Intermittent Dry Fasting | Not Happy I Did This | OMAD Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Journey 2020

hi it's Mieka Fasting weight loss andtoday I'm going to talk about intermittent dry fasting procrastinationand this is my fasting weight loss journey 2020 first I'm going to startwith a quote um oh no um I need to get the computer to see the demands nameokay I looked up a

procrastination quotesbecause I am in a bind not really a Bind I'm just making something harderthan it could have been for myself so first I'm going to read this doingthings at the last minute reminds us of the importance of doing things at thefirst minute doing things at the last

minute reminds us of the importance ofdoing things at the first minute okay I waited to the last minute itwould have been way easier if I did it months and months ago when I should havedid this and I'm going to talk about it in a little bit umthis quote

is by Matshona Dhliwayo and he is a philosopher entrepreneur andauthor he is a Canadian and he was born in Zimbabwe okay so I have so manythings are talking about first I want to say I don't know what's up with YouTubewhen I go to some of you guys as

channels it'll say that I'm notsubscribed um I don't know why I rarely unsubscribe I did this week unsubscribefrom somebody that was the inspiration of yesterday's video I just don't wantto watch them anymore but just know that there's something weird with theSUBSCRIBE stuff okay next I want to talk

about ASMR oh my gosh I don't rememberwhat's the first of your name I'm sorry but I know you very wellum she asked me about the recipe for these littledessert treats that I make every single day I am NOT doing recipe videos likereal ones good ones until I move

which is in two to three months but theeasiest way to make them coconut oil it's so hot in here I turn on theair-conditioner and I just have the heat on the other day peanut butter powderthese two are super simple you can add a sweetener to it also so

why you alwayssee as two different colors is because I do use the bacon chips a lot sometimessometimes but if you see the brown one it's most likely peanut butter flavorand then on in the same pot I'll add cocoa powder so it'll be the sameformula just with this added

sometimes I'll add monk fruit or some other kindof sweetener but that's pretty much all it is and then I put it in the siliconebaking cups which I'm gonna put a link in the description for those on Amazonand that's it you freeze them for like an hour – okay

let's see what elseyesterday I did omad success I did no exercise no reason I don't know what ismy problem I will put a picture of what I ate you're only gonna see the meal butI also had those desserts I don't know why I didn't take a picture okay

whatelse procrastination okay so Ramadan isalmost here and that's when Muslims fast for about 30 days but women do notfaster in their period I'm probably gonna talk about this at every day ofthis 7 days that I gotta do intermittent dry fasting because I have to make upall the days

I didn't fast during Ramadan before the new Ramadan comes andit's coming up really quickly so I'm going to attempt to start tomorrow 7days straight of intermittent dry fasting I'll explain it more tomorrowbut basically I don't know if I'm going to omad or two meals because when youare forced

to do something it's harder to do it even if you're used to doing itand there's no reason why I didn't count any of these fast this whole yeartowards this but I didn't I didn't wake up with the intentions of doing areligious fast so yes I'm not a happy

camper with myselfplease don't procrastinate it just makes everything harder and yes I'm gonna betalking about that more tomorrow of why it's harder at this point in the yearcompared to in the the beginning of winter um oh my wait okay my wait it'snothing exciting how long it's to 41

this is yesterday morning's wait I'm somessed up with when I upload these videos that's a point six game that'syesterday morning I'm not making big moves but I think this dry Fest is gonnamake some moves happen please like subscribe and all that good stuffI made my usual jalapenos green

peppers ground beef cauliflower with cheese andturkey pepperoni with green beans and cottage cheese and thank you forwatching please like subscribe and all that good stuff

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