My Weight Loss Journey | I LOST 10LBS IN 2 WEEKS| Intermittent Fasting Results +Tips

Hey guys, welcome back! Guys, I've been struggling all day trying to decide on whether I wanted to share this video cuz .



the before is pretty much embarrassing.

When I look at the photo, I'm like how and when did I let myself completely go.

In the last few years, I have honestly struggled with my weight and I've had moments where.


like, I'll dress up and just cry cuz I didn't like the way I looked or I'll dress up and just you know just decide to stay home.



like I'm not going out.

I don't look good.

I don't feel good I don't feel the same.

I feel like my body has gone through so many big changes.

With also letting myself go, not making the right choices in terms of what I eat or exercising Everything pretty much just went downhill When I first started this intermittent fasting I pretty much had a potbelly.

You guys are gonna be seeing the results.

I'll show you the results I really just got tired at some point.

I remember one night, just walking into the bathroom and just seeing myself I was like girl, you gotta wake up something has to change here Something has to give.

You can't just let it all go down south So, I decided to start intermittent fasting.

I did a little bit of a research before I started.

If you're contemplating doing that or if you waning to get in to intermittent fasting I would strongly suggest you educate yourself.

If you do have a doctor or physician that you can see before you start, go ahead Just make sure it's the right option for you So, after doing my research, I decided to start the intermittent fasting but what I did promise myself was.


I wasn't going to starve myself.

The last thing you want to do is put yourself on a starvation diet I have done that multiple times and I always end up back to square one.

This time I decided to take a different approach in terms of my weight loss journey, I decided to listen to my body.

I wasn't so strict in terms of the hours.

What I did for this two weeks is wake up in the morning I should have get up around 7 a.

m And I have a cup of coffee or two and then later on I realized I wasn't having as much water as I needed I'm trying to get myself into the habit of drinking at least four liters of water every day.

If you're considering intermittent fasting then you want to make water your best friend.

It'll hold you throughout the day, it will reduce your appetite It will keep you hydrated It'll keep you energetic.

So yeah, water is really really important if you're wanting to start an intermittent fast So what I do is again, drink coffee have water in between i wouldn't necessarily eat until 4:00, if I wasn't hungry at 4:00 I'd kind of wait till say 6 o'clock and then I'll have a full balanced meal It usually be a protein or lots of protein some fats and very little Carbs and lots lots lots of veggies.

I wish I'd documented the foods that I ate for the last 14 days But I didn't.

To be honest, this is my weight loss journey 355 I have started and stopped so many times even I am sick and tired of myself So when I did start this intermittent fasting, I tried my best to take my mind of the fact that I was fasting.

I did not obsessively stand on the scale every single day.


I tried to be myself once a week That was really really helpful because I feel like when I get obsessed, I kind of lose track.

I'd be like oh my God I'm losing the weight fast enough.

Oh my God this.





NO! I just focused on other things while doing the right thing in terms of eating right and that really really worked for me when I first started I was about 180 pounds 180 I am five-seven.

I think my recommended weight is 160 I am really trying to get to 160.

At the end of the intermittent fast, after the two weeks, I weighed myself I was 171.


It's been one week since I stopped fasting and now I'm at 169.

I still do try my best even though I'm not fasting, I make sure I have healthy meals I wake up in the morning, have a smoothie or just have say, multiple cups of water or coffee And then I have lunch and it's usually something Healthy and then I have something very very light for dinner or no dinner at all So I'm still kind of fasting but not as intense.

After thinking about it for a week, I have decided to go on with the fast.

Today is April 26th I'm gonna be starting my fast again tomorrow and I'm gonna do that for a month, for 30 days But this time I am gonna incorporate exercise.

I feel like, if I did work out the the two weeks when I was fasting I would have lost a whole lot more weight But you know, sometimes it's okay to do one thing at a time? You know? Now, I feel like I'm ready to add some exercise I feel like I'm in a place where I can wake up in the morning and happily go for a run Although the weather is too cold.

I tried to go for a run today, it ended up being a five-minute walk At least I woke up, at least I moved around.

So yeah, that's pretty much progress.

I can see my belly shaping up I can see my curves getting modified and once you start seeing the results, it just makes you wanna keep going So, I'm really really in the place where I wanna go go go go go and You know, just go for it for the next 30 days Again guys, if you're doing intermittent fasting, what I really recommend is listening to your body.

For example, If you're scheduled to eat say at 4 or if you're eating window is say 4 p.


To 8 p.

m And you're hungry at 1 o'clock, 2 o'clock To be honest, instead of starving yourself.

What I'd suggest is, eat.

Make sure you're full and then maybe you can drink water for the rest of the night and continue your fasting til the next day.

Try your best not to get so obsessed with the timing, just listen to yourself.

Listen to your body.

That's what worked for me.

And that's what I would absolutely recommend.

Just listen to yourself.

If you can incorporate some exercises, incorporate some exercises.

I know I tried doing the Chloe thing.

I think I did it for one I think I did it for one day or two days and that was it.

But, I'm gonna be starting all over again tomorrow.

For now, I just thought I'd show you guys the results from the two weeks.

Even looking at the results myself today I'm like.






This intermittent fasting really gave me some results and if I did it for 30 days, I can't wait to see what I look like by the end of May.

That's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna do that for myself because I am so the point where I just need something to change in my life I need things to actually start being the way I envision them in my head.

I want to look like the way I think of myself in my head I don't know how to explain it I want to look as good in person as I feel in my head you.

It'll take a little bit of work It will take a little bit of changes here and there So, yeah, I'm gonna be posting more videos like this and sharing my weight loss journey I have decided to share it at least that way you guys can hold me accountable If I'm slacking it up, if you guys see me sleeping just.


You know, hit your girl up, tell me Sophia – you need to get it together.



Okay! I hope the results motivate you, if you're interested in losing weight.

Now's a great time to start your weight loss journey Waiting waiting waiting.




I've always the type to say, I'm gonna start tomorrow.

I'm gonna start next week I just got sick and tired of it and I just started and I am so glad that I started and yeah I can't wait to see my summer body.

In fact, we're not even working for summer body.

This is like my forever body That's what I'm trying to get right now.

Okay? So yeah, that's it for this video guys, that's all I wanted to share today Thank you guys so much for watching, if you're new on here or if you haven't subscribed Please go ahead and hit that subscribe button.

We trying to get to 1000 subscribers And if you enjoyed this video or if you'd like me to share more on my weight loss journey Make sure to give this video a like You guys should also let me know in the comment section if you'd like to see what I eat in a day to lose weight I'll be more than happy to share.

Cos I feel like I've been eating a whole lot better, I'm doing a whole lot of things better and I'm so proud of myself because I'm the girl that always procrastinates.

I'm the girl that always (you know) says I'm gonna do something and yeah it never happens.

So yeah.

leave all your comments in the comment section? I'd be more than happy to answer all questions I'll catch you guys in my next video, which will be tomorrow.


Take care.

You guys stay safe Catch you later.



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