I'm ADDICTED To FOOD! Weight Loss Documentary DAY 1

you ready my name is Adam riot nervoussorry my name is Adam Ryan and I am addicted to crystal meth just good thisis JK okay I need to take this very serious my name is Adam Ryan and I amaddicted to food yeah I am addicted to food a lot

of people are you know foodis the most important thing of everyone's day everyone is alwaysthinking of food you're probably thinking of food right now don't lie butyeah let's all look at some stats real quick do you have any No let's see howmany people are addicted to food I

just want a quick stat according to Googlethere are more than 70 million food addicted adults nationwide so more than70 million people so yeah I'm not alone in this it's a very real thing you knowthere's food marketing everywhere every commercial it's food everywhere you lookyou're gonna see food and

they got me it worked on me I'm addicted to food forsure a lot of times I find myself in the kitchen bored I'm like wasn't I justhere why am I here looking for food that happened to me like two days ago andthat was when I realized I need

to start this weight loss program and reallystart taking care of my health so starting today that is what I did thisis actually the end of day one and this is going to be a documentary of myweight loss honestly I did not want to film this honestly I did

not want tostart it this is like three days three days ago I was like I need to start thisand I procrastinated for three days and yesterday I finally started running onthe treadmill and that got me to start my weight loss journey today so like Isaid I did not

want to film this but the reason I am filming this is because inthe past I filmed a three day water fast and the only thing that really kept megoing was filming it and being completely honest with the camera if Icheated on the water fast I would have had

to tell the camera and that wouldhave been a embarrassment to me and that just really helped me out to not cheatI've tried doing three-day water fast again after the video and I justcouldn't do it because I didn't have the motivation or the self-discipline tostop myself from eating and

thinking back I was like how did I do it thefirst time the first time I did it straight away and I realized that it wasbecause I was documenting it and did not want to have to tell the camera Icheated and I was like okay if I'm really gonna

do this maybe I need todocument this so a quick point I just came up with was to do a three-monthdocumentary where I'm keeping track of my weight loss I don't really know if itwill be three months that's a long time I may break down the videos into weeklyvideos

this is actually the end of day one when I'm filming this intro I wantedto make sure I could actually do it before I started it you know so you knowthe biggest thing about weight loss is self-discipline you have to makeyourself do it I've done a lot a weight

loss stuff a bunch of you know waterfasting I've done low calorie low carb every diet you could probably think ofI've tried it so I've tried losing weight before in the past and I know howhard it is no it's all about motivation and self-discipline you have to makeyourself do

it if you don't want you have to want it you know if you don'twant it you're not gonna do it and I really want this and it's time I can'twaste no more time so I need to lose some weight this is the beginning of thecoronavirus and I figured

probably like a thousand more people figured use thistime to lose weight so that is I'm going to do and I'm going to filmevery bit of it so like I said this is the end of day one so I'm going to givea quick and brief of how I started

because it wasn't on camera so yesterdayaround 8 o'clock I stopped eating and that was my deadline and I started mywater fast I'm not water fasting I'm doing ainternet intermittent fast interment Internet in in there mainland fasting Ican't pronounce that word anyways so I started that yesterday yeah yesterdayaround

8 o'clock and then I also ran on the treadmill for a mile so I did thatyesterday and then this morning I woke up and then I did not eat until I wasfasted for 18 hours so I did an 18 hour water fast and then I started to eat

soI took notes of everything where's my phone they're just okay so day one let'ssee what I ate today I did really good today I'm just gonna read y'all thenotes so I started on April 9th 2020 I did a light run and walk for 1 mile andthen I started

eating so I'm going to be doing a low carb diet I've done itbefore in the past and I know it works really well and pretty fast to loseweight so on April 10th 2020 is when I started the eating good which was todaythis morning so for breakfast I ate

three scrambled eggs for lunch I hadthree fillets of fish they were crappie fillets so I got that big and then I hada Gatorade 0 with the fish and then for supper I had one chicken breast that isall I ate today not too bad though that's pretty good I

didn't count thecalories so I'm not sure how many calories I ate I probably start doingthat tomorrow but uh yeah today wasn't very planned out you know I wasn't gonnafilm this but uh I figured I might as well later on so this is where it startsI don't have a

weight I don't have measurements for day one but I will getall that tomorrow morning because you know at first I wasn't gonna film this Ididn't care I didn't want to weigh myself I was just gonna do it and trackmy progress by how I look but since I'm doing

the video I figured I better keeptrack of everything my weight and my measurements so tomorrow morning that'swhat I'm going to do but here is some footage I got from today I did startfilming today probably a few hours ago so here is that but uh here it is thisis

my weight loss journey I hope you all enjoy this content and hopefully I cando this three-month challenge and I should be able to lose all my weight in3 months I think I weigh about 210 at the most here lately I've been eatingbad so it's probably 210 which is

probably the heaviest I've been but wewill find that out tomorrow morning I just gotta I'm doing this this is I'malready set like once I turn on this camera and started filming this journeyI was dead set into losing weight so here we gohope y'all follow along with me and

uh lose some weight it's not easy it's thisis gonna be hard I know that for sure but uh I'm down for the challenge I'mgonna be motivated and self disciplined for sure so I want to bring this up realquick the last time I tried doing this weight loss I

didn't film it or anythingbut I was so motivated and so self disciplined that I ran so much I'venever ran a complete mile in my life and I started running on the treadmill and Iwas just so self disciplined I told myself don't stop you can't stop justkeep running no

matter how bad I hurt I just kept running and I went from a milewhich I've never done in my life so I went from one mile the next standing amile and a quarter I think the next day I did a mile and a half and then thenext day

I was I plan to do a mile and 3/4 bus I screw it I'm just gonna do twomiles and I did that and after that my legor my knees were done I never heard of runner's knee but I looked it up andthat's what I had I got runner's

knee right off the bat and completelyderailed my weight loss and it was horrible so that is why I'm taking theworking out part of this pretty slow in the beginning I need that build myselfup so I don't completely fall off and I think I talked about that in the

lateron in today but uh yeah yes I'm pumped this is gonna be awesomeonce I started filming it I got really pumped I didn't want to film it at alland then I filmed some stuff today and just got super excited about filming itI'm a youtuber I make videos I

love making videos and I think that's gonnashow so yeah here is day one of my weight loss journey so my sister madethis chicken and rice I'm not sure what it's called but it's really good and Ireally really want it but she also made some plain chicken as well

so chicken itis for me my sister just showed me this stash of candy that did mom buy this orwhy Jesus Christ well there's sometemptation but luckily at the moment I don't want anything like I said rightnow I have no temptation I don't want it but uh that might

change in a few dayswe'll see I'll keep you updated but for right now I got the chicken by the wayhere is the treadmill I will be using I'll stick with the chicken all right sothere's my dinner just think about that tomorrow morning when we work out so dayone

of eating good and my sister just showed me a secret stash of candy thatmy mom has bought and I had no idea about it but now I dothat's definitely gonna play a factor into this it's gonna make it hard forsure like I said right now I do not

want anything I have no urge to go get apiece of candy I'm gonna stick with this chicken so my supper today is this bakedchicken with no sauce no ketchup nothing like that it is seasoned but uh that ismy supper for day one of eating better so man I'm

out of breath just fromtalking this is bad this is why I need to do this weight loss challenge becauseI'm out of shape I can't even talk no it's not that bad I didn't get a goodbreath before I started talking but I'm gonna go ahead and eat this chicken

andthen we will call it a day for day one this will be my last meal so yeah I'mgonna enjoy this and then I'll catch up with y'all tomorrow or maybe tonight ifI'll get cravings or if I get hungry so here we go day one I did pretty good

I'mpretty pleased with what I ate today so let's keep it going I'm watching a documentary right now soare that like it's about a trainer that was always fit his entire life he gotfat for this documentary and then he lostall the weight so I'm just watching stuff like this

it really helps memotivate myself but uh I'm eating my chicken that's actually really good likewithout sauce I never eat chicken by itself always he ketchup or barbecuesauce and sexually really good by itself so you don't need all them extracalories to enjoy chicken which is nice to know mmm

really good but I also just ate the entire seasonfeast now it's all plane so with this 732 and I'm done eating forthe day so I'm going to mark it into my phone I use this app right here it iscalled life this isn't sponsored by life by the way

this is just a real app thatI use and have been using for the past month or so when you fast you want tokeep up with how long you've been fasting I'm going to start the fast Ijust hit start and I'm gonna go ahead and edit the time I

started and changedit to 7:30 so I've been starting now once I wake up I probably wake up around9 or 10 so that will be an automatic 15 an hour fast right when I wake up sothat will be pretty easy fast as well sleep through most of it so

so it is 9o'clock I'm about to go run on the treadmill I will probably do one mileagain I'm not too sure just depends on how I feel but I don't want to overdo itI'm just starting it says they too of learning and working out on thetreadmill so I

need to take it easy I do not want to get runner's knee againbecause that really sucked and threw off my entire weight loss last time so I'mgonna take it easy and I'll let y'all know how much I do just depends on how Ifeel honestly so no promises but

ever joining them all right there is a mile I did in 14minutes and 51 seconds burn 160 calories and I did that on a 4% incline and Ialready feel it in my shins pretty bad so I'm gonna go ahead and stop there fortoday we got in a mile

so that was day two of running on a treadmill and Ialready didn't want to do it I was like I started at eight and then I'll go runon a treadmill well I didn't get on until about nine o'clock but I got onand that's all that really matters so

as long as I do it I'll be happy but yeahI'm already feeling like not working out but once I dig it on it was easy noproblems whatsoever but just getting to the treadmill was the hard part but wecompleted day two I'm not giving up I'm just letting you

all know how I feel Ireally did not want to do it but I have to there should be a bunch of things Idon't want to do that I'm gonna have to do but uh this was day one to showeverything I ate today I will throw it up on

the screen just so I don't takeforever talking about what I ate during these videos so here is day number oneand then I will see y'all tomorrow morning for day number two so it is 1222I just got done editing this video of day one and I'm pretty hungry thecravings

are coming on I've been fasting for about let me check I've been fastingfor four hours and 52 minutes and then pretty hungry so this is the firstcraving or first time that I've wanted food my friend just sent me a picture ofher nachos and yeah I'm pretty hungry but

I'm not gonna eat I'm gonna stick itout I want to wake up with a 15-hour fast and that's what I'm gonna do sofirst time I'm feeling a craving for food my stomach feels pretty emptybut yeah I will see y'all in the morning

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