'm unboxing them andlet's see if I can get them to work at all and so um yeahI will see you again tomorrow and hopefully a loss bye for now Hi guys andwelcome back to a new day it's a stand still today so it seems tobe a bit of a wobbly weak but that's okay so it is yeah, today is gonna be thestart of operation find the missing coil I'm going to hospital to have an x-rayand see where it's gone, it's gone missing so I will let you know whathappens and yeah that's it pretty much, go shopping abit got my husband home today so we can go out and do some stuff while thegirls are at school it's a lot easier that way less stressful so um I will see you again tomorrow and hopefully I lost but we'll see it is what it isso okay see you again, bye Hi guys it's a new day and I I'm trying out some newlights to see if they're gonna work or not we'll see I need to get used to them I need to do it correctly I'm just I've just put them up now, well one of them upso it is what it is.

Today was a good day it was a loss so I lost point twohappy about that at least it's something and yeah I will keep you updated on whathappens I made an unboxing video of the lightsthat I'm using so you are gonna see that as well, I will see you tomorrow.

Bye Hi guys, sorry I actuallyforgot to make a video so it's a bit late I'm doing this with the girls inthe other room and the friends over so I'm trying to not be too loud okayI lost point four today so it was a very very good day I hope this continuesbecause then that means that this week is gonna be okay so I'm happy about thatI posted a new video today and it's all about getting to know me so you can seethat up here don't miss that and I'll see you again tomorrow Hi and welcome to a new day it has been an ok day I lost point two today so another little step forward that's goodI noticed when I did one of my videos that my phone is not the best thing torecord my videos I don't have anything else right now I have a big camera but Idon't like taking videos with that because I can'tsee what's happening I can't turn around the screen so I can see it and thisphone seems to be changing colors so it's not really doing what it's supposed todo but oh well that's that's how it is that's what I'm doin at least you canhear me if you want to so um that's today I will see you again tomorrow and hope for a good result again see you, bye.

Hi everyone, it's a new day it's the last day no it's not the last day, tomorrow is the last day of week 13 and today was a standstillthat's okay I can live with that I'm gonna show you some pictures again it's aupdate now on from when I started to where I am today as you know I still gotlots and lots to lose I've only lost 1/4 of what I want so far but I'm going toshow you some pictures just to to so that you can see the difference and thatsomething is actually happening so yeah I'm gonna do thatplease remember to subscribe as well and I want to say thank you thank you thankyou because I actually got 300 subscribers on this channel and I loveit it's amazing all the people that have come to have a look and see what I'mtalking about that's why I'm trying to make some better videos as well butthank you and let your friends know that I'm here spread the word subscribe downbelow hit the little bell and I will see tomorrowagain ok bye Hi guys welcome it's the last day of week 13 and as you can hearI've got cold again it seems to be just me I catch everything hoping that it'sgonna go away soon but it's been and I can't wake I'm happywith it there's been a lot of things going onI will see you again tomorrow and don't miss at the end of this video to see howmuch I have actually lost in total this week and in total since I started sokeep following me and I'll keep you up to date and I will see you againtomorrow or next week bye.

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