LOSE WEIGHT | How to Lose Belly Fat – 10 Tips (Avoid These Diet Mistakes!)

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Swole here, MDbodybuilder back with another video so today I'm gonna be giving you ten tipsto help you lose weight now since everyone's been stuck at homewith the pandemic I've been getting a lot of questions about what we should bedoing in terms of managing our diet and today I'm gonna be giving you sometangible strategies that I use myself to keep my diet in check now briefly recallthat any change in our weight really boils down to calories in versuscalories out now the problems with the Quarantine right now are twofold firstof all your activity is way down since you're staying at home you're not goingout you're not doing a lot of your usual activities and this means you're puttingless calories out the other problem is now that you're at home all the timeyou're spending more time thinking about food and actually eating so you'reprobably putting in more calories as well so I just want you to keep this inmind when we're going through our tips today so you can think about where thecalories are going to be affected by our different strategies since I've beenstaying at home more myself recently I've definitely found it more difficultto stay on top of my eating these are all strategies that I personally findreally helpful on a daily basis and there are all actionable items that youcan implement right away make sure you smash that like button hit subscribe andlet's get right into it now tip number one is to keep snacks outof sight the problem is if you have a bag of chips or cookies or whatever yourfavorite snacks are lying around on your kitchen table or your counter you'regoing to be walking past those multiple times per day and every time you seethem your willpower is going to be tested what this means is you'll end upthinking about those snacks more and it'll give you more chances to cave inand eat those snacks when you shouldn't so get all your snacksout of plain sight I like to put them up in a high cupboard or even better justdon't buy them it's a lot easier to stick to healthy snacks if there'snothing else around the house tip number two is to have some vegetables or fruitbefore your meal vegetables and fruits are great because they're what we callvolume foods basically they have a lot of bulk in them for the amount ofcalories that they give you now volume foods are going to be key in helping youreduce your calories if you want to lose weight the trick I'm showing you here isto have them before your meal and the idea is that you're going tofill up your stomach so that you'll end up eating less protip that I really likeis to have my vegetables and fruit before I even set out my meal portion soif you just prepared food or if you're taking leftovers and you're spooningthem onto your plate you're going to take less if you've already hadsomething to eat now tip number three is to eat fruits and vegetables untilyou're full after your meal you've had your set portion and you're stillfeeling hungry so instead of going back to spoon out a second portion you shouldjust have a piece of fruit or some vegetables I personally find that thisworks really well for two reasons first of all fruits and vegetables beingvolume foods are going to help fill you upsecond of all since they might be less tasty than what you were eating beforeyou're going to be less tempted to continue eating now briefly when I talkabout fruits and vegetables do keep in mind that these still contain caloriesand fruits overall more so than vegetables so just make sure to keepthis in consideration also when I talk about vegetables I usually refer tothese as plain vegetables as in I'll try to minimize the addition of extra saucesor dips that might be adding calories so I would recommend just having yourvegetables raw boiled or steamed I think this tip is actually reallyimportant because when you're trying to diet the biggest enemy is hunger andobviously you're decreasing your calories you're going to feel hungry andhaving that finisher at the end of your meal in terms of vegetables or fruit isgoing to make sure that you feel full at the end of every meal tip number four isto swap out high-calorie foods now the problem with the quarantine is thatpeople continue with their usual eating habits without adjusting for theirdecreased activity levels I'm telling you now that you're gonna have to makesome changes a simple way to do this is to swap out your calorie dense foodswith lower calorie options for example let's say you have an omelet with cheeseand a muffin for breakfast in the morning you can lower the number ofcalories that you're eating and still feel full if you swap those out for sayboiled eggs and oatmeal instead so just remember that even though you'relowering your caloric intake that doesn't mean that you need to go hungrytip number five is pretty simple and that's to eat more slowly now often ittakes our bodies some time for us to actually feel full after eating oftenfor me I won't actually feel full until 10 or 20 minutes after I finish eatingnow obviously the problem is if you're at your dinner table and you're stillnot full you're gonna keep eating for those 20minutes and you're gonna take in a lot more calories than you really need thesolution to this is to eat more slowly now I've spent a lot of time beinghungry over the last few months since I was preparing for a bodybuilding showand I ended up losing 17 pounds and one strategy that I found to really help isto make sure that I swallow every bite before preparing my next one so have youever noticed that say when you're eating a steak you'll still be chewing one biteof steak while you're already cutting your next piece now an easy way to slowdown your eating is to try to focus on eating more mindfully so focusing onwhat you're eating focusing on the present and in the steak example youwould swallow that bite before you even pick up your knife and fork again tipnumber six is to eat at regular times I think this is a challenge for a lot ofpeople who are at home with no structure right now and it helps a lot to follow aset schedule a big benefit of this is that it'll help you avoid unplannedsnacks the reason this works is that for the most part when we had theseunplanned snacks they're usually much higher in calories than what we'd benormally eating for a meal so aim to have regular meals and try not todeviate too far from that schedule tip number seven is to plan what you'regoing to eat in advance now the issue with not planning is that if you waituntil you're really hungry to choose what you're going to eat you'renaturally going to lean towards higher calorie options so don't wait untilyou're feeling starved you want to be avoiding those situations where you'redashing to the kitchen slamming open we covered and just taking whatever looksgood to eat tip number eight is to try tracking your food if you haven't doneit before tracking your food really helps you become more aware of whatyou're actually taking in with your meals so an easy way to do this is todownload an app like MyFitnessPal you'll just enter in what you've been eatingand it'll pop out your calories and the actual macronutrient breakdown anotherway to do this would be to keep a food diary so just write down what you eatwith every meal and when you eat it it'll really help you understand what'sgoing in and you'll start to see patterns with your eattip number nine is to sleep more to reduce her calories now people who arechronically sleep-deprived tend to eat more part of this is just due toincreased hunger but part of it is just because you're spending more hours awakeand thus you have more opportunities to eat something that might help with thisthat ties into my other tips is to keep a regular schedule so even if you haveno plans over the weekend and you're just gonna be at home and recommendstill getting up at something near your usual time and not staying up till 4:00a.


binging on Netflix now my tenth and last tip is to reduce stress now a lotof people tend to eat more when they're under a lot of stress how do you do thisexactly is up to you and probably beyond the scope of this video but I'drecommend setting aside some time each day to do something that relaxes yousuggestions would include exercising listening to music or practicingmindfulness and meditation alright hope you found those tips useful they're alltips that I've found helpful myself and they should help you reach your bodycomposition goals whether that's losing weight or stopping yourself from gainingweight too quickly if you found this video helpful make sure you like thevideo and hit subscribe leave me a comment below and let me know what yourfavorite weight loss strategies are if you want to hear some more unique tipsthat you can implement today to help you burn fat check out my video where Ioutlined three diet hacks that bodybuilders use to lose weight that'sall for now guys thanks for watching we'll see you next time.

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