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(intense upbeat music) – [Narrator] Alright, basically you have many main glute walks here.

Roos says to stay down, keep your toes square.

(intense upbeat music) This is just a nice, easyprimer warmup exercise to kind of get her engaged and get those glutes working and then legs working in general.

Alright, you're gonna hit this sled now.

You always wanna make sure the form is of high quality.

You don't have to do a lot of this.

We get that core engaged, so we have to have aquality plank position.

And then Roos is drivingthrough those legs.

The strength component here.

Some sleds one of those favorites that won't add any unnecessary bulk.

(intense upbeat music) Alright so to set up Roos wants to make sure she has a good base.

Slight bend in those knees.

Similar to how we had with the band.

Making a wave up and down with the rope.

So that heart rate's gonna be up, but make sure that posture is good.

For conditioning, especially for anybody that wants to get in very good shape, that resting heart rate needs to be of high quality.

'Cause at the end of the day a high quality resting heart rate will make everything easier.

(intense upbeat music) For med ball slams, basically it's an ability for her to work her core 'cause we just wanna get the core involved in everything 'cause we don't wanna do excessive isolation exercises.

Then integrate other full body patterns, so we're able to getmore bang for our buck.

(intense upbeat music) I like to make sure just to increase their athleticism overall so their body moves better, so that when they're working out by themselves everythingwill do what it should.

(intense upbeat music) So basically we're gonnahave two aspects here.

Roos comes down controlled, basically a step off, sticks that landing so she can absorb the force then create it again quick.

Jumping is often overlooked for the benefits it can have in the body.

So she has to absorb force and then be able to create it quick as she will look to explode through the ground and then up.

(intense upbeat music) Jump rope.

So jump rope, an easy, simple tool that you have aroundthe crib or at the gym.

We use this in various different ways.

So we're doing this for conditioning.

Do this in between rounds, in between sets of either strength or band work, things of that nature, just to keep her moving.

So if you're out there and just wanna getbetter, wanna get fitter, and just wanna go do something that's not too overwhelming the jump rope's really the way.

(intense upbeat music) Okay, so common misconception oftentimes is that weights will bulk you up.

But there's a hugedifference between strength and muscle building.

Oftentimes when you're going for a static space goalsyou have to stay strong 'cause that helps withstructural insurance basically, like injury prevention.

Oftentimes you can go harder in conditioning drills and more of those isolation drills.

(intense upbeat music) Wanna work foundational movement patterns, so think about that when you're doing your strength work and then when you go to more of the dynamic motions hopefully your body will be ready to deal with it.

(intense upbeat music) So for this, I like to work a few different things.

All these moves shouldflow into each other to make the overall movement high quality.

So the arm is long, sothe abs stay engaged, then when she steps through that makes sure she's stepping controlled and not arching her backthrough the movement.

(intense upbeat music) So strong drive up, stepping back controlled, bending that arm, pivot off that foot.

Try to make sure shedoesn't bend left to right when she hits this pressing action.

(intense upbeat music) So that one's one of my favorites, a nice little compound move there.

(intense upbeat music) Depending on the intensity levels that we could go, whether it's super hard, moderate, or easy, it can serve from anything technically as a recovery workout to more something as higher intensity.

Think about a bike for conditioning as doing some sprints sometimes, doing some lower intensity steady state.

It'll be used a lot of different ways to maximize results.

– Strong ten seconds.

Push, push, push, push, push, push.

There we go.

Come on, come on.

Five, good, four, three, two, and one.


(intense upbeat music).

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