I Tried 3 Different Pregnancy Workouts

[Music] hi I'm Hannah I'm the world's okay his mom and for the past three weeks I have been trying three different pregnancy workout routines I wanted to try a few and see what was my favorite cuz I actually do enjoy working out this pregnancy it's something that keeps

me feeling energized it's time that I can kind of Zen out to myself and I do really enjoy it so I tried three different workouts from three different decades one from the early 1910s one from the 1980s and one that's recommended today now do not change your workout

routine if you're pregnant unless you are being seen by a doctor and you run it by your doctor first I'm having a very healthy normal pregnancy I'm communicating consistently with my doctor through all of this so if you're thinking of trying something from this video or changing your

workout routine and you're pregnant please consult your doctor before making any changes today it's going to be one pre 1960's so from the 1910s up until the 1960s sorry I'm reading my research here the studies on what they recommended for exercise are kind of vague and kind of

all over the place but one of the exercises that they recommended in the early 1910s was light housework so I'm going to do that today I'm getting into character I'm cooking and this counts as exercise which is kind of cool but it's also kind of boring Pettaway it

did you know core work hurry on to the next row [Music] now I'm taking a quick rest because I'm fragile and I need rest and I actually kind of like this it's a nice excuse to relax a little bit preparing for this baby gets very very hectic you

know when you're working full time and I already have two kids I am just always doing some things now we're gonna try walking around my verdict for today 1910s prenatal workout routine is I actually enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would it's actually nice to

take it easy every once in a while I think the level of activity is a little low for me but I can understand why somebody would want that or feel like that's necessary for pregnant women because it is really trying on the body 19 tens workout routines 80s

week oh hi we also have literature this is the Jane Fonda pregnancy book and there are some killer workouts in here and so we're gonna suit up and get started on our 80s workout this is actually kind of hard look one two and bend over and two ladies

and then out in binge what no you don't like it anyway no okay well that's it for our first day of a DS workouts I feel like I actually worked out ready sweet let's do three one two pleasure on it poor and we rest into this for a

little bit yeah our legs are trying to push up energy [Music] I think your fake belly okay head forward and best swing what could she do it meet bangs for this one [Applause] [Music] do you think of the eighties tape I don't you did a good job you're

really good at it why how'd you feel about it you didn't like it I'm so surprised I thought you loved it so many lunges well I personally thought that was fun I'm excited to keep doing it I thought that was great so I'm about to start my own

workout for this week I'm gonna be doing the elliptical for 30 minutes I do it at an 11:00 resistance out of 20 it goes from zero to 20 resistance in the G one mile forward and one mile backward I usually get about two and a quarter miles done

in 30 minutes I don't go super fast I think it's more important for me to like to spend 30 minutes doing it so I'm gonna do that and I'll be my workout for this evening six months end of the day baby do they thing workout see you probably

a mile and a half in I'm bored that's the thing with this Oh ten minutes left and I'm like oh there's one watch TV I'm proud of myself truly the majority of the time spent doing that exercise is just me sitting on the floor trying to will myself

to do it because the thirty minutes goes by quickly I get like bored and annoyed well I'm doing it but then at the end I feel really good she's like slow cardio has been really good for me but I probably do need to change things up a little

bit cuz it's kind of repetitive i struggling with finding a motive to exercise this week and the boys so kindly volunteered to do it with me so that I feel a little bit more motivated we're going to switch the neck we're going to do a cardio a prenatal

cardio workout video Jack's new man leave us be right [Music] Wow [Music] yeah I thought that that was okay the workout was a little repetitive and I didn't feel like I got much of a full body workout it was just a couple of my muscles like over and

over and over but it was really fun doing it with why hate ten out of ten would do together for why it was doing it two out of ten would not do it again if I was by myself would you do it again yeah do fun with me

I'm doing it yeah I did one this morning we are going to try prenatal yoga they also call it yogalates but it's super trendy right now everyone's doing it and I see so many workout tapes on it so we're gonna give it a try see how we feel

after and yeah just just gone with an open mind especially when doing it with kids we don't have yoga mats because I am you know a fancy mom like that so we put a towel down and I think it's gonna be slippery maybe oh I like this position

this is like putting pressure on my stomach how was she doing it there's some experiment [Music] and you go up get your leg up and you go down oh yeah oh yeah okay that was fun only because Wyatt did it with me and kind of Jackson so which

exercise at the end of all this was my favorite well it has become very clear to me that prenatal exercise is really just personal preference there's not a one-size-fits-all workout routine it will probably continue to do a workout routine that's recommended today but I didn't really enjoy the

80s aerobics so I might make that a little part of my routine maybe one day a week or something now if you have any questions about prenatal workouts or pregnancy leave those in the comments or you can message me on Instagram or if you have any requests for

a future episode while I'm still pregnant leave that in the comments as well [Music] yeah working out

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