I Work Out Every Day and It's Changing My Life

lately I'm feeling a bit low now with life in general but rather with myself I felt like the days are just passing by while I'm kind of stuck at this lowness and I know part of it probably has to do with everything going on in the world right

now and that's something that we're all dealing with one way or the other but I also think it's because I've kind of lost myself in the midst of it all I haven't really been taking care of myself not mentally or physically I haven't been sleeping wow I've been

really low on energy which has affected my mood and that has ultimately affected my sense of self and it's been as if I've just kind of let the days pass by waiting for the normal to return but I've had to come to terms with the fact that we

really don't know how long all of this will go on for we can do our part and we should do our part but the rest is out of our control and that's always how it is in life regardless of what it is that we're going through but the

one thing that we do have control over is the control over ourselves what we do how we behave and what we think and sometimes we need something to remind us of that and sometimes that reminder comes in the form of something new a challenge or a push and

and being at this low point I knew that I needed just that now what I wanted was a challenge that would be tough enough to where I would need to push myself but not tough to the extent that I would feel discouraged and ultimately I just wanted something

that was good for me and I was going to make me feel good and one thing that's given me all of that in the past has been workout challenges I did one about a year and a half ago it was a 94 day challenge and it was completely

transformative and so I to give that a go again but I was going to start with two weeks and I decided to document the two weeks not just to be filming it but through detailed daily journal entries as well and I wanted to keep track of the four

things that I mentioned earlier so my sleep my energy levels my mood and my sense of self after the workouts here are some specifics so I decided to do most of them outdoors in nature or at home the gyms here in Stockholm are still open actually most places

are still open I always have questions about that whenever I post something on my Instagram but I still choose not to go to any gyms or studios I also decided to get the workouts and in either before breakfast or before lunch because historically that's what's worked best for

me I also do not follow any particular workout program I mean I've been working out on and off for a few years now so I've sort of built my own routine and I decided to just go with that but I did however add in more jogging and running

and after the diet I didn't make any major adjustments I mean I do eat pretty healthy normally so I just kept that up I want to say that prior to this challenge I had probably worked out two times in the last month or so and I actually checked

the health app on my iPhone where you can see how many steps you have taken I have no idea how legit it is but according to that app I had taken less than 50 steps on way too many days and on one day I had taken 13 steps

on the entire day so yeah the first workout session done and I'm exhausted but hopefully in two weeks this will be easy-breezy first few days were really tough my body fell extremely stiff and I also quickly learned that working out outdoors is a lot tougher than working out

at a gym I dealt with strong winds snow sunshine all in the same day and if you are from Sweden you know what I'm talking about here the weather is very unpredictable but it was also a lot more fun and refreshing and liberating than exercising indoors I'm already

looking forward to these and also I've never really worked out I mean I've gone for runs and jogs but have never really done workouts always been kind of a gym person doors it's so much better now that does not mean that every day was fantastic I remember there

was one day I think it was day nine where I really did not feel like it so today I spend the day where probably then the least excited throughout the challenge I don't know I just don't really feel like I'm up for it but I'm still going to

do it so day ten let's do this now after the two weeks had passed I reflected back on my journaling notes and I do want to say that there is no way for me to know for sure that physical activity has been the only reason for why some

things changed for me there might have been other contributing factors but that was the only thing that I changed about my routine but since this was not a scientific study I simply can't know that for sure anyways so here are some of the things that I noted my

sleep has gotten significantly better and this is definitely what's been the most noticeable change through all of this I now speed throughout the night instead of waking up multiple times and that's something that I haven't experienced in weeks or even months and I'm also not feeling like I

constantly need to take a nap I just feel a lot more balanced throughout the day and now naps are not a bad thing for you by the way we are reading a book that's all about sleep in the book club so don't forget to check that out if

you would like to join as for my mood it's definitely not like oh I exercise for two weeks and now I'm happy all the time but the two things that did really affect my mood prior to this challenge was my lack of sleep and my low levels of

energy and now that I'm not dealing with that anymore at least not to the same extent again I just feel more balanced and better in general and finally my sense of self no one likes looking themselves in the mirror only to see a sack of beans that hasn't

moved from the couch in three days it's just not a good feeling but ever since starting this challenge being consistent and dedicated I don't feel that way about myself anymore I see someone who at least tries and that's not what I saw a few weeks ago now saying

that something has changed your life is definitely a bold statement but then again if something changes your sleep your energy levels your mood and your sense of self then I will say that's changing part of your life at least to some extent and now I'm definitely going to

continue exercising not every day that was for the challenge and your body does need rest but I definitely do want to keep pushing myself and I do really want to encourage you to try something like this out exercise is free it can be done anywhere and you don't

need a fancy yoga mat you don't need fancy workout clothes you don't need anything you just need your body your mindset and perhaps a youtube tutorial and since you are here watching this I know that you have access to that so what's your Excuse now if you're interested

in the journaling notes that I kept during those two weeks I will be uploading those on my patreon page honestly the support that I get there is so appreciated and it does help me in keeping this channel up and running so feel free to check that out if

you would like I will leave a link for that in the description box thank you so much for watching this video and I will see you in the comment section

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