Keto Guide 7 Simple Tips For Major Weight Loss

Do you want kiddo weight loss tips in this video I'm gonna give you the exact tips you need to fast track your Results if you're new to my channel welcome I'm Lisa Bolivar, you're a certified keto coach and registered nurse for the best camp advice and information Subscribe to my channel hit the bell and be notified each time I upload a new video on choose another one is focus on good quality meat and veggies when you go shopping Stay in outer perimeter of the store.

That way you're not enticed to buying all the processed food that you're used to eating so for each meal focus on a good quality meat and two veggies number two is Replenish your water.

You have to drink adequate water and be sure to replenish your electrolytes as well You don't know keto is like a diuretic It helps release all the excess water in your body but at some point if you are not drinking the adequate amount of water your body is going to hold on to any Excess fluid that it can because it's thinking I'm not getting any more So I'm gonna hold on to what I can so no matter what you do It's not going to release that water.

You want to stay? Bloated you're gonna stay olan.

So in order to release water you need to drink water You need to drink at least half your body weight in ounces a day.

So what is that? 1:10 that someone has given you in the past that really helped you with this lifestyle Please share it with us because I really would love to know so number three is have an emergency plan in place So what does that mean? How many times have you planned out your meals perfectly for the week and Life happens, you know life is going to happen Maybe you had to work late and you won't be home till 8 o'clock and it's too late to cook For maybe you had to go pick up your child Run into the doctor run errands and you just get home and you're exhausted.

So what are you going to do? So what idea is maybe on a weekend a Saturday or Sunday? I went ahead and bash maybe some soup I couldn't bake it and I kept him in the freezer So when I'm leaving out in the morning Oh in the bank and pop it in the microwave and eat it on the way out Or on those days when things unexpectedly happened I can pop stuff in the microwave heat it up and there you go.

So have an emergency plan in place guys That's probably going to be the top tip that I can give you so number four is limit your dairy and cheese Why it's keto yes it is but what I want you to understand is because of the way we've eaten in the past the standard American diet and all the sugars and stuff that we put in our body and basically Destroy our gut and with the majority of the people, they don't realize that the dairy and cheese causes a stall and also it causes bloating and The people that I've held all the people that I have helped lose weight They are surprised when I tell them to stay off the dairy cheese for at least four to five days and Then you can add it back in and see how it does and I've received so many messages saying oh my god I didn't realize how it affected me because they realized yes it does cause them to gloat So if you can limit the dairy and cheese, and if you don't believe me go ahead and just stay off of it for four to five days and see how how it does for you and see how it makes you feel so number five is eat until you're full and Don't eat if you're not hungry now that's something totally different that we were taught when we were growing out about you need to eat everything on your plate and Honestly is because the foods that we were eating and that advice alone that got us to where we were at You know overweight and unhealthy So this is a good way if you're not hungry don't eat.

You don't have deep breakfast.

You don't have to eat lunch You don't have to eat dinner.

You can push back the meals But that is just a good way to start.

Don't worry about leaving excess food you can put it up for later if you're hungry and I will say this if you are headed to the refrigerator Stop yourself and ask am I hungry? Why am I about to go in the refrigerator or in the cab and my board and my stress? am I worried about something because a lot of times we think we're hungry and We're not maybe it maybe it's because you're thirsty, you know, if you're if you if you don't have that hunger sensation Just drink your glass of water and see how do you feel after that? And if you still feel like you're hungry then get something to eat but a lot of times you're thirsty and not hungry so you have to know the difference between the two and number six is meal plan Meal plan would be the best thing that you can do for yourself.

Nothing worse than coming home from a hard day's work and Not knowing what you're going to cook and that's when people will tend to make a mistake they get lazy and they think well I have this available.

I have you know the taco shell so I can just do that.

It's not gonna hurt this one time So if you can just meal plan or and also batch cooking on a day that you're off It doesn't have to be an all-day affair.

Maybe on a weekend a Saturday or Sunday Just a couple of hours.

So utilize your crock-pot Your insta pod and you can freeze a lot of the meals and it kind of goes along with The other one that I was talking about have an emergency plan Just utilize what you have? Okay, put some in the freezer and then just throw it out and have it that day and utilize leftovers That's what I family done.

That's what I teach a lot of my clients is utilize leftovers.

You don't have to cook every single night you can do leftovers and if your family does not like leftovers and just keep it simple for them cook them just Just one thing a meat and two veggies.

Ok does not have to be hard.

Ok So number seven is the most important tip and that is to have that change in your mind shift You have to realize it is not a diet.

It is not a temporary fix It is a lifestyle change and I think what happens with a lot of people is they get on? This way of eating and they focus on that number on that scale when you need to be asking yourself Why is that? Why am I on the ketogenic lifestyle? Why did I start this process? Is it because you want to be running your kids longer? Maybe you want to feel better about yourself Maybe you might be off medications be around your kids longer.

What is it? So that number on the scale should not define How you feel? You need to focus on how you're feeling How does your clothes fit the measurements if you want to go by anything you need to go by? measurements and the way your clothes fit and Number three how you're feeling.

So don't give power to that scale So that's why I tell people my clients.

You need to have that mind shift change.

You need to realize this is a Lifestyle change and not a diet.

So don't focus on that scale if it's up to me You can just toss that scale out the window well I have a bonus tip for you tip number eight is also an important tip that you want to remember and That is be sure to set your macros for weight loss You want to make sure you're meeting your protein goal? Now if you consistently go over your protein goal over a large amount Let's say your protein goal is set at 80 and you continuously do 100 100 500 10 You're going to gain weight.

Now if you consistently stay under you're not going to lose Anyway, you are going to stall now.

What about fat? You want to make sure your fat intake is higher than your protein intake? That's an important tip right there.

Make sure your fat intake is higher than your protein intake.

It's high fat Martyr mount protein now, what about calories? I get asked this all the time from a client.

I Do not advocate counting calories And this is why if you are meeting your protein goal and eating adequate fat your calories automatically will fall into place and you want to make sure For weight loss purpose into if you want faster weight loss You want to make sure you're at 20 grams or less? Net carbs to see that fast results when you're first starting out.

Yes you can do 3040 you can start out at 50 grams of net carbs You will still see weight loss but for faster weight loss you can do 20 grams Net carbs for below now that I've given you tips that you can implement in your journey Where you go from here, if you like this video be sure to subscribe hit the bell and get notified each time I upload a new video every Tuesday I also have a Keo group that I do a lot of recipes a lot of Education over there So be sure to subscribe to the facebook keto group.

The link is down below and also before you leave I have a gift for you, especially for the new beginners If you're new to Quito, you're really going to want this it is a keto guide that will help you along your journey So the link down below Click on it and get your keto guide and stay tuned for the next video because you will find out how I lost 70 pounds in five months.

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