if you've been looking for a way to loseweight effortlessly then you've probably heard of things like eating smallerportions cutting calories taking fat burners going on juice cleanses usingbody wraps freezing your fat away or really whatever else that's out therethat promises instant results that if you just do this

one thing the fat willmagically go away the truth is none of those things work or they don't worklong-term because a lot of them over promise quick results but severelyunder deliver and once you stop doing it if it works at allthe weight comes back on and then some but

you already know that and this canbe summed up by one of my favorite quotes which is actually my first tip isthat nothing worth having ever comes easy we're starting with big-picturestuff here so you can start having the proper expectations moving forward mypoint here is that no matter how

hard you look there is no magic pill thatwill make you lose weight without putting in any effort when it comes toeating a proper diet and exercise however there are ways to change the wayyou look at the process to make it a lot easier because getting your mind in

theright place to me is actually step number one when it comes to achieving asuccessful weight loss transformation it starts with what's going on between yourears and getting it right and I know that that doesn't sound as appealing asa magic pill but these methods are real and the psychological

and physical tricksthat I'm about to share with you will really help you lose weight effortlesslyand keep it off for good I'm confident in them because these are the exact sametips that I give to all my students inside my fat loss accelerator programand they've all gotten some amazing results

so this is basically the nextbest thing to a magic pill before we continue make sure you give this video a'like' subscribe to my channel and hit the bell to get notified every time I post anew video every week tip number two voluntary hardship this is a veryimportant concept

that you need to understand losing weight isn't easy ifit were everyone would be walking around with a six pack and we would not have anobesity epidemic right now but there are ways to put yourself in the bestposition possible like eating a proper diet that moderates your insulin levelsand

making proper supportive lifestyle choices that upregulate your fat-burningmechanism but in either case it's still gonna be a process like how much easieris it to just shove food down your throat every time you're having a badday instead of sticking to the plan and that'sanother big problem here is that

we turn to food we use food as a form ofentertainment we use food to make ourselves feel betterthat's where voluntary hardship comes in and if you've been following my channelyou'll know that I'm a big fan of intermittent fasting and all of itsamazing benefits especially when it comes to

fat loss and I think thatintermittent fasting epitomizes the concept of voluntary hardship more thananything here's the definition of fasting an abstinence from food or alimiting of one's food especially when voluntary and as a religious observancethe key word there that I want you to take away is voluntaryyou're voluntarily

taking a break from eating same thing when it comes toexercise and we're gonna dive into exercise specifically in a little bithere but if you want a nice looking butt or you want to put muscle in your legsyou need to do some squats preferably with some weights and guess

whatit's not easy there's no free lunch here you've got to put in the work like do Ienjoy intermittent fasting I mean it's definitely gotten a lot easier becauseI've been doing it for the last 10 years but I still get hungry sometimes when Ifast but I know that regardless

of how I feel or what I think that day I knowthat I have to stick to my fasting schedule I know that I have to show upeveryday I have to show up to the gym I have to show up for myself and I'mwilling to pay that price every

single day because I don't want to go back tomy old self I like this version better and here's a very important conceptabout fasting you're not denying yourself of food you're just delaying itwhich leads me to my next tip delayed gratification ok let's talk about thisconcept my point here

is sure eating a healthy diet especially when you're usedto just eating junk and working out might suck especially at the beginninglike with exercise alone it's not pretty you're gonna be covered in sweatyou're breathing hard and then you're gonna be sore the next day and then yougot to do

it again but this goes back to putting yourself through voluntaryhardship in order to get something in return the gratification you get is thatyou get a better looking body and you feel better about yourself you'rehealthier as well do you know what's worse than that feeling of voluntaryhardship though it's

the feeling that you get afterwards from constantlyreaching for that instant gratification anyone who's completely given in totheir urges and just mailed it in has felt like absolute garbage by the end ofthe day and we've all been there before again this just goes back to us alwaysturning to food

to make ourselves feel betterbut if you just delay that instant gratificationand instead you put yourself through voluntary hardship by skipping a meal ortwo through intermittent fasting for example and you're actually eating whenyou're hungry not just because you're bored and you're working out you stillshow up even though you

don't feel like it it's gonna be so much more gratifyingwhen you finally eat that meal and more likely than not you're gonna gravitatetowards a healthier option for your meal because you don't want to throw away allthe good you've done throughout the day and this creates a positive feedbackloop

your success mechanism kicks in and the chances of you showing up and doingthe exact same thing again the next day is pretty high so you just keep doingthis until you finally lose all the weight but this also works the other wayif you get discouraged that can start snowballing

the other direction and youdon't want that that's why it's so important to keep showing up foryourself and keep feeding that positive feedback loop because how you show upfor one thing is how you show up for everything like if you show up foryourself and say no to that morning

doughnut and delay that instantgratification then you're gonna feel good aboutyourself you're more likely to show up to the gym and make better fooddecisions for the rest of the day my next step is delay but don't deny a lotof motivational gurus out there teach this all-or-nothing attitude like you'vegot

to go all-in you should never eat junk food again good luck with thatlisten we're extremely flawed as human beings the more you tell someone thatthey can't have it the more they want it that's where the concept of delay butdon't deny comes in and I love following the 90/10

rule when it comes to this 90%of the time follow the plan put yourself throughvoluntary hardship and embrace delayed gratification but know that it's justthat you're just delaying it then the other 10% of the time live your bestlife eat cheesecake because I love cheesecake in terms of what this

lookslike in real life if you eat three meals a day that's twenty-one meals in oneweek 90% of 21 meals is 19 meals which meansthat all those 19 meals needs to be on point and you get bonus points if youskip breakfast again this is where intermittent fasting comes in

just thinkof your body burning body fat for breakfast and using it for energywhenever you do this and then 10% of 21 is two meals which means that you cantechnically have to cheat meals and you want to eat those two meals in just oneday just keep it to one

day but then that's where sensible eating comes in ifyou have a lot of weight to lose I wouldn't even eat two cheat meals Iwould just eat one so again voluntary hardship and delayedgratification applies to cheat meals as well tip number five eat the besthealthy food you enjoy okay

I'm gonna use pickles here as an examplebecause for some reason everyone loves it but I hate it I think it's gross Ican't wrap my head around eating a rotten cucumber I don't care if it's thehealthiest food on the planet I won't eat it it's the same thing with

kale my point here is that you need to find healthy foods you enjoy eatingotherwise you're not gonna stick to it for me I only eat once a day and I alsodo some form of physical activity every day that's how I show up for myselfevery day and I also

have an optional cheat meal every week sometimes if Idon't feel like it I don't even take that cheat meal that's my version ofvoluntary hardship and delayed gratification now when I have my one mealfor the day I eat the best healthy foods I enjoy and I've gotten a lot

ofrequests from you guys about what I eat in a day and that's coming I promise butwhat you want to do is you want to revolve your diet around singleingredient mostly unprocessed nutrient dense foods you want to eat a high fatmoderate protein and low carb diet because it's the

best diet to moderateyour insulin levels so you can tap into your fat-burning mechanism effortlesslyit's also the best diet to activate your satiety hormones which helps keep youfull longer so you won't feel the need to snack in between meals personally Ieat a lot of cruciferous vegetables because they're extremely

filling and itsatisfies me because I'm a volume eater I love eating a lot of food so I eatroasted Brussels sprouts cauliflower broccoli a little bit of sweet potatoand purple yam I also eat eggs two different types of animal protein and Ieat nuts and dark chocolate as my dessert

it's healthy and I love it andI'm able to stick to it so you need to find a setup find the best healthy foodto enjoy so your diet will feel effortless number six do workouts thatyou enjoy this is the exact same concept as my last tip you want to

eat the besthealthy foods you enjoy and you also want to do physical activities that youenjoy what you don't want to do is fall into chronic exercise patterns whereyou're just going to your 6 am spin class every day seven days a week or yougo for an hour long run

every day for example and i have a completely separatevideo called the worst exercise for weight loss if you want to know moreabout this topic but all you need to know is that chroniccardio patterns leads to chronic stress levels and chronic stress levels leadsto chronic inflammation which is the

root cause of all sorts of nasty diseaseincluding arthritis diabetes cancer obesity autoimmune and cardiovasculardisease just to name a few so you don't justwant to do one type of exercise you want to be inconsistent with your workoutsthat's right I want you to change it up all the time and

your workouts don'tneed to be confined within the four walls of your gym exercise is all aboutmovement your goal should just be to constantlymove your body throughout the day because that's how we evolved as humanbeings otherwise you'd be a tree that's why setting a goal of getting 10,000steps every

day it's so effective because it's a big enough goal to getyou to move your body constantly on top of that maybe one day go for a run andthen the next day ride your bike the day after lift heavy weights and after thatdo a hiit workout to me that

sounds way more fun and way more engaging ratherthan doing the same thing every day so again you got to find a setup that worksfor you you need to like what you're doing for your workouts number seventreat your body like it's a Ferrari this one is super simpleif you

drive a Ferrari would you put cheap and dirty gasoline in it no you'dbaby it you'd put premium gas you'd get it serviced on time and you'll alwaysmake sure that it's in tip-top shape you need to start treating your body thesame way because you're the asset here and our

health to our own fault issomething that we always take for granted and we don't really realize howimportant it is until we get sick listen you only have one body and you have tolive in it so you need to take care of it treat it like a Ferrari you

alwayswant to make sure that you give it all the TLC that it needs by constantlymoving it getting proper sleep and eating premium food because you areworth it number eight change your vocabulary this is super simple but it'sso effective I want you to change your vocabulary from I have

to to I get tobecause when you say I have to it almost sounds like it's a burden on the otherhand changing it to I get to means that you're coming from a place of love andgratitude here's an example I have to work out changes to I get to

work out Iget to move my body I have to eat broccoli changes to I get to eatbroccoli any quadriplegic would trade places with youin a heartbeat to have the opportunity to get to work out any starving personwould kill to get to eat broccoli do you know what I

meanmaking that simple vocabulary switch changes the dynamic completely tipnumber nine have skin in the game this is an unbelievably effective way to keepsomeone accountable and I personally use it all the time because the human brainis really interesting it's programmed to avoid losing something it already hasthan it is

to gain something it wants use this to your advantage for examplewhenever I really want to feel laser focused on achieving a goal I'll make adeal with my brother that I'll give him money if I don't achieve that goal weeven sign contracts and I always end up achieving my

goal because I don't wantto give him money so make it to an amount that it's gonna hurt your pocketif you end up losing it like don't just bet five bucks and there are other waysthat you can do this you can book a vacation and buy a bathing suit

thatdoesn't fit you quite yet I also know some people who sign up for physiqueshows which means that they have to get ready for it just put something at stakehave skin in the game bet on yourself that you're actuallygonna achieve it number ten be nice to yourself this might

be the mostimportant tip if you want to lose weight effortlessly because we can be so meanto ourselves sometimes and it doesn't really help think about it this waythink about a baby that's just learning how to walk it's not prettythey're not very good at it they fall on their

butts all the time and then theycry actually they cry a lot but they keep trying you don't just hear them sayoh maybe this isn't for me walking is just not my thingno they keep trying they try and try and try until they can walk they don't giveup you

need to adapt this mindset and be nice to yourself while you're at it whenyou mess up when you fall on your butt get up and try again keep trying untilyou get it right and if you want a proven plan on how todo this then make sure you stick

around until the end of the video but know thatyou are doing your best here I know you are you are absolutely worth the effortthe only time when you actually fail is when you give up when you stop tryingand you my friend are not a quitter and just remember

this one last thingwherever you are in your weight loss journey you are one decision away from acompletely different life which means that you are one meal away from movingcloser to finally achieving your weight loss goals thenext question that becomes how are you actually supposed to eat if you

want tolose weight because here's the thing 80% of your body composition is determinedby your diet you can't just freestyle this part youhave a proven plan that you can follow to help you with that I want to give youa free copy of my lean body blueprints this is how

I melted all the fat aroundmy stomach without depriving myself of my favorite foods or wasting hours atthe gym it's a simple four-step process specifically designed for busyprofessionals and it's the exact same blueprint that I teach to all my privatecoaching clients and they've all got to see some amazing

results if you want tobe the next success story then download your FREE copy of the lean bodyblueprint right now there's gonna be a link somewhere at the top here or in thedescription box just click on it type in your email and I'll send it to you rightaway alright

that's all I've got give thisvideo a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and share it with your friends pleasesubscribe to my channel if you haven't already I post a new video every weekand hey leave a comment below if you have any questions about this videothanks for watching and

I'll see you in the next video virtual high five

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