How To Lose Weight Consistently and Keep It Off | 5 Weight Loss Tips

What's going on guys James Edwards here today And we going over the five tips and help you to lose weight and keep it off.

These are tips I use I give to my clients and hopefully you can use these tips to for more tips on health and nutrition of weight loss tips Just make sure you smash that like when you subscribe to my channel and hit that Bell notification icon So, you know when it posts every Tuesday My number one tip is don't deny the foods you love something I practice is flexible dieting and this allows me to actually eat what I want and still make progress So flexible dieting is something I went over in my last video I'm also gonna be posting a link to that in the description below Otherwise, you know, this is a method I use every single day It just encompasses that 80/20 rule where 80% of your nutrition can be good cooked fresh Wholesome foods while the other 20% can be whatever you want Usually though I tend to use that 20% later at night and make sure that 80% is used throughout the whole day But like I said guys I'll had that video down in the description below So my second tip is actually to get physical activity and every single day in some way shape or form It doesn't have to be working out or exercising per se it can include walking or just hanging out with your friends I mean some type of activity that can actually get you moving So the goal basically with this is to find something you enjoyed find something you will like doing that Allows you to burn extra calories, so that way you're not really thinking about that So this is an awesome tip.

So I highly encourage to get any type of physical activity in Whatever it is.

So tip number three is actually just to drink your water Surprisingly dehydration can lead to false hunger.

So getting enough water is very very important Everyone's body is gonna require a different amount of water intake me personally.

I need of around 130 to 150 ounces of water What I do is when I wake up in the morning, I make sure during 25 ounces of water before I go to bed I make sure I drink another five and that's about 50 right there And then I have like about a hundred to work with for the rest of the day also What I do too is I make sure I drink about eight ounces before I eat wala and after a that's gonna help Tremendously that water is just really gonna help promote the satiety I know water can be very boring if you want to consume something different.

I Sometimes I consume some diet sodas Zero calorie energy drinks.

I drink a lot of sparkling water is something different But I do encourage you to drink your water as much as possible.

So my question to you is actually are you drinking enough water? This is something that I believe everyone should be working on Yeah, I know.

It's kind of hard to Get your water intake in but and trust me once you start feeding your body more water It's gonna love it so much and you'll get used to it I know you're gonna be running to the bathroom a lot, but that's okay, but just drop a comment down below Let me know if you get your water intake in every day Or if you go, so tip number four don't drink your calories and drinking your calories is not gonna leave you satisfied It's the one of the least Satiating things you could possibly do so drinking your calories won't make you full and you could potentially over consume your calorie intake too which could could Potentially lead to any weight gain or stalling your progress.

So tip number five is actually the combination of like two things It's practicing mindful eating and sipping your carbs last and every meal Practicing mindful eating will actually let you know when you're fully satisfied So take your time consuming your meals back to saving your carbs for last make sure you're prioritizing Your protein and your vegetables on your plate first? It will help you get what's most important on your plate first And on top of it protein takes a lot more energy to break down anybody It's a lot more satiating the carbs and the fiber from the vegetables will actually slow their rate of digestion down which will keep you full for a longer period of time so guys those are my five tips on how to Consistently lose weight and keep that weight off.

So guys remember I had that flexible dieting ebook that's down in my description below It's free download it check it out.

It'll go over these topics or the tips.

I'll dive deeper and plus more So like I said check that out.

Is it down in the description below? Otherwise guys I'll see you in the next video.

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