i worked out for 100 days in a row – this is what happened

what would happen to my life if I decided to work out for a hundred days in a row and actually stuck with it rewind to the summer of 2019 my husband Lou and I have been living in our van od for almost two years now travelling through Europe

and one day in Greece we decided to commit to a hundred days of working out because if we can accomplish this challenge while living in a van with nothing but a bag as a shower no gym membership and no fancy fitness equipment then I guess that means anything

is possible ever since I was a little girl my dream in life was to become a professional soccer player like Mia Hamm and watch these incredible athletes on TV and wonder how can I be like them these women are superheroes in my mission was to join them when

I tore my ACL in my left knee that dream came crashing down after surgery my knee was never the same before the injury I was a bit of a wild child running jumping and kicking it with the boys my goal for the next 100 days is to find

that joy again I've never completed a single exercise program from start to finish since my knee injury that's all about to change right it's happening the commitment today it's day one no hidings no this is our life now we are committing to health [Music] day five I'm loving

this [Music] okay we are very sweaty and very sandy what is it day 9 day 9 100 days of sweat whew 100 days of continuous workouts in a row seems a little extreme it's because it was invented by this guy a morning one of the creators of the

s theory we met amar in Paris a few years back but let's fast forward to the day he announced yesterday like to challenge you this is what every day for the next hundred days for me these 100 days of working out are not just about improving my physical

health but also my mental health as well by now it's clear that working out has incredible physical health benefits but it turns out breaking a sweat is also good for the brain better mood better energy better memory better attention exercise has beneficial effects on almost every single organ

system in the body my name my name today is a very special day today's workout is going to be a little different [Music] I don't think it'd be a yesterday video challenge if we didn't go to an abandoned building this is crazy [Music] [Applause] [Music] your first blister

yeah it's not so bad but it hurt a lot yesterday when we were on our walk so I think we're gonna take a few days off from walking and swim instead because I don't want this to like actually become something that opens and oh god gross one of

my goals for a hundred days of sweat is to become stronger not just on land but also in the water to feel confident swimming in the ocean to learn to hold my breath longer and to stay calm underwater there's this feeling of pure bliss mixed with exhaustion that

you got after swimming for hours in these turquoise waters I feel like we're really getting the hang of this thing but I am a little nervous because from now until the end of 100 days of sweat we're gonna be in 11 countries like what 11 countries all different

places and the hardest part of keeping a habit is making a routine that supports that habit and what happens when your routine is just thrown out the window and you're in all these different places so yeah I'm a little nervous but I'm really happy we have each other

[Music] [Applause] Oh big first day we are just gonna sleep in a parking lot that was our plan the whole time but now that we're in here it's so narrow [Music] oh boy I mean do you wanna sleep like this no matter where we are what is it

you excited yeah I can't believe we get to do a real proper hike I have water and raincoat that's it it says four to six hours we only have enough money to pay for three hours of parking so we got a book it's beautiful I feel like we

really got to see Scotland by doing this and I got a really bad cold [Music] honestly today I thought I was gonna quit [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Rebecca [Music] all right so it's day 98 and this is really but somehow it is 9:15 and we are in Iceland

now we got Iceland two o'clock in the morning last night we made it here we are now in Lou's cousin's car and then I mean when grocery shopping then we got to the campsite and impact and then we went to go take a shower you're so tired in

in the shower I'm thinking wow I got really sweaty yesterday and didn't wash my hair that I was like oh yeah I got sweaty yesterday not today and it hit me that we hadn't done all right under days is about today and then I had this moment I

was like I could just go to sleep not tell ooh remember and then I won't have to do my hundred days of ice and I was like ah man what'd I do should I tell him should I be a good person and I decided I told Bloo he

couldn't believe we'd forgotten but I have come down with a really bad cold I'm just getting over it and I've decided today I'm skipping it because I'm clean finally clean I'm back in the van it's windy outside and gross and I just like I've had enough of today

so I can't I'm not doing it but Lu you on the other hand will do anything for a check so [Music] day ninety-eight never give up oh so that can be for the day that I missed sorry guys [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] is day 100

of 100 teases fight good morning let's do this last day [Music] this is a hard chart to fill out I feel very proud of us I can't believe it 100 days of sweat yeah that wasn't so hard surprisingly surprise by the end the last 20 days I think

for me we're like really pushing it yeah I do not recommend you do this in a band no this is more like a apartment near house on fan life I don't think this make sense but we did it I just missed one day you've done done done done

done done [Music] [Music]

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