I followed a sexy 80s workout routine | Viral BBC 80s workout

– Move, move.


(yelling) – Tell me what you want from me.

I can almost hair flick, ready? Hello, beautiful humans, my name is Brad.

♪ Tell me what you want from me ♪ Why did that play? (laughs) That was an accident.

How do I make this stop being annoying? Hello there, beautiful humans, I'm Brad in full isolation.

Wow, it's doing wonders for me.

How's your quarantine going? Uh, for me, it's anemotional rollercoaster.

As you can tell, I dyed my hair pink.

So I'm not really coping.

One of the big challenges of isolation is staying fit and healthy while inside.

And a lot of people are turningto home workouts online.

My workouts are primarily, like, .

So while I was lookingonline for a workout, that didn't involve chronic masturbation.

I stumbled upon (mumbles) the BBC.

And they release thesearchival videos from the 80's, in which this beautiful, stunning man, called Tony Britts, would come on to one of their breakfast shows, and run people throughthese home workouts.

I'm glad I finally found aworkout routine which suits me.

It's a beautiful man, in the80's, in skimpy clothing, doing these interesting poses.

So in today's video, I will be following the Tony Britts 80's workout routine, from the (mumbles) archiveand hopefully at the end, I have the body of my dreams.

And the body of my dream involves, not sweating as much asI'm sweating right now.

Because I'm profusely drippingperspiration and I'm over it.

We haven't even started the workout.

To get inside the head spaceof a 1980's Tony Britts, I need to jump back in time to the 80's.

80's montage active.

(mellow music) Whoa, yeah.

Yay! I'm feeling gay.

I have got a wedgie to end all wedgies.

– Hi.

– Hello.

– I thought today, we'ddo about three exercises.

– Okay.

– And try to put them together like we've normally been doing, okay? – He is so hot.

– We start first of all, in that position and then slowly go down.

– Oh shit.

– Growing up, down, and up.

We stand in that position okay? And we get there butwe twist, I'm with it.

Okay, so to go, one, – Jesus Christ.

– Two, three, eight on each side.

That's it.

– Jesus.

– Uh, huh, on the other side.

– I can't do it Tony.

– Yep, control your leg c'mon.

– I'm doing it, I can't bendlike that, I really can't.

– Now, the next hole we're gonna do, you're gonna stand in that position, put this arm up, take the left foot up, and the other hand is inthat position and just go, one, c'mon, c'mon, that's it.

– I'm doing it, yes.

– And bend your knees and you come out, the other side.

– Oh my god, I'm doing it.

– C'mon, up and down.

– Have you seen how flexible I am, like I'm surprising myself.

I feel so embarrassed.

Like, there's an entire street there and I feel like they're gonna look at me.

– We don't have too much time.

– Oh my god, my wedgie.

I've literally, I did like three kicks and I'm actually out of breath.

Oh my god, Tony looks good in this video.

– Hi.

– Okay, actually, I just figured out why these videos are so popular.

Tony, I can learn a lotabout you in this outfit.

– Had a good weekend? – Yes.

– Okay, we're gonna start from the top.

– I didn't leave the house.

– By just giving it a little skip, into that position right? – Yes.

– And your legs are very straight.

– I'm not straight.

– And you turn your shoulder, and then you turn your head and then you move that position, there, one, two, forward, back, okay? Okay.

(mellow music) Go and then you turn.

Right, the other side.

– This is fun.

(mellow music) He's so fucking hot.

Oh my God.

– That's it.

(mellow music) Okay, double it.

(mellow music) That's it.

– Thank you Tony.

– You just got to startin that position, okay? And we move that positionand then we twist back.

So we go, one, two, and we double.

Okay, one, two, three.

– You're going too fast Tony.

(mellow music) – Move.

– I feel like I'm in the 80's.

– C'mon move.

– I'm doing it Tony.

– Okay, that's all the time we have today.

– Yay! – Now you have a good weekend.

Have a good week ahead, work hard.

– We'll work hard, thankyou very much, Tony Britts.

What would Sergeant Major Williams have made of all of that, do you think? – Oh, I'm sure he'd say, fine pair of shoulders, very boy, show them off, show them off.

– What the fuck was that? I'm sweaty, like, I'm sweaty.

Why does this always happen to me? Brad, what did you dotoday, did you exercise? Yeah, I did.

I did a couple of kicks and some turns.

– We start in that position.

And then we move to the left two times, and to the right twice, okay? So we go one, – Slow down.

– Two, that's it.

That's it, move.

That's it.

So we're gonna start in that position, and then we're gonna move your hip, once to the left and to the right, okay? We start that way, that's it.

– I love this one.

– Move your body with it and enjoy it.

Cause it's all fun, that's it.

That's it.

(mellow music) That's it.


– Am I gonna get demonetized? – Hit it.

– Slow down Tony.

– Right, c'mon.

– Fuck.

– All right, c'mon.

– Someone's looking.

I have neighbors.

– C'mon, okay, we'll end here and I hope you have a verygood weekend ahead of you.

– I will, I'm just gonna stay inside.

– Try and do it properly, okay? – I'm trying.

– In that position, okay? And then we bend both knees and the hands in that position.

And we go that way, okay? Just move, move.

– This is sexual.

– Move, okay? And go to the rightside, move, move, okay.

Roll, roll, roll, okay, one more.

– There are rolls.

So this last one involves some floor work and floor work is not my friend.

– All the way back, into that position.

– What? – And then stretch your leg out.

– I can't do it.

(laughs) Whoa! I did it.


I did that, I did that backwards, tumble, smell your own bum move, I did it.

Well, I hope that busted somequarantine boredom for you.

For me, it certainly did, I have now got a new crush in Tony Britts.

Oh, Tony.

Comment down below and tell me what have you been doingduring isolation/quarantine.

I've been doing this, making content.

How often have you masturbating? Comment down below.

I really thought I'd be using this time to make a lot of videos but I've also discoveredthat you need to relax.

I always make a huge to-do list of make a video, becomefamous, be a pop star.

But sometimes on thatlist, you need to put rest.

So, I'm learning to not to put so much pressure on myself, to have a really productive day, during this fucked up pandemic.

And just achieve little things and be easy on myself.

We're in an unprecedented time, we don't know what the future looks like, it can feel quite bleak.

We need to do what we canto stay safe and sound and that should be our priority.

Not accomplishing things.

Although, today I did accomplish looking like an idiot, in a sick outfit and harking back to my favorite decade.

So, that's me done for the week.

If you like what you saw today, which is a grown, sweaty man, making a fool of himself.

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Have an excellence dayand an excellence life.

Peace and love to you.


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