How to Lose Weight Without Exercising

hey hey hey guess who it is soso excited to be here today with chuck williams of team of hope i'mtelling you if you don't know chuck you need to get to know chuck heis a health coach helping people transform their lives getin better shape take better care of themselves i'msuper excited to share this interview with you because i'm going to sharesome amazing or he's going to share some amazing things on howhe was able to accomplish some things aboutgetting in better shape and taking care of his bodychuck thank you so much for letting me do this interview with youand you know a lot of times i want to just you know get people tojump online with me and they struggle to get on live and you're like hey i'mready i'm ready i'll thank you so much iappreciate it man how are you doing today by the way danny i'm doing greatand i appreciate the opportunity to be here with youuh been with you now for over a year in a networking group and watched you andjust watch the way you care about people and you're always giving tips to helppeople absolutely and i really enjoy applyingthose to my life not helping other peopleright on right on so as as shared we're going to talk about howhe was able to lose 23 pounds over what was it two months less thantwo months no i don't really like to give the exacttime frame actually weights let's just say 23 pounds in a very short period oftime perfect i love it thank you for sharingthat so share with the audience a little unlikehow you were able to do that i mean i love exercise soyou know to me i'm like hey i want to be out there i want to be sweating butyou how what tell me about that in my mid 50s i got to the point where ididn't love exercising when i was youngerdifferent story i was an athlete in fact in high school i was a captain of thebaseball team kept in the football team got a scholarship in bolton to go smallcollege so i love athletics but uh it's like in my mid 50s i wasn't really doingmuch exercising other than a very occasional racquetballnot your level of course but very occasional so when i say i lost 23pounds uh my wife corrects me all the time ididn't lose it i donated it because in the past i lost it but i always found itokay and so no more that i want to donate so i i found a program where icould get a new replacement shape with all theingredients that i needed it was not just a protein shake it was a mealreplacement shake had all the protein i needed it had the healthy carbs i neededi had the little fat i needed actually some sugar that i needed hadall the ingredients i needed but very very low calorie while stillproviding the nutrition i simply replaced two regular meals withthose two shakes and then i had a sensible meal for my third mealdrank a little more water than i used to but literally no exerciseand i also added a cleanse now when i heard the word cleanse at first ithought you know colonoscopy poopy yeah no no no not one of thosemessy toilet situations literally it was a cellular levelcleanse where the nutrition flood in my body cleanse the toxins outof my body and i kid you not manny i'd stand infront of a mirror and it felt like the fat was melting off mybody it really did so in a very short period of time these23 pounds shed i went from a 38 waist to a 34 waistwow i went for an extra large to a medium andi i literally knew that i had not lost the weight i donated it so i gave all myclothes i donated all my clothes because i wasn't going backright on i do have one funny story to share a little while after thati did get the urge to start exercising and it's amazing what good nutritionwill do for all of a sudden i want to exerciseso my wife and i joined the gym we joined the gymwe started working out and i had younger people in the gym come to me and say heyold timer they didn't say that that way but they kind of i could tell imeant that they're like hey are you on steroids because of the nutritionalproducts i was taking for performance i was able to work out longer and harderthan most people should be able to do i put two inches on each bicep and againa relatively very short period of time wow so they were asking me are you onsteroids and i said no it's just good nutrition and i'm obviously working onhunger yeah so that's why you always have so muchenergy you know i do have a lot of energy because of the good nutrition i'mputting my bread on absolutely right on you know and and here's the truth a lotof people struggle when it comes to their weight eatingright i love my pizza i can eat pizza everyday if you leave it up to me right you know marco's pizza i had to stopeating that thing because i eat so much of it i'm dizzy the next morning fromall the salt you know so it's like i was able todiscipline myself on that but i still eat a lot of little caesarsyou know i love little season last night we haddominoes i know i love my pizza you know andit is a struggle to stay on top of it for me i kind ofyou know i go against it by exercising as a racquetball coach i get to exercisewith the kids a lot doing a lot of the actually playing with thembut you know how can someone be a little more disciplinedlike you were like like what made you what did you were you worried about likeman i want to be i want to have more energy for mymy wife or my kids or my grandkids what what pushed youfor me i'm very goal oriented okay i had a goal to get to a certain amount ofweight and i wasn't really doing anything aboutthat i found this opportunity to have a solution and so i went for itand when i set a goal i'm very serious about i was disciplined and my wifewas very supportive uh she had always been the one concerned about health inthe past and so she was always trying to get usto do different things this kind of is my ideaand so we did it together it's pretty awesome that makes sense give me onesecond here chuck why you doing one of the neat things isum i've been able to maintain that weight for a couple years now and that'swhat's been very exciting to me because in the pasti've done different programs i did the drops on the tongue i lost 30 poundsbut then i like i said i lost i gained them back i found them and i added a fewfriends oh this program when i do find myselfget gaining a few pounds again i know exactly how to maintain my healthyweight and so let's use december for exampledecember i'm enjoying parties i'm enjoying the christmas seasonuh by christmas i had three days of continuous partying maintain that weightand i was able to uh basically i gained like nine pounds overthe month of december right on and so now that i know about the healthycleansing i was able to do a two-day nutritionalcleanse it's really just intermittent fastingwith a product of nutrition there goes that keyword intermittent fasting i hearthat everywhere nine pounds in two days four yearsreally now i know i probably will say pounds of time yeah it was soamazing to me that is that i shed that fat that i gained over the whole monthof december particularly around christmas and ninepounds just like that so let me ask you i i'venoticed i mean i network with you in one group hearamazing testimonies people get up and they're like he helped me lose thismany pounds he helped me lose this many poundsare you doing the exact same thing with them as you did with yourself or isthere like everyone have their own plan youknow it's pretty much a simple weight loss management systemthat i found and so it's pretty much the same system there's little differenttips for different people most people don't drink water uh peopledon't realize how speaking of water people don't realize how important restis you know rest is a key component a lot of people think it's exercise andwhen i joked around with you about saying ished the 23 pounds with no exercise exercise is a very small percentage ofthe uh effects you should get really it'sabout 70 to 80 nutrition about 15 is the exerciseworking out and about five percent of it is goodrest right and so depending on the person i have to getthem in balance in those areas and help them but nutrition is the predominantpart that that makes so much sense hey john ijust double checked on my phone and the sound came through maybemaybe turn up your volume hey josh thanks for joining us thanks samus forjoining oh man look at all these people joining i love itand they're like they they must be friendsyou know it's it's interesting you said you were the captain of your baseballteam i too was captain of my baseball team in high school my senior year solook at that we have stuff in common you know andhere's the truth and yeah i struggle with withi mean as i get older i'm 45 now you know a little more cracking in theknees cracking in the body you know and it's likeif it's one thing i will not stop doing is exercising i i'm ato me it's just i love living on my bike if i could live on my bike every singleday and i'm not talking motorbike i'm talking bicyclei love my bicycle i would do it every day butthat's because of the way like a bike makes you feel like a kid i don't it'sweird every single time i get on there i feellike a kid like you know just going down the hills andstuff you know but the push in myself is what i love the mostgoing getting up that hard hill you know doing it when i'm tired doingit when i don't want to do it now i notice as i get a little olderthat i struggle to always find that energy but i just do iti just do it anyway and this is why i want to share with you this is why iwanted to do this interview if you're struggling with your weight if you'restruggling with discipline reach out to chuck he has a planfor you to be successful at your your goalchuck how can they get a hold of you well basically uh an easy way to do itis go to globalchuck gmail.

com uh globalchuckgmail.

com and just send me an email right my phone number is nine 636-734-0497 uh for the guy in ournetworking group who says his phone number several times i will repeat itat six three six seven three four zero four nine seven but before we wrap upuh i wanna share a story about you know we're talking about some things incommon i was at the gym and i'm working on mywife and i and there's this guy next to us about myage and he's working out and he's got a big bellybut he's working out hard and we start talking and it ends up that we went tohigh schools right next to each other we worked out he was a martial arts guyi was a weightlifting guy for football and gyms in the same strip mall reallyour favorite restaurant was our capacitors or west florist and soour whole lives we've been crossing paths we hit it off in the gymtwo nights later i see him in the hallway down we go to the same churchwe didn't even know it no way this was over a year ago we've since become greatbugs that guy has shed 70 pounds wowhe's in the best shape he's been he's got back into martial arts he'scompeting again he's going for another black belt and sothat's just one story of someone i was able to help wow and thenthe guy we both know in our networking group joshyoung man uh financial planner great guy um he has a wedding coming up he justgot engaged and so he came to me he wanted some help to get ready for thewedding physically and i've been able to help him in a veryshort period of time shed 19 pounds he's almost to his goal weightalready wow so it's just amazing kind of people coming in the last couple ofmonths he's really young he's young and he didn't even look likehe really needed it to me but he said he want to lose some weight andsure enough 19 pounds he's feeling better and he's feeling a long time solast story uh cindy bartlett my favorite storycindy was gifted our program from her stepdad okay and she tried it and sowhen i called a supporter which i do with new customersi call a supporter one of the questions i ask is is your spouse supportiveand she goes no my spouse is not supportive in fact he's negativeuh he doesn't want me doing anything different he's all about calories incalories out that's the scan ain't gonna work andi gotta sneak the product i gotta actually sit there and act like i'meating dinner with them and then i gotta go sneak the product i gotta sneak thenew replacements two weeks later i get a call from thisfamily and the husband sam is thanking mefor giving him his wife back a couple short weeks on the program shegot an energy back instead of coming home from work and collapsing on thecouch spending that all night on the couch noteven eating dinner at the table because she had no energygoing to sleep get them to go to work and just repeat that cycle they havetoday she's now eating at the table having a conversationthe guy got his wife back he's now one of my best friendshe's lost 120 pounds let's say shed donated because he didn't lose anygetting back 120 pounds he the skeptic his son 85 pounds shed removed and she'sover 50.

so as a family 225 pounds gone okay used to say they'rebig fans you're getting my curiosity up here howit's a known fact a lot of these you knowweight loss programs and all those things great you may lose poundsbut they a lot of them gain them back a lot of them gain them back and then somehow do you how do you help them keep that consistency though so thatthey can continue on their journey and do they have to sacrifice all that foodi mean there's a lot of great food out there that we probablyshouldn't be you know you know you better be like pizza my wife honey pizzaevery week oh right now you know we don't okay then it's workingit does work but there are some key ingredients here one thing we talkedabout that cleanse and i always want to emphasize it's nota poopy clown so hear me clear because a lot so you're not going to spend a lotof time in the bathrooms what you're sayinglove it that cleanse gets those toxins on your bodywhen you get the toxins on your body the fatis god gave us the fat to protect us from the toxins and so whether we likethat or not it's there to protect us from the toxins we put in our bodieswhen you flush those toxins on your body the fat follows right with most dietsyou're restricting calories but you're not eliminating the toxins soas soon as you stop restricting the caloriesthe fat comes back to protect you from the toxins when the toxins are gone youeliminate that problem right on very very significant the otherthing is when you learn how to take this good nutritionyour body starts to crave good nutrition and so even though you don't have tostay on the same program that you did to lose to shed the weightyou are going to continue a certain amount of program tomaintain the weight okay i i can wow okay holy mackerel solast question i know i'm asking you i'm just hitting you hard on all thesequestions so did you always get into health orit wasn't until you had to take a health conscious approach till you startedactually becoming a student of coach of health you know i used todrive my wife crazy because she has been concerned about her healthher whole life for me up until my mid 50si would just say i need to lose 10 15 pounds it would be gone i mean it wasjust like a mental thing i just i cut out a couple things to be gonenever really worried about it was just a natural thingwhen i got to my mid 50s i quit working and all of a sudden i was liketrying to lose weight and it wouldn't go anywhere andi was kind of stuck i was plateaued and that's when i found this solutionthat literally kick-started and helped me find something works for me now atthis stage of my life right now it reminds me of anotherfriend of mine pam in chicago she got into about 60 years old had allthings that have ever worked for her whole lifequit working and so she had just resigned herself that she's gonna befluffy the rest of her life she just she's overcommit like hey i'm not gonna worry about it well i'm notworried about it i can't do anything about it everything i used to do thework doesn't work anymore somebody fluffy she got on oursolution program here and literally a very short period of timeshe was down her high school dress size and she's been able to maintain her wowthat's awesome it just works that's awesome that's awesomeso as you can see genuinely lost 23 pounds without exercise he justshared it all and he even shared stories how otherpeople are having these same effects here's the truth here's the truth ifyou're ready to take some action and want to do something about it reachout to chuck globalchuck gmail.

com or you can findthem on facebook chuck williams look at that beautifulface you'll easily find them right but here's the thing are you an actiontaker do you have to take some action in your life before it's too latedo you want to have to worry about a bunch of medical bills in the long runtake action now reach out to chuck do somethinganything every little bit counts i'm coach manny rodriguezalways bringing you value anytime i can whenever time permits this is chuckwilliams with team of hope he's here to help you change your lifewhatever it is that you're thinking whether it's health financialhe's here to help you okay reach out to himhe's going to be the most warmest friendliest person you will come acrossi promise you that i'm coach manny this is chuck williamswe look forward to serving you again and we hope you have an amazingamazing day peace have a great day thanks manny thank you.

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