I tried the IU diet + workout (kinda) for 3 days

So I weighed myself the other day and I was like oh One of the few goals I had for the summer was to lose weight but Here I am 3/4 into the summer having achieved nothing off of my summer bucket list feeling like failure in its human form So I decided to try out the IU days and this is how it went I I ended up only eating half the apple Almost died walking here.

It was so hot.

I don't know if I should workout today because that was my workout I probably have to work out.

Yeah, I At the dentist for semi annual check up Don't wear my retainers as often as I should This is like my 10th time wearing it in the past year, so Good.

I think the reason why I'm not hungry is because I'm so tired I feel like I need to sleep and wake up from a good nap, and then I'll feel hunger I'm gonna take a nap and wake up and eat My potatoes I think I slept further 20 minutes and it got so hot up in my room so I couldn't sleep honestly I'm like actually like not hungry whatsoever It has a weird texture It's like hairy it still tastes good I don't like a texture In the interview I said that she did one hour of cardio stretching and Push-ups so I'm going to try to replicate that for cardio She said that she walked upstairs, but I don't have that many stairs to walk up for an hour So I'm just going to go on this Treadmill, I'm gonna do the treadmill for 30 minutes today because earlier today Your girl walked for like 40 minutes.

So I think it's fair that I do 30 minutes of treadmill Okay, we're done Hey guys, it's day 2 I Woke up at 12:30 It's almost 1:30 right now and I haven't had my Apple yet.

See I don't even know how this is gonna work.

I Haven't had my Apple yet.

I just eat the apple or should I just Skip the Apple and eat the sweet potatoes.

I just eat the apple and eat the sweet potatoes as like a snack and For late dinner.

I'll drink the shakes So to tell you guys how day one went it was actually super easy I think I was the most hungry between my lunch and dinner But after that, I didn't feel that Hungry, it wasn't that bad.

So a lot of you guys are probably like if you only do it for three days It's not gonna do anything You're gonna gain the weight back anyway And I breathe I'm only able to do it for three days because I have like dinner plans with friends almost Every day of the week after these three days I'm gonna have to enterprise like on Thursday on Friday during the weekend and next week I'm gonna meet up with friends and like probably eat with them, too That doesn't mean I'm going to eat whatever I want to eat after this diet because I really I really really need to lose weight but I know three days is pretty short like Can't really do anything about that.

I'm walking to Starbucks right now Cuz I'm gonna meet up with a friend and starting but it's so uphill Oh my gosh, it's like super hot right now – what drinks have zero calories? Any unsweetened tea probably has you guys probably can't even hear me cuz of the cars I Think so I'm watching ETA Cos luck concert Concert Casa could do good that will we Douglas on up on your exhibition? Yeah, yeah Instead of going on the treadmill I'm going to be dancing to some diet dances so I will do this for about 40 minutes and Call it a day To give you guys an update on The diet for me specifically.

I don't think it works Well with my body because my blood sugar levels are very unstable So if I have like an apple or something sweet in the morning throughout the day? I'll get like a sugar crash and that will make new super shaky Like right now Because this diet is more carb based It doesn't work.

Well with my body I work better with more protein and more fat before starting the diet I was already like hmm.

Maybe this won't work out and Yeah, I mean, I'm still doing it.

I'm still going to do it, but I thought I would update you guys on that situation I Only have this little sweet potato Left we do have more sweet potatoes like regular say potatoes But I'm too lazy to cook them, so I'm probably just gonna eat this I Still didn't eat this.

I'm not sure if I want to eat it.

I'm kind of sick of it so I'll just not eat it just Going to drink this The final reveal I walked exactly two kilograms Today the next day.

I Thought I would give you guys an overall review of the IU diet first of all, I only lost two kilograms, which is Actually pretty upsetting to me.

I feel like this diet overall is not that effective Like if you're trying to lose numbers quickly, the better route would be fasting Effectiveness may be like a sex out of ten difficulty Three out of ten do I recommend a zero out of ten? It's not really healthy and it's not really effective it's kind of like in the middle if you want to go unhealthy and effective fast if you want to go healthy and more long-term than just plan out your meals my camera died, but as I was saying What was I saying? I lost my train of thought so I'm gonna end the video right here Thank you guys for watching until the end.

Bye the Sun is coming up again Looking like it's gonna be a problem cuz I'd be lying to you if I said This ain't a thing and I've been looking for a noon.

I'll keep on waiting for the weekend Gonna hit you up and tell you that I won't show cuz I just want to feel like this again.

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