Is the MIRROR WORKOUT PRICE practical | or future tech?

Good morning everyone, itsNicholas Dettinger back on Awakendgainz hhere to help youbreak your fitness limits by this time talking about howspending 1500 dollars for a home gym accessory, which ispretty much what it is the mirror workout is probably notthe best way to spend your money in this current time toget a great workout in.

But besides that, you don't needto spend that much to get pretty much basic workout inso let's have a great day and break your fitness limitsAwakendgainz – Roll the intro! Is the mirror workoutpractical or future tech? before we begin let's go withthe comment of the day and from Taylor hog.

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Now back towhat is the mirror workout.

The mirror workout is this newtechnology that you can addon to your house that pretty muchcreates a layer of a mirror that then also has like alittle TV in the back of it to play fitness icons exercisingso you can follow their exercises and do them at home.

It has a pretty good asking price for about 1500 dollars.

And if we think is person to other home gym equipment, itbecomes very real world limited into who this marketis actually for.

And we'll talk about later in the video, and how you don't need to buy the mirror workout to get agreat workout at home.

I will say that I have notparticularly owned this piece of home gym equipment, or homegym accessory.

Because 1500 dollars for review is a littlepricey for how the current situation of the channel is.

So I'm just gonna go based off the marketing material and howI can see the use case of this product would be if I had itin my home or how I can vision other people would use thisproperty great idea behind this device is that you getaccess to very advanced fitness programs that you cando at home and you can watch your technique based on howthey do their technique.

And for beginners, that's reallygood.

But for beginners, that's also where it'slimited.

People who want more out of their workouts, they'regoing to probably advance very quickly compared to what thisdevice can do for the initial six months now then we willwork out could be better benefical if you want to sayweigh the cost of a high end personal trainer, compared tothe video tutorials they give you on their website.

If youlook at it, you know, maybe people don't want to spend $60for a training session, when they could spend one bigbundle and get a device that can pretty much view all theworkouts they want and and help them correct theirtechnique as realistically as they can.

Because if thisdevice had an actual like artificial intelligence thatcould then help you correct your form as you'reexercising, that'd be pretty damn cool.

But I doubt it hasthat because of well, current real world situations whereyou really can't prove that type of technology yet, butthis is coming in the future.

Now if someone were to want tocopy what the mirror workout can do, basically, you can getyour TV, put it up high, you basically get a device thatcan output to the TV and then you can watch a YouTube videoon how to work out.

That's pretty much what it is.

If youwant to go crazier, you can put your laptop on a panel uphigh, you can basically put the camera on to see youduring working out and then you could play the video ofhow to work out and you would basically get everythingthat's what this device does.

It just won't look as sleek itwouldn't look as and it probably wouldn't have some ofthe creature comforts.

There are other accessories that wewill work on provides like having heart rate monitorshaving body mass index calculators that feed intotheir workout.

But here's why the novelty of watching yourtechnique develop over time becomes actually a limitingfactor with your ability to develop your techniques whenyou exercise.

When you exercise.

In the beginning, it's really beneficial to watch a technique in somethinglike a mirror at the gym.

You know, lots of gyms have lotsof mirrors well, mostly because people like to lookthemselves workout.

But in reality, it's because it canhelp you learn your technique when you're squatting don'twant to be sued because someone couldn't figure outhow to squat properly.

So when you look at the mirror, youcan basically tell visually how your body's moving throughspace.

And you also have a sensor that can do that inyour body.

It's called proprioception.

You basicallyknow what your hands doing without having to look at itin this camera right now.

I know it's behind my back.

Iknow I have two fingers up.

And that's appropriateperception works.

When you exercise, it's actually morebeneficial to build your proprioception of how yousquat, then is to build your visual cortex of how yousquat.

So if you rely on how you think Visually move whileexercising, you actually can't do it as effectively in reallife.

If you remove that most people who get serious aboutworking out, they actually don't want look at the mirrorworkout because they don't wanna get distracted by howthey visually look in space.

They want to feel their bodymove to space, the mind muscle connection, this novelty wearsoff because it becomes a detriment to how well you canadvance in your workouts.

Basically, the mirror workoutfalls into a very specific niche.

It's people that wantto save space in their home by having a very slim device puton their wall like a mirror, and then having like a yogapad or maybe do some cardio, do some yoga on it, but it'sreally not meant to be a home gym replacement.

And we had taked about the cost the cos is very large protective deice because it's so nice r 1500 dollars American can buyyou this home gym of a squat rack barbell, 300 pounds ofplates, a built deadlift platform, a boxing baggymnastic rings, everything you see here, my videos can bebought for 1500 dollars us and that we had to put aperspective obviously this takes up a lot more space, butyou can do anything.

In this gym compared to only beingable to do what the mirror has in its video Arsenal Imagineif you said you wanted to work out with something that wasn'tin this video Arsenal What if you want to learn karate, butit wasn't in this video package that you listened to?So how would you be able to do it that thing would now becomebasically just a mirror.

Now if you have the space by homegym, make it as tailored to you as possible and have agreat workout in so have a great day and broke yourfitness limits and explore th future possibilities of tehnology like the mirror work ut.

The real world implication today.

It's just more cost e fective to buy a home gym if ou have a space Have a great day and break your fitness imits .

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