How To Use Law Of Attraction To Assist In Weight Loss (Visualization)

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In today's video, we'll look at one ofthe most requested law of attraction topics how to use creative visualizationlaw of attractionto assist in your weight loss.

How many times have you thought negativelyabout your body? It's nothing to be ashamed of, everyone has negative thoughts about theirbodies every now and then.

Yet for some of us, we live day in and day out knowing wecould be different if only we had more determination.

We've tried popular fads, read countlessbooks, and gone on specialized programs, but in the end, the change we need lies solelywithin ourselves.

What if I told you that you could lose theextra weight and get the body you want by using positive thoughts? It might sound crazybut it works.

When used in conjunction with regular diet and exercise, your ability tothink positive focused thoughts can help you achieve the weight loss you desire.

Our thoughts and our emotions can affect us in more ways than we realize.

Positive thoughtstend to have a positive uplifting impact and negative ones weigh us down and are detrimental.

Consider how your body feels when you're overly stressed, worried, or angry.

It doesn'tfeel good.

Instead, you want to harvest your positive energy and use it work in your favor.

Just imagine how energized, happy, and strong you'll feel when you focus on the positivethings you want for your body.

Here's how to get started:Now that you're ready to begin, the steps are simple.

The first thing you will wantto do is select a time for some peaceful introspection.

During this time you will want to have a pieceof paper and a pen handy.

As you begin your introspection you should consider what a healthybody means to you.

Once you have a few set ideas you can begin to write them down.

Tohelp get you started these are a few areas you will want to focus on:What would your new body look like? Try and focus on particular aspects.

Consider particularproblem areas like saggy arms, thighs, stomach, whatever is bothering you the most.

Imagine how your new body would feel.

Think about the happiness you would have from havinga smaller figure.

Think about all of the things you look forwardto.

Do you want to be able to fit in theater seats better? Fly in an airplane without feelinglike a burden to those around you? Go on a hike without feeling winded? Whatever yourdream is, write it down.

What weight or measurements do you considerideal? While your imagination is the limit it's helpful to be realistic.

Try not tofocus on making your body unhealthy and too thin.

Think of a weight that would be goodfor your height and body type.

Write all of these ideas down and any othersyou may have.

The next step is easy.

You'll want to choosetwo or three times a day to focus on your goals.

In most cases it can be helpful toutilize the time when you first wake up and right before you go to bed.

Your brain ismost receptive during these times which aids your creative visualization.

For the thirdtime you can pick whenever is convenient, some enjoy creating a special focus time justbefore or just after they exercise.

If that doesn't work for you consider lunch timeor if you have a few minutes at home before everyone else arrives.

During these timesyou will want to sit in a quiet place where you can be alone with your thoughts.

Thinkof this like a meditation, clear all other thoughts from your mind and just focus onthe list you made previously.

Imagine yourself thin and healthy.

Picture yourself doing activitieseffortlessly and looking great in swimwear.

Visualize your clothing becoming loose andbaggy.

The point is to imagine yourself how you want to be.

Using creative visualization can help you reach your goals in a natural way when usedalong with a focus on healthy eating and exercise.

Creative visualization will help you to keepthe drive and determination you need to make it through your daily exercise and to stayon track with nutrient rich foods.

Using the visualization as a tool will add extra punchto the methods you are already utilizing and help you to achieve results faster.

Throughyour visualization you'll find yourself wanting smaller portions, craving healthierfoods, enjoying exercise, and all with little to no effort.

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