Is There a Sustainable Weight Loss Diet?

looking to finally lose weight this time around then buckle up because we're about to have a really honest combo about what needs to happen and how you can make it happen hi I'm Erica bad or workplace wellness expert and founder of the beam Evan and if you want

to get healthy while working at 9:00 to 5:00 that's never 9:00 to 5:00 then click this button right here so you can be notified with new videos job on Friday now back to sustainable weight loss because I know if you're watching this video you're ready to finally get

healthy which I love but here's the thing to sustainably lose weight you can't diet you got to make healthy living a lifestyle which means you gotta flip the switch in your brain from I'm dieting to drop weight too I'm choosing to live healthy and here is how you

do that in five steps step one baby step because here's the deal you're not not getting healthy because you don't know what to do like you know to eat more vegetables and drink water and walk daily like you know this stuff so knowing isn't really your problem your

problem and the reason you're not getting healthy is because you're trying to do too much at once and all that change is rubbing up against the subconscious beliefs that are holding you back from reaching your goals don't worry we'll address this beliefs in step five but for now

we're focusing on baby stepping because you have to baby step two sustainably drop your weight which means you have to stop with the sweeping declarations but you'll eat vegetables at every meal for the rest of your life and instead make a promise to yourself that you'll add veggies

to dinner three times a week and then for when they're ready and then five and then seven when it's time now step two set appropriate expectations because the first couple weeks of eating healthy we're moving your body are a farce in that you'll lose a lot of weight

but it's mainly water weight because you can only lose up to two pounds of fat a week if you're doing this thing right so prepare yourself to lose yardage pounds a week after week two which means don't beat yourself up when you only drop one pound on week

three or four of the sustainable weight-loss journey because that's actually huge and pretty awesome and absolutely amazing so celebrate the gains or losses in this instance and keep going and be sure to hear my voice when you get down and out that you only lost two pounds this

week because that's actually amazing and it means you're doing it right if you're not doing it right you're starving yourself you will lose more weight on week three four five plus but starving yourself doesn't work long term to find out why watch this video right here now on

to step three working towards this ratio the 85/15 ratio as in work to eat real minimally processed foods eighty-five percent of the time and don't worry about the other 15 because you don't have to be perfect to move forward which is why i'm going to ask you to

remember step one of this video where i told you that sustainability and baby steps are tied because they are so if you're only eating real food 20 percent of the time right now you can't go to 85 percent tomorrow it's illogical to try it so baby step from

20 to 25 then to 30 and so on until you reach the 85/15 ratio trusting all along the way that that's enough because it is I promise if you baby step towards this ratio you'll drop a pant size you'll have higher energy and your skin will look better

so we're towards the 85/15 ratio for where you are right now not where you wish you were right now okay step 4 stop worrying about calories stop worrying about calories because right now they are completely irrelevant completely irrelevant so please stop stop stop stop stop stop because a

they are irrelevant and B hate counting calories and C you don't need them to reach your health goals because calories aren't even the answer to sustainable weight loss again video for more details as to why it's blinked up in the comments or rather this description below now your

final step step 5 answer this question how is being unhealthy serving me and before you say it's not it is it is because if you have ever tried to drop weight multiple times or fail a dropping weight and gained it all back that weight is serving some subconscious

belief of yours and to push past it you want to find out what that belief is so find a quiet spot in or around your house grab a pen and a piece of paper and then answer the question how is being unhealthy serving me because friend and all

my years helping climbs a burn fat and dropped weight for good I have learned it is never about the food it is always something else which is why if you have discipline in all other areas of your life but not here it's a subconscious belief it's not a

food thing so answer that question and do the four steps prior and you'll be on the sustainable weight loss diet ie you'll be making a healthy living a lifestyle and because I'm not a monster if you want some help figuring out what exactly clean minimally processed foods are

grab my what to eat cheat sheet in the description below and as always if you liked this video and want more like it is sure to LIKE this button and then hit this button right here so you can be notified when new videos drop on Friday [Music] [Music]

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