How to Lose Weight (Urdu/Hindi w/ English Subs)

A lot of people have asked me the easiest way to lose weight Today we'll talk about how people can lose weight easily and what is the maintenance.

There are a lot of things that help us gain or lose weight We have a mentality built that we can only lose weight when we start going to the gym You don't lose weight when you go to the gym, you lose weight when you slow down your eating habits.

That's a very common thing, you can ask advice from someone who's very obese or very thin, they'll tell you the exact way to lose weight The biggest issue is that we know the right thing but we don't follow the right directions.

We developed the mentality that if we don't go to the gym we won't lose weight Even though it's nothing like that This is a simple example, don't you notice that people start to lose weight during Ramadan They're not doing anything extra, they're still eating paratha in seheri and pakora in iftar But they're not eating anything during the day, which is because we're fasting Even people over here who go to the gym will do intermittent fasting It's pretty much the same thing that we're doing during Ramadan The easiest way to lose weight without going to the gym Basically you have to skip a meal.

like after having breakfast in the morning.

This is a huge issue with every desi It could be breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

We don't get up when we're done eating, we get up when we're tired of eating.

You should be eating regular food, we have a bad habit of being too strict with ourselves.

Like when we start dieting, we go crazy over it and when we start eating we can't stop ourselves.

You should always take things slowly and gradually A lot of people who lose weight drastically will gain weight again really quickly due to this issue.

Basically eat normal food, because you don't want to deny the blessings given to you by God But you have to eat a little less When you do breakfast in the morning, make sure you're not eating paratha If you eat paratha for breakfast, it will be very heavy for you during the day Especially in a crisis like coronavirus, people are not getting enough exercise so you should be careful what you consume Try and make sure not to eat paratha You should eat 2 or 4 eggs for breakfast.

If I eat 4 eggs for breakfast I will only eat them with one egg yoke in it.

You can eat eggs, porridge, along with 2 or 3 slices of bread For lunch, the best way is to skip in the beginning of the diet.

There are two issues that you have to tackle for your lunch decision Some people who're on a diet and they skip their lunch, they cover that meal by overeating at dinnertime Then again, I'm going to say the same words.

We're getting up not when we're done eating, but when we're tired of eating.

If you're skipping lunch, then you have to make sure that you're eating a limited amount of food during dinner time as well.

There's 3 steps.

#1 is to have a light breakfast #2 you either have to skip lunch or eat a salad with no dressing or oil Salad can include cucumbers, onion, tomato, peas, carrots, and strictly no dressing The reasoning behind eating salad for lunch, is so that you don't overeat during the next meal You're trying to avoid overeating by having a healthy lunch.

For breakfast make sure you don't eat paratha or curry For lunch, either have salad or skip it And for dinner, there are two things to remember.

#1 Make sure if you're eating 3-4 rotis, cut that amount in half #2 Make sure you're eating dinner 3-4 hours before sleeping This will help your digestive system and your body will be able to burn calories better.

I hope I clarified these things for you You can lose weight without going to the gym It's not like you'll go to the gym and that's the only way to lose weight You build your body in the kitchen, and you go to the gym just to tone it.

Eat everything, but just limit yourself Decrease your calorie intake, and increase your calorie burn.

That's the easiest way to lose weight I hope you guys have liked this video.

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