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The Blood Group Diet It is believed that each blood group reactsdifferently to each food.

So if you follow the diet designed for you, the chances of losing weight will be higher because your body will absorb food more efficiently.

Let’s look at the diet closely.

If you have Blood Type O, which is the mostcommon blood type in humans, then the diet should be similar to Paleo where it is encouragedto eat more like “hunter-gatherer” style.

This means eating food that was availableto our ancestors before agriculture growth and advancement in technology happened.

High protein and low in carbohydrates is theway to go.

Along with this diet, blood type O peopleshould also do a lot of high intensity cardio like running to complement the diet.

Blood Type A diet is almost the opposite ofthe diet suggested to Blood Type O.

Meaning, their bodies are much more accepting to themore “modern” food.

A vegan diet is encouraged, so this meanslots of vegetables and carbohydrates like rice, pasta and cereals.

However, meat and dairy products such as milk, cheese or butter should be avoided.

Meat should be taken in very little quantity.

Blood type A diet is best done with slow andrelaxing exercise such as yoga or Pilates.

Blood Type AB can be defined as the most lenientdiet.

This rare blood type works well with almostevery food but with moderation.

They have a good immune system, which meansthey can handle dairy, meat and carbs well.

However, vegetables are the most encouragedfood to eat.

The rest should be eaten in little portions.

When it comes to exercises, Blood type ABshould combine both calming and high intensity workouts.

Blood Type B has the least restrictions.

Vegetables, fruits, meat, dairy, seafood, rice – these can all be taken as long as it’s part of a balanced diet and not taken in bigquantities.

The only food to avoid are processed foodssuch as the ones that can be bought in a can (luncheon meat, hotdog, ham etc) Any activity that involves exercising thebrain such as tennis, golf, hiking is the best form of exercise for this blood type.

The Science1.

There Is Such A Thing Called ‘Real Carbohydrates’The first thing you need to do is to identify your carbohydrate intake.

All of us know that carbohydrates are themain source of energy as carbs are readily converted to glucose, the main substance thatis used for energy production.

All the excess carbohydrates are turned intofat when they aren’t used as energy.

Now, what you need to remember is that youneed to consume ‘real carbohydrates’ by choosing foods that are not processed.

Replace the processed carbohydrates with naturalones like vegetables and fruits in every meal.

Momentarily avoid other carbohydrates likechips, breads, pasta, fast food meals and others.


Have you ever heard of high-biological proteins? Choose them among others.

High-biological proteins are what you canthink of as complete proteins.

They are called such because they containcomplete amino acids to provide efficient functions in terms of repairing body tissuesand supplying proteins to every muscle in your body.

Amino acids work like a team: when one ismissing, they cannot function well.

So it is good to invest in high-biologicalproteins by eating natural and grass-fed meats and produce.

This includes turkey, beef, chicken, lamb, pork and other animal proteins.


There are healthy fats, of course.

If you think that fats are the only culpritsof weight gain, you are definitely wrong.

Your body also needs fats in order to functionwell as these substances contribute to temperature control, metabolism regulation and lubricationof vein and arteries.

So, have a moderate intake of healthy fats, including avocadoes, coconut oil, olive oil, nuts, olives, seeds and butter.

Just remember to consume about 2-3 teaspoonsof these fats at every meal.

These are the three easy steps that you canalways remember for you to have a significant weight loss.

Start on these rules and you are off to agood start.

It is good to remember that metabolism isas complex as our brain, so the notion of calorie counting does not really apply toall.

The basis of a healthy weight should comefrom consuming the right amount and kinds of food or to simply put it: the right balanceof food.

So start your meal right today by investingmore on real carbohydrates, high-biological proteins and healthy fats.

The Essence of Protein to Muscles Proteins are essential to help tissues repairthemselves and supply a leaner body structure.

There are so many uses of proteins you maynever know.

In fact, they can also be used as energy whenthe carbohydrate sources are empty.

Aside from that, they strengthen your immunesystem and give you skin that is smooth in texture.

It has anti-aging benefits, enhances memoryand so much more.

This is why proteins are pretty valuable andshould be saved for their functions instead of using them as energy.

The Right Kind of Proteins Choosing the right kind of protein is essentialto give you the advantage of having a lean body mass without the risk of sore muscles.

The advice below is from an expert trainer, Taoist master Tommy Kirchhoff.

He studied the popular martial arts ShengLong Fu and is the Grandmaster of Victor Sheng Long Fu.

He is a versatile fitness expert and is creditedfor contributing effective advice to fitness enthusiasts.

Not all have known this fact: proteins aremade to function equally as compared to carbohydrates and fats.

So people are so wrong when they just investin eating chicken alone.

All proteins are a definite cure for intensetraining and they should be eaten in the most absorbable form.

Why? This is because muscles need an immediatesource of protein to supply their needs, especially during a heavy workout.

With that, you need to opt for protein powders, as they give the quickest and most absorbable type of proteins to work and repair your bodytissues.

In order to find out which powdered proteinsare best for you, just visit your personal trainer or sports nutritionist.

You can also visit a sports house in yourarea or GNC stores.

Now, if you don’t just have the right budgetto buy these powdered proteins, which can be expensive by the way, you can opt for eggwhites.

The only thing that you should remember isthis: you have to eat them raw and fresh.

Yes, you can get the most amino acids in rawfresh eggs as compared to cooking them.

The reason for this is because as soon asyou cook the egg, the structure of its proteins changes significantly, making it less absorbable.

So manipulating an egg white, even if youshake, blend or stir them has effects that you may never know.

In fact, your body may not even use the proteinscompletely.

Therefore, whenever you need the best proteinsnext to the powdered ones, get fresh eggs, separate the yolks (since they contain toomuch fat and cholesterol) and swallow them up.

– 26 -Chapter 8: Meal Timing Synopsis Meal timing is an essential part of a balanceddiet.

When we want to be Calorie Deficit, a New and More EffectiveApproach Fortunately, some weight loss advocates aretrying to shift approaches, from low-calorie diets to less stressful methods.

And they base the shift on something that’ssimple and logical – calorie deficit.

When you are overweight, it only means onething; you have fat deposits in your body that your metabolism can’t process.

The question is why your metabolism can’tdo that.

The answer is you are taking more caloriesthan your metabolism can handle.

Does this mean that you have to starve yourselfin order to lose weight? Of course not, you will be risking your healthif you do that and you will end up dealing with worse problems than before.

The key to losing weight without experiencinga whole range of issues is to create a calorie deficit, which simply means that you eat fewercalories than your body demands.

Fewer calories are the keywords, not zero-calories.

When you take in fewer calories and you workout, your body starts burning your fat deposits to supply you with the energy you need forthe workouts.

Naturally when your body burns fat depositsevery day you will not be far away from your ideal weight.

Advantages The calorie deficit approach has many advantagesthat are not present in drastically reduced weight loss diets.

You do not need specially prepared meals toensure the required calorie intake levels.

All you need to is to eliminate some of thecalorie loaded foods you are in the habit of eating.

Your body won’t be deprived of energy whichallows it to function normally and you wil feel good as you lose weight.

Aside from reducing the calories, your diethas to be as nutritionally balanced as you can make it.

You want the natural body cleansers in itto help your metabolism work more efficiently.

You need the proteins and other nutrientsthat promote good health.

Benefits One of the benefits of the calorie deficitapproach to losing weight is your health is never compromised; instead, you can becomehealthier.

And unlike low calorie diets that make itdifficult for you to protect gains because the deprivation will make the foods you usedto eat hard to resist, with this approach since its slower the diet will be a habitby the time you have realized your weight reduction goals.

Wrapping Up Benefits of Right Food to HealthBy now you should fully understand that healthy eating is not synonymous at all to dieting– and especially where dangerous fad diets are concerned.

Eating the right food may be a struggle atthe start, but it’s a challenge that’s guaranteed to promise numerous health benefitsonce healthy eating becomes a regular part of your life.

A Balanced Intake of Vitamins, Minerals, andOther Nutrients By knowing which foods to eat more of andwhich ones to eat in moderation, you will be able to benefit from a balanced intakeof vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients.

This may come as a surprise to you, but toomuch of any particular vitamin can actually be detrimental to your health.

Vitamin D toxicity, for instance, can leadto excess content of calcium in your body, which could be bad for your bones and heart.

On the other hand, vitamin deficiencies are– as you know – just as bad.

Hypocobalaminemia or Vitamin B12 deficiencycan inflict long-term damage on nerve tissues if the disorder is not addressed and leftuntreated.

Higher Energy Levels A lot of people have a hard time understandingthe importance of energy because it’s something you can’t actually see.

Even so, energy is something that will makea difference in how you feel especially as you advance in years.

Higher energy levels allow you to be morephysically active – especially compared to peers who haven’t yet appreciated thebenefits of healthy eating.

You get to enjoy a better overall qualityof life as well as spend a more productive time not just at work but when you spend timewith your loved ones as well.

Stress Reduction or Elimination People may not directly die of stress, butyou can be sure that stress is one of the leading contributing causes to diseases thatdo kill.

Stress doesn’t just affect your health.

It can also affect your career and personalrelationships.

Even the way you interact with your familymay be negatively affected if you let stress get the better of you.

Thankfully, healthy eating is one of the bestways to combat stress.

It puts you in a better mood and makes youless vulnerable to anxiety and depression.

Lower Blood Pressure Hypertension is the other name for high bloodpressure and is a symptom for many different types of chronic diseases.

Most of those diseases affect your heart andmay have life-threatening consequences.

Maintenance for hypertension can be quiteexpensive and surgery for critical cases is even more cost-prohibitive.

You can avoid all such headaches in the future, however, if you simply opt to do what’s right now by eating healthy.

Diabetes Some people still mistakenly assume that diabetesis something you can only suffer from when you’re young.

Others erroneously believe it’s only hereditary.

However, diabetes is a disease you can incuranytime and even if you do not like eating sweets a lot.

There are other ways for your body’s glucoselevels to reach abnormal rates, but you can combat them effectively just by eating healthy.

Aside from those mentioned above, eating rightcan also help lower your risk for various types of cancer and heart diseases.

As you can see, healthy eating is the firstand best step you can take to enjoying a long, healthy and fulfilling life.


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