Lose Weight Hypnosis For Exercise and Weight Loss Motivation Meditation Sleep

Hello my name is Matt, and I welcome youto this sleep hypnosis for weight loss a motivational meditation we havecreated just for you to reprogram your subconscious mind and motivate you tomake better healthy food choices and adopt the important habit of regularexercise.

And maybe you can imagine how wonderful life will be when you decideto make small necessary changes, and to see yourself taking everyday actionstowards your goals as I talk you down into a deep sleep.

At Self Health Hypnosis we only usethe most effective hypnotic inductions, ericksonian language and NLP techniquesto utilize the resources we know you have within you.

We believe there isalways light somewhere in the darkness guiding you to discover your personalstrengths and be the hero of your own journey.

A wise therapist once saidthat the most important words you will ever hear other words you say toyourself, and the most important opinion is your own.

Perhaps you have come tothis hypnosis with an understanding that you are only stuck in stories from yourpast and that you can see those stories for what they are there, past.

And now here, you can change your mindabout who you are and I wonder if you will just start small or will youestablish a habit of repeated action.

And I don't know when you will find themassive comfort that comes from being specific and relentlessly showing upmaking yourself a priority I will suggest you take time now to prepareyourself to learn the power of choice and action to do what needs to be doneand prepare a space where you can focus on you and allow yourself to relax andin your own way calm and I will give you a minute or so tofind quiet to close doors or blinds and isn't it wonderful that you have takenthis moment for yourself to discover the resources within you than to bring themin to be so you might just like to carefully listen to my instructions aswe ready you to search within yourself now and find the skills always availablenow to discover how to lose weight easily before you drift down into a deepsleep and we want you now you have found us tochange your life because you choose to regularly listen to our hypnosis andguided meditations in create for yourself a deep inner come on in to fallasleep with ease and I wonder if you would be comfortedto know that self-hypnosis only works because you are in control my relaxingvoice is here only to guide you just so you completely relax and use yourimagination to create your own personal hypnotic theater of dreams in perhaps you will come to your ownrealization the trance is natural and really easy and you may eventually usetrance to find subconscious solutions in to guide you to solution this sleephypnosis will include positive suggestions that are known to encouragepeople to reprogram the subconscious mind and to help you drift slowly intothe comfort of a restful deep sleep and maybe it is comforting to know thatyou don't need to drift off to sleep immediately because you may want toabsorb all the helpful suggestions and immerse yourself in the message of histrance all before you allow yourself drift off to sleep so when you alreadyand in your own time finding that comfortable position feels soft warm bedfeeling your body sink into your mattress perhaps noticing how your limbsyour torso and each muscle in your body settles and remembers what it feels like eachtime you get into bed all the covers over you and relax and what I suggest you do is to justallow your eyes to comfortably close so as you prepare yourself to listen andfind a quiet place in your mind free from distractions where you canexperience the hypnotic state of focus learning a space where you can absorbnew possibilities and the resources already within and I don't know if yourealize that all hypnosis is in fact self hypnosis a natural state that weenter into and out of several times every day so when you're ready to let goin your own time as you prepare to relax deeply where you have chosen to sit in achair what perhaps you are lying down it matters not there is no right way orwrong way as with all hypnosis you are in control and you cannot lose control and asyou're listening to my voice you might become aware of your ownas it rises and falls with every moment deposit and perhaps you are starting torelax and as you continue to allow yourself torelax you might be aware of any sounds thatare around you or perhaps you're aware of the silence within you you mightobserve the wanderings of your own mind as the thoughts fade in then just asquickly fade out and as you notice what you notice and you don't notice what youdon't notice perhaps that relaxation within you is starting to broaden anddeepen rule out your body that's right and perhaps as you feelthis sense of broad deep relaxation you might start to let go and notice the beginning of a deeprelaxing trance perhaps you might notice your breathdeepening in lengthening with every inhale and deepening and lengthening of withevery exhale and as you continue that day expansive breath you mightconsciously allow yourself the experience of a very deep state of lighttrance well you might unconsciously allowyourself a very light state of deep trance the choice is yours go whereveryou want to go and my voice will go with you that's rightand you may go deeper into trance with the sound of my voice or perhaps you'llgo deeper into trance in the spaces between my words it doesn't reallymatter there is no right way or wrong way the only thing that matters is howrelaxed and peaceful your trance is now and as you continue to relax further andfurther you might notice how nice it feels tojust let yourself be to let go of thoughts let go of any impulses toforget about any urges you may have relating to food eating or not eating and I wonder how soothing it is to allowyourself the space to just breathe and be free or paying no attention tocompulsions cravings desires for food and no longer worrying about how much orhow little you ate and as you're breathing now gently and effortlessly more deep and more relaxed with everybreath your mind becoming so calm now as if allyour cares are gently and peacefully rolling away as if nothing else mattersright now there is nothing to concern yourself with just the peaceful calmfeeling of being alive and relaxed right now and how good it feels your mind soclear and calm like the feeling of floating for a space and time with somuch pace and it needs feeling so relaxed now in so in control and isn't it wonderful to know that youcan access this feeling and control anytime you wish by telling yourself andhearing these words I am calm and relaxed and in control and you can say these words and hearthem in your mind's eye whenever you like I am calm and relaxed and incontrol starting now whenever you wish to relax whenever you want to be calm wheneveryou want to increase your self-control you can say and hear these words I amcalm and relaxed and in control and especially when you sit down to eatwhere you feel the onset of any food cravings or perhaps the impulse toindulge in foods you can hear those words in the back of your mind I am calmand relaxed and in control whenever you think of food or not eating I am calmand relaxed I am in control that's right and I wonder if you would be curious tolearn that when most people have a problem with food or maintaining ahealthy weight they often respond to emotions withself-defeating patterns or actions maybe making bad choices in response to ournotions and the truth is or every single one of us overweight or slim is that wehave ancient caveman bodies and brain software that developed in a time ofgreat scarcity a time in the past when eating as much sugary and fatty foods aswe could was important to our survival yet here now we live in a modernabundant world and you can make your own choices around what you ate there is noscarcity so now I am going to share with you astory that many of you may relate to there was a young girl named Annie whogrew up in a low-income family which meant that funds even for the essentialsof living were often limited where Annie's parents were loving and did thebest they could to provide a safe and warm home food wasn't readily availableall the time and that was definitely no money for tasty snacks or sugar filledtreats and for this reason Annie was sure to eat all the food shewas served at the family dinner table even if she did not feel hungry and shewas afraid she would upset her hard-working parents but any eventually grew up into a smartindependent adult she managed to find a well-paying job and moved out to make abetter life for herself and he loved her new life she could buy indeed all thefood and tasty treats she always wanted and live without a feeling ofdeprivation over the years pattern of overeating and unhealthy food choicescaught up with any and one day she looked in the mirror and realized thather habits around eating desperately needed to change so starting next week and he decided shewould start a diet when Monday morning comes around and whilst getting herusual coffee and he sees her two favorite flavors of muffins in the cafedisplay fresh out of the oven in the moment of anticipation any saddens asshe realized that she had committed to start her diet today so any now faces avery common dilemma she experiences frustration and shame due to herinability to lose weight but her subconscious mind has incorrectlyadopted this patterned belief that food is scarce and this scarcity triggersemotional pain that Annie has come to associate with being deprived of food and having heard that story I wonder ifyou saw patterns of behavior that you can relate to and I wonder if it will betoday or in the coming weeks that you will choose to change the program and Iwonder if you can observe and just accept that these are our data patternsof thought and understanding may help you when you don't want to overeat or toconsume foods that you know aren't healthy will it not and sometimes thatreminder is all you need to just notice that pattern of thought and label it andsometimes such acceptance changes people's lives in an instant and maybe you already know that you arealways going to experience cravings for the foods that are not consistent withyour goals or find yourself in the habit of overeating yet you can simply nowjust label that pattern of thought and say to yourself there is that oldscarcity story and reflect instead on the fact there is no scarcity you couldeat whatever you wanted yet you choose to take the steps that will lead you toachieve your weight loss goals and I wonder how it would feel to havelearned the powerful and liberating truth that overeating is simply anunconscious habit and we just need to bring back our awareness to the habitswe have formed around food and disrupt those habits starting now you can takecontrol over your eating habits you can change your choices and behavior aroundfood without resistance or struggle with an awareness that you can take controlof your cravings because they are just habitsan unconscious program you have been running it's not you or who you are it'sjust the way you have been going about things and now using your awareness youcan remind your unconscious mind what you really desire what you really wantyou can feed your unconscious mind new effective habits new desirable behaviorsnew helpful choices and with this new direction your urges and cravings willbecome less and less and increasingly you will be calm andrelaxed and in control and now as you relax deeper and deeper still using thismoment now to change the pattern in programs you have been running toreprogram your mind with new habits and behaviors around food in giving yourmind a new desirable way of living and as you breathe deeper and deeper still with each breath start to feed yoursubconscious mind a clear mental image of all that you desire see yourself slimand slender in your ideal body standing on a scale see the scale registeringyour ideal weight see yourself smile as you look at your slender body and seethe number on the scale feel how joyful in a static and overwhelmingly happy youare as you realize that you can and will achieve this body free from the weightyou wish to lose and now as you breathe deeper and deeperstill what's the slim slender ideal version of yourself move towards a tableset for a meal and as this new version of yourself takes their seat notice thefood they choose to eat notice the health for appropriate food choices theymake only choosing the foods that their body needs natural healthful foods foodsthat promote health foods that fuel the body and promote the healthy splendorbody you wish to have and as you watch yourself eating these healthy foodsnotice how much or how little you eat notice how you only eat enough to besatisfied and fulfilled no more or no less watch as you consume the perfectamount to fuel your body and not overfeed it and as you continue to seeyourself notice the pace calm and control with which you exist notice that you are completely free fromthe cravings of unhealthy bad food notice you are free from the impulse toovereat or indulge in more than what is necessary and to notice you are nolonger concerned stressed or worried about foodnotice how your subconscious mind has learned a new way of being new habitsand new desires reprogrammed to drive helpful helpful choices in behaviors nolonger driven by cravings impulses and urges to eat unhealthy food and as you continue to see the trimslender version of yourself notice how happy you are the confidencethat beams from you the love and joy you exude for yourself and for your life thefulfillment you experience with every breath the love for yourself that growswith every breath as you marvel at the power of your subconscious mind then thechanges it has made with just a little awareness in direction the truth is thatthe path to change is often simple it is travel by making helpful decisions intaking small necessary steps towards a desired destination it has been said bymany performance coaches that if you win every moment you will inevitably win theday and if you win each day you will win your weeks and each week you win willmanifest your mum and as you manifest each month you will transform your life in perhaps you already understand thatwhen it comes to weight loss we are told that the equation is simple that we musteat less make healthy food choices and exercise regularly must we not yetdespite knowing this truth it is our unconscious programming that might makethis hard to achieve evolutionary psychologists tell us that it is codedinto our genes to run away from fear and where this was useful in early timeswhen you were running away from a predator today instead we run from thetask that we do not want to do especially if we fear we will fail at itor if it is a task that based on our past we don't believe we will enjoy andI wonder if you can recall times past a moment where you felt a sense ofresistance or fear around making a new choice and you decided instead to avoidchange stuck in what is familiar and seemingly safe and I wonder if you have experiencedthat moment where you convince yourself that it is okay to put something offtoday as humans we have an amazing ability to time travel in our minds andimagine that we will one day have achieved our health goals so we justify in that moment toourselves that next time things will be different but perhaps like many of us you findyourself caught up with other priorities and you reach the end of your day theend of the month or even the next year and come to the sad realization that youdidn't take simple steps to move forward and I wonder if you would prefer tochoose to take action rather than have the enduring shame and regret that willinevitably emerge when we avoid taking the actions that align with our person the author Mark Twain once wrote that ifyou do what you have always done you get what you have always got and maybe nowyou can imagine how amazing it might feel when you choose to show up each dayfor yourself choosing now to be better in to love yourself perhaps remembering that you can alwaysgive yourself permission now to change your life and choose to be different so I wonder when you will add thistechnique to your hypnosis and observe that motivation is not simply willpoweror a desire it is the skill we choose to utilize in each moment to cast asidefear and take the necessary action and it is this simple yet powerfulexercise of choice and action that triumphs over unhelpful thoughts andgives us control perhaps you have problems you want toovercome goals you plan to reach and dreams you will make your reality andmaybe you wake up each morning with them fresh on your mind and before you jumpout of bed tell yourself you will take one step forwards towards success thatday and it doesn't matter what it is but by doing something that is unfamiliarfirst by prioritizing it and taking action lessens its power over you and this has the power to change your life and perhaps you might imagine saying toyourself I don't like this but I'm going to do it now and feel good about it allday so get up each morning and go for a brisk 10 or 15-minute walk whatever youcan do prioritize it make it the first thingyou do and there is no need to solve everything while you sleep yet in placeof that there is a guarantee if you show up to something each and every dayyou're guaranteed to get closer to your goal and if you don't you want and Iwon't tell you that subconscious learning is powerful and easy and it'shappening now yet I do wonder if you'll create somenew behaviors before you change completely and isn't it nice to knowthat you can integrate these changes at the speed that is right for you andisn't it nice to know that you already have all of the resources you need tomake this change within you and you have given your unconscious mind all theclarity it needs to start making the choices the behaviors required toeliminate cravings eliminate overeating and lose weight to become the idealversion of you the you that you know you are healthy happy slim in slender and I don't know if you all make thesechanges now well if you all make these changes in the next few days but by thetime you start to notice just how far you've come you'll be really excited andhappy about the changes you've made and you can start to make those changesbecause you've waited long enough and you may feel the change is happening asyou go on with your daily life or you might experience change on asubconscious level and I'm not sure if you realize thatyour mind is designed to always be learning both consciously andunconsciously and in a moment I'm going to allow you a moment of silence now todrift off to sleep and allow your mind to integrate all ofthe suggestions possibilities and new ways of thinking I have presented foryou in this hypnosis and you can take the things that are valuable to you anddiscard anything that isn't and allow your unconscious mind to embrace newskills and techniques and to use them at any time they are needed to exercisecomplete control either consciously or unconsciously in any moment you want tobe calm and relax and make healthy choices choices thatpromote a deep love of self in love or your life in that momentstarts now you.

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