Improve Your Running Speed | 3 Workouts To Make You Run Faster!

– Regardless of whether you'vejust started out running, considering doing your first 5k, or you're a seasoned veteran with many marathons under your belt.

Well, I'm guessing that the allure of bettering or improving on your personal best times is pretty strong.

If so, then you'll be pleased to hear that today, I've got three tipsto help improve your speed.

(whirring) For a lot of people, theyhave a very little range in their run speeds, and by that I mean there's a very small difference between their steady-runpace and their top-end speed.

Now, to improve our speed, we need to bump that top-end speedup, raise that ceiling.

And the first parkour for that is to increase our run volume.

(energetic music) Now, the idea behindincreasing your run volume is not only to improve your aerobic fitness, which is actually going tomake you faster, anyway, it's also to improveyour running efficiency, and give you a really goodfoundation and base to work off.

Now, to go about doing this, actually what you want to do is gradually overload your body, and then recover and adapt to that new stimulus, then overload, adapt, overload, adapt, and over time, you'll be surprised how, quite quickly, you canincrease your run mileage.

But to go about doingthat, just be careful.

What we normally suggestis you follow the 10% rule.

We've spoken about it alot here on GTN, before.

The idea is that you neverincrease any run mileage or any weekly volume by more than 10%, and that'll prevent you from over-training or even the risk of potential energy.

(energetic music) Now, trying to improveyour speed needn't be over-complicated and thoughtof as rocket science.

If you want to run faster, then we need to start including some speed workouts into our training.

Now, we have actually here on GTN, made a video on must-doweekly run workouts, which I will throw to atthe end of this video, which explains thingsin a bit more detail, but for now, it's a bit of a reminder we've got a few differenttypes of speed sessions that you can start incorporatinginto your training.

So, first on the cards isa form of interval session.

Now, this needn't be too daunting, because actually the reps are quite short and they're almost over beforeit really starts to bite.

I like to think of it as if you're unleashing anduntapping this new speed.

So, this could be somethinglike eight to 10 lots of 30 seconds hard, somewhere between three to five k pacefollowed by 30 seconds easy.

That can then be extendedout to six to eight lots of 45 seconds hard followedby 45 seconds easy, and then even progressedup to five to six lots of 60 to 75 seconds hard followed by 60 seconds easy.

Or indeed an alternativesession template could be five lots of three minutes at five k pace followed by two minutes easy jog between.

Or moving up to three lotsof five to six minutes at ten k pace, followedby three minutes easy jog.

So, as I've said, those interval sessions can be progressed to, or you can, in fact, just alternate betweenthe two week to week.

And now onto our second typeof session, the tempo session.

Now, the idea behind these is to get you feeling comfortablewhilst being uncomfortable.

I know, that sounds quite odd, but the tempo pace is actually somewhere around one's half-marathon pace.

The real idea is actually to try and bump our lactate threshold up.

Our lactate thresholdis the point at which our body starts to produce lactic acid.

That's the stuff that makes us feel pretty horrible, it slows us down.

So, if you can get thathigher, that's great.

Also, it's going to improve our fitness, and with that also our toleranceof feeling uncomfortable.

So, starting out withthese tempo sessions, I like to prescribe something like four lots of five minutes at tempo pace with two minutes jogrecovery between each.

Then, progressing totwo lots of ten minutes at this tempo pace, again with a two minute jog recovery between those two ten minutereps, and then finally getting ourselves to apoint of being able to do 15, 20, or maybe even 25 minutescontinuous at a tempo pace.

(energetic music) You could also consideralternating your tempo runs with some hill repeats.

Hill repeats are great for adding some strength to your running.

So, if you do have a short, sharp climb, maybe use this for doing somefairly intense intervals, similar to the interval workoutswe were discussing before.

But if you're using aslightly longer incline with a lesser gradient, then of course knock that intensity back, and increase the length of those efforts.

Now, for our final workout.

And this is actually including some speed intervals into our long run.

Now, I know the long run is often regarded as an opportunity just toget some long miles in, time on the feet, and justkeeping things steady, but actually, by including someintervals into our long run, can actually help teach ushow to deal with that fatigue which, inevitably, we're goingto experience come race day.

(energetic music) We're now onto our final point, which is a little bit of a taboo subject and a subject that I actuallyoften avoid talking about, but there really is noescaping the fact that running is weight-bearing, and with that there is a direct link betweenrunning and our own weight.

Now, to be clear, I'm not talking about lean muscle mass, here, because actually that is great, thathelps us with our running, and I'd often always adviseusing some strength training to help with our runningand improve our speed.

What I am focusing on, here, is any unnecessary fat.

Now, it's very importantthat we remain healthy, so if you are trying to lose some weight, you do that incrementallyand do it healthily.

Maybe even seek some advicewhilst you're doing that.

I often, actually, advise that if you are increasing your mileage, maybe following some of thetips I've suggested today, then you may see thosechanges quite naturally, as long as you just keepthat healthy diet in place.

Now, I hope you've enjoyed today's video, and I hope you do find that youstart to improve that speed.

I'll tell you now, there is nothing better than lacing up for andpreparing for a race, it really is quite a satisfying feeling.

If you do have any questions, please do drop them in the comments sectionbelow, I'd love to help out.

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