Insulin: Your Roadblock to Weight Loss?!

Just in case you haven't noticed in every single video I start with okay today.

So Blake and I are working on not using the word okay.

Today we're gonna talk about So when I think about people that are struggling with weight loss there's usually two very common themes One: stress Which we have a couple great videos coming up for and Two: insulin and insulin sensitivity Issues so I want to talk about insulin resistance And how you can help your insulin levels because insulin is the hormone that stores fat.

So when you think about Blood sugar, blood sugar goes up blood sugar comes down and we talked about this in version one so if you need to refresh Go back to your challenges go to version one and look up the video about blood sugar and then also about pancreas But really what's happening with this up-and-down roller coaster ride of energy is that every time blood sugar goes up Insulin is released So that we can get the blood sugar to come back down because our body likes to be at a happy state it doesn't want blood sugar too high And it doesn't want blood sugar too low.

The issue is that we have a mechanism for When blood Sugar's up to bring it back down But we overuse we basically treat our body like crap and we eat a lot of sugar It comes back down a lot of sugar it comes back down a lot of carbs it comes back down and so we get this Thing called insulin resistance or we have an impaired insulin sensitivity so that means our body It's almost like alcohol right when you first.

This is a terrible analogy, but tolerance level when you think about first starting Drinking or your first drink it took Maybe half a sip or half a cup for you to feel a little tipsy, and then your tolerance increases And you need more and more alcohol.

It's the same thing for insulin so what happens over time we need more and more insulin our body stops responding to it and it causes weight sovereign weight loss or Weight gain and one of the biggest things especially in the belly area It's usually a cortisol thing and an insulin thing and I see it over and over and so what are some signs and symptoms Do you have in and sensitivity issues? Do crave sugar a lot do you feel like you cannot get rid of this weight right here, or it's really hard to lose weight One of my biggest telltale signs is you get sleepy after meals So even if you maybe you've even induced insulin resistance with low low low carb But you eat 25 or 50 grams of carbohydrates, and you just want to take a nap, and it could be sweet potatoes Or it could be grandma's cookies.


It is.

So that's a really big sign.

That's saying hey I think we're having some insulin issues because instead of our blood sugar coming down We're just feeling like we should crash and burn and we want to die so How do we fix it and these are my favorite tips and tricks to help you? Stop that insulin resistance mayhem because when we can stop it We stop our body telling we stop our brain telling our body to store fat So if you're trying to lose weight if you're trying to lose fat especially belly fat you have to maintain and Stabilize insulin and become more sensitive to it.

We want that insulin sensitivity It's so important.

We want to be able to regulate blood sugar So hopefully you get the importance of insulin I want to show you my favorite things starting with food so it's really cool because cinnamon is one of my favorite ways you can add cinnamon to everything it's Kind of a double whammy because simin cinnamon is no sugar It's that spice that kind of gives you that sweet craving, but it has nothing bad in it so add some add cinnamon to everything you can in your coffee and your gluten-free oats if you're doing a little bit more carb or I Mean this is weird, but I actually put it on my ground turkey.

It's really good if you did Some other ways there's things like green teas that are really really great for helping with insulin sensitivity Specifically herb amate.

This is my sister's She's she lived in Argentina for seven years, and so she always loves mate' and I put it in my golden sunrise blend I never have liked the taste of mate' so I mixed it with Ginkgo and tumeric and it made it a lot better the other big thing is peony root Also, I mean this hormone balance has a lot to do with progesterone as well But there lots of different herbs and roots that can help with insulin sensitivity and what's so cool about it Is that like the sweet this is my sweetest tea the hormone balance it tastes so sweet and naturally sweet like licorice That's a huge way to kind of help so if you're craving sugar Usually it means we have some insulin issues give your body natural sugar like licorice, and it's really awesome And I'm not talking about black licorice or candy licorice like licorice root like in in teas Berberine berberine I can't even tell you the strength of the muscle test when I test people for pancreas and insulin sensitivity or insulin resistance Berberine is a must.

It is so powerful I do a whole protocol one to two months berberine one capsule which is about 500 milligrams every time you eat And it's the results are insane for people with PCOS and insulin issues for people that are just having stubborn weight loss so berberine is a go to The other two things that are not food related One sleep version one we talked about sleep it Decreases insulin sensitivity when you don't get enough you have to start sleeping and do whatever it takes to do that and the stress Talks will help and the last thing I want to leave you with this is what's so cool is that high-intensity interval training? Seven minutes minimum where you get your heart rate to 220 minus your age? Times 0.


So take 220 subtract your age, and then multiply that by 0.

8 Which is 80% and you want to keep your heart rate at that number for seven minutes as often as possible? At least four to five times a week Which is wonderful because you're in my challenge and you're gonna be doing just that So that's my talk on insulin weight loss can't happen until we control it and I really hope this is helpful This ties in a lot with adrenals a lot with stress, but most most importantly with you feeling good So I hope I didn't ramble too much, and I'm so proud of myself for not saying okay.

I'll see you tomorrow.

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