i tried popular YOUTUBE workout videos! *SOS*

– So I think it's safe to safe to say that we're all going the hell through it, a little bit, right now.

And I'm not gonna lie, it's something that's really, really, really taken a hit during this timeis my body confidence, my overall mind state towards my body, how I'm treating my body, how I'm talking to myself.

A lot of it just feels really out of whack and honestly, I have not been exercising that much at all and something that makes me feel really, really good, both mentally andphysically, is exercising, and I've done a few videos around this topic before, and I do notice that when I'm moving my body, I feel my very best.

Oh, there goes the sun, good.

The apocalypse is here.

Because for me, moving my body is about the fact that I love it.

I want celebrate it.

I want to move because it makes me joyful not because I want to punish my body.

So with the state of the world right now, all, obviously, gyms and fitness centers and anything workout related is closed.

So having workouts that you can be able to access online forfree is so incredible.

So I thought for this video to hopefully bring you guys a little bit of inspiration and workouts to follow, and then also hopefully help my ass out in turn.

I thought I would try outYouTuber fitness workouts.

So I'm gonna try out three different ones that have been recommended by you guys, or that are just like really popular.

I'm also going to be rating these in a three tier system if you will, 'cause I'm a professional as we all know.

The three things thatI'm going to be rating each workout on arenumber one, was it fun, number two was it challenging, and number three would I do it again.

All of the videos to theworkouts that I'm gonna be doing as well as the creators around them, are all gonna be linkeddown below for you.

So you can go check themout, show them lots of love.

And if you couldn't tell, I've been putting this offfor as long as possible.

I'm trying to think ofanything else I can say to prevent getting started.

But I'm gonna feel so good by the end of this, I guarantee it.

So without further ado let's try out some YouTuber fitness workouts, let's go! Look at all this room for activities.

– So many activities.

– Okay so the first workout we are gonna be doing is from Blogilates.

If you've been on YouTubefor any length of time, you've probably heard of her.

And I've never actually triedone of her workouts before.

I know that she's sortof recently come into body positivity a lot more.

I've seen it on TikTok especially and I think that's awesome, I love that.

So I chose a video, 'causeI'm not really about flat tummy and like toneyour booty and whatever, I picked a video that is called 12 minutes to toned, total body workout.

So I have no idea, I have notchecked this out in advance.

I'm literally just gonnaplay it right now to my TV.

It's only 12 minutes, sohopefully I won't die, but it does say total body, so I'm a little nervous.

Okay, here goes nothing, let's do this.

(upbeat music) She's not wearing shoes, so I'mnot gonna wear shoes either.

Who needs formalities around here? Okay.

– [Cassey] Are you ready to get started? Let's do this.

All right I am starting.

You are gonna come down and up.

Down and up, down and up, like that.

– Not so bad so far.

(upbeat music) I already feel a little glisten coming on.

(upbeat music) – [Cassey] Pulse, pulse, get low, don't get up, come on, low, press the knees together.

Are we burning? – Yes! It's gonna hurt tomorrow.

– [Cassey] Two, hold and up.

– You guys, that's no joke.

– [Cassey] Three, two, one.

In, in, okay.

(upbeat music) – [Cassey] Lot's going on right here.

Really squeeze.

– Yeah lots going on right here too girl.

(upbeat music) – [Cassey] Ready to do thesame thing on the other side? – Yeah, no! – [Cassey] Point your toes.

(upbeat music) – [Cassey] Feeling the lowback, feeling the booty, feeling the thighs.

Wow, okay you guys.

Now we're down on the floor.

– Glad we're on the same page.

(upbeat music) – [Cassey] And it's crazy, we're not even going fast with these right now, but I'mfeeling my hamstrings so much.

– [Carrie] Same (upbeat music) – [Cassey] Out for two and lift (upbeat music) – Good stretch very good, you listened.

– [Cassey] I hope yourentire body felt that because mine totally did.

– Wow.

I'm shaking, am I okay? Under boob sweat are we there? Oh yeah, a little bit.

You know what, that's thesign of a good workout.

I'm genuinely so impressed.

I mean that was only 12 minutes and I'm sweating morenow than I was yesterday when I did a full body 30minute dance workout so.

That's definitely, if youdid like two of those, for just like a almost 30minute workout, you're good.

Very efficient for a 12 minute workout.

Genuinely blown away andalso she's just so incredibly positive, and sweet, and adorable.

I did also really enjoythat a couple times throughout the video, shesaid to go at your own pace, which I really appreciate.

But while my blood's stillpumping, I want to keep going.

And I'm really excitedabout my next workout because I'm going to be trying my very first Fitness Marshall workout.

I'm so excited.

I asked you guys onInstagram at the beginning of this whole quarantine situation, what kinds of videos thatyou would want to see me do and a ton of you said thatyou wanted to see me try the Fitness Marshall workout routines.

Which I love them.

I'm a little bit bias I have to say.

'Cause I did meet Caleb, Haley, and Allison at VidCon at a party last year and they were all so so sweet and amazingly nice.

I follow them all on Instagram.

I've seen them do theirthing, they're amazing.

But I've never tried one oftheir workout videos before.

So what better time than now.

I've kind of been savingit for this video.

I'm gonna try and showas much of the video without getting in copyright trouble.

So that's another thingthat I really appreciate about this channel isthat they do modern songs.

So the one that I'm gonna be doing today is their Truth Hurts by Lizzo.

That's one of my favorite songs ever.

I also just reallyappreciate the diversity that they have in their videos.

All different sizes, they'revery inclusive of everyone.

So I am gonna try my very first TFM.

Oh my gosh, I'm so excited.

Please, do not critique me.

I'm not a dancer, in any way.

I'm just a girl trying toshake her ass and do her thing.

Okay okay.

– [Caleb] Hey ladies.

– Hey boo.

(upbeat hip hop music) ♪ Told my brothers oneday we gon make it ♪ ♪ We just gotta grind forthat paycheck, paycheck ♪ ♪ Mama told me one dayI'd be famous, famous ♪ ♪ Remember when she used tosay she hate this, hate this ♪ ♪ Back then they would laughwhen I'd say shit, say shit ♪ ♪ Now I'm inside all ♪ (record scratches) – Oh my god I'm so white, I'm so white, I'm so white it hurts.

♪ On stages, stompin' on 'em ♪ ♪ But right now we justdancin' in the basement ♪ ♪ Grind inside the basement ♪ ♪ Said it's 4 am stillwith Wavy tweakin' basses ♪ ♪ Learned this shit ourselveson my own time I make shifts ♪ ♪ Shootin' for the ♪ – He said brush, that boy, away.

Yes, my god.

♪ Moon gon' turn thisHonda to a space ship ♪ ♪ Shorty wanna fuck with me ♪ ♪ I just want get some brain then sleep ♪ ♪ She a lil' freak yeah ♪ ♪ Say what I want then I get what I want ♪ ♪ It's too easy ♪ ♪ Baby you know I'm a G, I gotta double them C's ♪ ♪ She wanna put ♪ – (laughs) I'm so bad! But it's really fun.

♪ On me ♪ ♪ Used to sit inside my roomlivin' through some interviews ♪ ♪ Took my ass up ♪ – That was so fun.

I feel like because of thelow level of dance experience and how bad of a memory I have.

I would need a little bit oftime to go through each thing.

But that's what's awesome, is obviously you can replay the video andthey have so many playlists of all your favorite freaking songs.

Which is amazing.

And I'm clearly out of breath, so even that three minutesong, got me going.

I want to do so many more now.

My heartbeat is going and I'm obviously just learning the steps.

But you could go full out if you wanted to and really break a sweat.

I do know that they also have an option where if you join their membership you can get 60 minute workout.

So I definitely thinkI'm gonna be doing that.

I am so obsessed.

I see what everyone was talking about.

I love it too.

(upbeat hiphop music) ♪ Yeah Yeah ♪ – Okay I literally love them.

That is so fun and so addicting.

And what I love aboutit, is that I've noticed, after doing two videos, there's only about like three or so sets of stepsthat you need to learn.

And they're all really really simple, yet really effective fitness wise.

So it's good for all stages.

You can go full out ifyou're already a dancer and you're expertise levelis much higher than mine.

Or if you're a beginner, you can easily follow along.

If I can do it, trust me, you can do it.

But now I think it's timefor a little cool down.

So the last workoutthat I'm gonna be trying is Yoga with Adriene.

I've actually done a coupleof her videos before, but I've done more of the meditative ones.

This one that I pickedout to do today is called, oh there's an ad.

Get that Ad Sense girl, get that coin.

No better time than nowto do yoga to heal stress.

'cause we could all probably use that a little bit right now.

This is a 20 minute yoga practice.

I love her dog.

I just have to say I lovethat she always has plants in the video and I'm really excited.

It says, take time for yourmental, physical, and emotional health with this 20 minuteyoga to heal stress.

I will take all of thehelp I can get girlfriend, so let's do this.

(relaxing music) So I've gotta be perfectly honest, yoga and Pilates and things like that, are actually something thatcan be a little bit challenging for me as far as overall body image goes because you're reallykind of putting your body in all types of different positions.

And it's sort of like, angles right.

Like when you're doing a crunch or when you're sittingin a certain position.

I often times have spentthe majority of my life trying to figure out away to hide the pooch when I'm sitting down orcover myself in such a way that it's not showing.

And something that I'm reallytrying to lean more into is just letting my body bewhat it is at that given time.

And not trying to apologize for it or try to make up for it.

If you guys have beenwatching my try on videos, I try to do differentangles with my body now when I'm posing because I've noticed that I tend to only do thingsthat flatter me quote unquote.

I'm trying to break out of that because in order to digdeeper into my body positivity I feel like I need to acceptthose parts of myself.

Or at least attempt to andhopefully inspire you guys to do the same becauseit's just a f-ing stomach.

It's just cellulite, who cares! So I hope that you knowin watching this video, it's a little stingy, it's a little stingy, do you know what I'm saying? Like I'm dealing with alittle bit of that sting of insecurity, but I'm goingto make a conscious decision to push through it and not care about what my body looks like.

Because that's what this yogapractice is about, right? It's about getting outside of your head.

It's about going somewhereelse in your mind, kind of like meditating.

So I'm really gonna work on that, but it's something thatI needed to point out before I moved any further because it's all I could think about at the beginning of this.

So okay, let's move on.

(relaxing music) I feel like I haven't said a damn word, 'cause I'm just so relaxed right now.

Oh my god it's so nice.

(relaxing music) Want to do yoga with me.


Okay we did it, I feel accomplished.

I feel so much better thanwhen I started this video.

I'm not even exaggerating.

Except for the fact thatthere's a cat hair in my eye, but other than that I feel really good.

So overall I really loved it.

There were things Iliked about each workout.

I guess I'll go over mylittle rating system here.

So the very first workout, the Blogilates 12 minutes toned body something.

That one was great.

On a scale from one toten as far as fun level, I would say it was probably like a seven.

She was really sweet andI loved her personality.

She was very encouraging.

As far as the level of difficulty, I'd probably give itlike a seven or an eight.

It's definitely not thehardest thing I've ever done, but it's a lot ofrepetitive movements over and over and over again and then for the last 30 seconds you're pulsing it.

So you're in the same repetitivemovement for like a minute and 30 seconds, so it does begin to burn.

So that's something to keep in mind.

And would I do it again yesor no, yeah sure why not.

I would definitely check out some more, especially it blew my mindthat you could condense such a powerful workout intolike 12 minutes you know? That felt awesome to me.

Moo is very interested in what I'm doing.

If you couldn't tell.

Then for the Fitness Marshall workout, I loved both of the dances I did.

I did the Truth Hurts by Lizzo and the I Love Me by Demi Lovato.

I'll link both of thosedown below of course.

You can check them out as well.

They were so much fun, so ten out of ten as far as fun is concerned.

And then for level of difficultyI'd probably give it like, I mean that's the thing with those, it can be flexible so I'dgive it probably like a five.

But you could definitely go full out.

You could do several videos in a row.

And then would I do it again? Hell yeah, I'm gonna be doing it so often.

It's so much fun.

I really really like that this is songs that we all know and love as well.

And not just some like royalty free music where they're like yeahgirls, shake it out, you know.

For the last workout which was the Yoga with Adriene, Yoga for Stress.

I really enjoyed it, I don't know if yoga per se is the workout for me, but also does that mean thatit maybe is the workout for me? Because I need to lean into it more because I'm alreadyhaving such a hard time paying attention and staying present.


As far as fun, I don't know if yoga is necessarily considered fun.

Although I did really enjoythe nap time part at the end.

That was really fun.

But yoga is obviously adifferent kind of workout.

It's much more calming.

It's really just as much ifnot more about your brain than it is about your body, it's like the alignment between the two.

And so I don't know if funreally comes into play here, but I really enjoyed Adriene'spersonality a lot I will say.

She's just got this reallycalming chill presence and I like that.

And for difficulty I would give it, I think yoga is pretty modifiable.

And then would I do it again? Maybe, I'm not gonna say no, but I think I just need to warm up to yoga a little bit more because, are you good sir? I'll have to work on that.

I'll have to work on maybelike the mental aspect of it.

But I did really enjoyall of these workouts.

And I can't wait to try more, but in the meantime yourgirl needs to shower.


So I hope you guys enjoyed this video.

If you did give it a thumbs up.

Don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you haven't already(mouse clicking) turn on my post notifications(bell dings) so you can be notified every time I post a new video as well.

If you want to see anyother body positive, fitness content in generalyou'll have to let me know down below if there are any other workouts you wanna see me try.

What were your thoughts, whatwas your favorite workout, which one are you gonna be doing.

Definitely let me know down below.

I love you guys so so much.

Thank you so much for watching this video and I will see you on my next one, bye! (upbeat music) ♪ Yeah my ♪ ♪ Yeah my feeling ♪.

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