How to LOSE WEIGHT FAST workout and diet plan 2020

workout,weight loss,lose weight,diet,teen,weight,women workouts,healthy can tell by the title I'm gonna betelling you guys how to lose weight and how I lost weight and sharing my ownpersonal tips and tricks with you guys and I put together a meal plan and aworkout plan that you guys can follow and I

promise you if you do this youwill be looking so Bom after this quarantineso just a disclaimer I am NOT a professional I am NOT a whatever thosepeople are called that nutritionist I don't know I don't do that I just didall this stuff for myself and I put together

my own plan from things that Isaw I remember when I first began to lose weight I was looking up like everynight how to lose weight how to lose weight fast just anything that wouldwork now I'm down to 130 and all my measurements have gone down so mucheverything that

I have in this video is what I did and what helped me so beforemy weight-loss journey I weighed 170 pounds and I'm 5-8 so that wasoverweight for my height my waist was 30 inches my hips were like 39 to 40 and mybust was like a 36 and my

measurements went down to mywaist is a 25 now my hips are a 36 and my bust is a 32 so all of these tips and tricks thiswhole meal plan is exactly what I did I started in October and I kept up withthis plan I kept consistent after three

months I dropped so much weight Iprobably went down to the weight that I am now only after three months and thenI just worked on toning up if you guys are serious and you guysfollow this you will get the body that you want and you will be dropping inches

just like meso I put together a meal plan and a workout plan for you guys something tokeep in mind while you're doing this is that they both go together you're notgonna lose the weight that you want as quickly as you want if you only do themeal plan or

if you only do the workout plan you want to incorporate them bothand you will be seeing results so quick for the workout plan keep in mind thatis genetics don't be looking at like Kim Kardashian and say I want to look likeher because sometimes it's Photoshop sometimes it's genetics

sometimesplastic surgery just never compare yourself to anybody else you'll see whatyour body can do after you start doing this and you'll be loving it theschedule that I follow is I work out six days a week and my off day is Saturdaywhat's really important is to make sure you're

working different things everyday and you're not just concentrating on one thing the whole time if you want tolose weight off of your stomach you have to incorporate ab workouts and backworkouts and full body workouts you can't just work on your abs and expectthe results that you want because

like wouldn't it be weird if somebody likehad big arms and then their way this was like so snatch like it just you have towork everything this is the schedule and what I'm gonna be doing is filmingparts to this video so part one it's gonna be an ab workout

part two it'sgonna be a full-body workout part three is gonna be arms and legs and so on soin the beginning of each video I'm gonna be saying what days these are along withthis schedule and I'm just going to be working out and you guys can follow mein the

video I lost every single pound in my roomon the floor following a YouTube video and what I'm basically doing is puttingtogether all of the workouts that I did and I'm gonna be recording them so youguys can do justifies it and follow along every workout thing that I do

isown bodyweight workouts so there's no equipment no machines no weights justtrust me even if you don't have because I know a lot of people don't have thisaccessibility for that especially since we're in quarantineeverybody's at home so all these workouts you can do in your own roomthose will be

up on my channel next week and I will be posting them each day thatthey are I will make sure I say it in the beginning of course you guys canfigure out what works for you but if you really want to follow follow theschedule that I have followed the

videos that I have so just be on the lookoutfor those and that is your workout portion for the diet portion I wouldn'tnecessarily call it a diet it's just eating healthier the biggest thing fromyou is that I became a vegetarian and I know it's not for everybody and I

knownot everybody can do it but I promise you it is what showed me the bestresults ever but if you're not comfortable with doing that and if yourfamily isn't gonna support you with that I completely understand I would just tryto lay off on red meat and stick to lean

means try to lay it off as much as youcan and if you are gonna eat it every day I would just recommend not doing redmeat I wrote down a couple of things that I would eat every day so basicallyfor breakfast is something like scrambled egg whites and some

yogurt orgranola on a piece of toast with peanut butter and bananas cut up on it and abowl of fruit or I do a lot of smoothie bowls a lot of smoothies in the morningthe basic rule is to get in a little bit of protein and most of your

sugar forthe rest of the day you don't want to be eating like threw and yogurt and all thesugary stuff later in the day your body isn't gonna use it so and it'snot gonna be stored as fat for lunch I go salad crazy a lot of people aren'tsalad people

if you are perfect eat a salad every day put dressing on it youcan put croutons on it it's okay but if you're not a salad person I ate a ton ofsandwiches so egg salad sandwiches tuna salad sandwiches just like subs andif you are eating meat it's a lot

easier to just make a sandwich but for me Iwould make like veggie subs with like lettuce spinach tomato cucumber all thatstuff and then dinner is when you can go a little bit more creative with it sothe main goal is to stop eating out and stop getting all this

gross stuff thatisn't good for you and the number one way to do that is to cook from home sowhat you can do for dinner is look up a different recipe every night go in yourrecipe book look something up on the line make anything that you want it'sokay you

don't have to follow any crazy guidelines for dinner a lot of thethings that I would have would be like rice and beans or like grilled veggiesover rice just whatever you do make sure you put in a lot of veggies in therejust I would say dinner is what you

can have fun with and you can make whateveryou want as long as you're eating from home and as long as it's like homemadeso snacking is another big parks I know you're always hungry it's okay firstsnacks I would have lots of raw veggies I would have fresh broccoli cut

up apepper a fruit salad a fruit ball you could have an orange just you knowwhat's healthy and what's not when you're snacking try to keep the portionsunder control one of the most important things for the whole diet overall is tojust drink a ton of water because a lot

of the times you think that you'rehungry but you're really just thirsty so water I'll keep you on track and that'sgonna make sure that everything is going good make sure that you're not eatingwhen you're not hungry it'll keep you filled up I would try todrink a bunch of water

before you eat anything and like while you're eatinganything like that it'll just stop you from eating more than you have towe're tips I followed was I stopped eating after 7 or 8 it's up to you you can do 6you can do just whatever your dinnertime is I would

just stop eating before likelate hours of the night because you don't want to be snacking at likemidnight another thing is to try to lay off the dairy products so if you'regonna have like yogurt try to get coconut yogurt if you're gonna put milkin something try to use almond

milk skim milk oat milk just try to get moreplant-based things that is pretty much it it's super easy once you start doingit you'll get used to it you're gonna be hungry at first your stomach's gonnashrink a little bit you're gonna get used to it working out it's gonna

startfeeling great your skin's gonna be looking better you're gonna see yourresults so quick I would say after like a week of doing this straight you startseeing the difference and you'll look like it so you'll continue everythingI'll take your measurements beforehand take your measurements after a coupleweeks we're self

not regularly but wait yourself every two weeks just to see howyou're going you'll notice the results more than anybody else will and keepingtrack of that stuff if you're like oh I don't think anything's happening butthen you check your measurements and you're you've lost half an inch in likea

week so feel free to ask me any questions if you have any questions ifyou're confused about anything you can DM me on Instagram Twitter if you knowme personally you can snapchat me you can text me everything is fine if youguys have any questions just let me know next

to do that I'm gonna see you in isthe workout series I hope you guys are workout,weight loss,lose weight,diet,teen,weight,women workouts,healthy the next one[Music] [Music]

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