MENTAL PROGRESS AFTER WEEK 10 / Losing 100 lbs/ My weight loss journey

Hi and welcome to my channel if youhaven't seen it before My channel is based very much on meloosing weight I've got about a hundred pounds or 50 kilos to lose, or more, let'ssee what happens but I also wanted to talk a bit about my mental journeybecause as some of you have seen already there's been a lot of ups and downsthrough the weeks.

I am struggling with depression or exhaustion syndromethere's lots of names but I wanted to share a little bit about what happenedto me mentally during these 10 weeks I have gone past if you have a look at myearly videos you will see that I had some very hard day's It's been quite a roughweekend just I've been struggling just with most everything it's been hard AndI was being very honest to you and I want to be very honest to you becausethat's what it's all about and I did have a breakdown so I did havesome very rough days I just had a bit of a break down, it's not a good day today one of those days where I feel I'm notenough and can't do everything that I want to do But even though I did I triedto stick to the meal plan as much as possible because this is something Ireally want to do I really need to lose this weight because I think a lotof it my problems mentally is connected to my weight because I don't feel goodwithin myself so if you go back and look at my videos like I said the early onesI hope that you can see that I am a bit different now happier yeah of course I'mgetting used to being on the camera as well I wasn't in the beginning I hatedstanding in the front of the camera but losing this weight has actually helpedme mentally I feel happier I feel stronger I feel more confident and that isjust by loosing 10 kilos or a bit over 20 pounds so imagine what its gonna doto me when I lose a lot more I'm not saying the weight is everythingabsolutely not but for me it makes me feel better mentally – first of all notsit in and stuff my face with crisps every night or as soon as I get upset togo and get something to munch on so I feel stronger because I canleave it if that makes sense and I think that is something you have to take inconsideration as well that when you lose the weight you are hopefully and mostcertainly gonna feel a lot better mentally as well so it's not just fixingyour body and your health but it's actually your mental state as well so Iwanted to share that with you and if you want to go back and have a look at someof my early videos you can see how I was and the struggles I had most every daynow I can see that I don't have that much troubles yes of course I am notcured I still go on medication for my depression and I am gonna struggle withthat for a long time but the days are easier and it's a lot easier to go onday by day just to get hold of my self and actually do something to goout or to do the videos to get out of the bed to not just sit on the setteedoing nothing and yeah just just remember this journey is a journey tochange the life not just to get slim and healthy beautiful whatever it's tochange your life the way you eat the way you feel what you can do what you can'tdo and especially to get yourself esteem up and your confidence is gonnabuild with this journey if you're starting if you just started if it'shard you're struggling it's gonna get better I promise it's just you need tostick with it and try and see the days as good dayseven though there might be a little bit of an hiccup somewhere on the way so forme this has really really helped me mentally and physically of course butmentally and I hope it will for you as well so until next time I will see youand please leave a comment down below if you agree with me if you have the samefeelings as me if you've been through this and I can say that yeah that'scorrect what she's talking about that that's okay that's that's does the samefor me let people know in the comments and don't forget to subscribe and hitthe bell to see where my videos are next time and give me a like as well if youwanted to I will see you next time take care and be kind to each other be kindto yourself.

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