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hi welcome to Linn venture so happy to have you here today we have another special guest this is Camille hi I found out about Camille through Facebook I saw that she had made a post and it said something like if I can lose this weight you can too

like if I can do it you can do it so I reached out to her and said hey would you like to be on my channel because we're all about supporting each other on this journey to better health and to weight loss and just to feeling better so

she said yes and here we are today so I wanted to ask you a couple questions and feel free to say whatever you want all right you know what I mean like if you want to you know if you digress or whatever that's fine so tell me a

little bit about how much you weighed the most and how much you lost I was at 210 I'm 5 foot so 210 is a lot and I got down to 130 then I had a knee surgery yeah now I had a knee surgery so I gained about 10-15

over back and I've just been cleared from the doctor after a year so we're going back on the same journey ok great to get the ten pounds off to get the 10 I get back into shape I lost a lot of I lift weights so I lost a

lot of muscle mass with us so just to get my strength back my endurance back that's good that's awesome okay so how did you lose the weight oh I had to change my whole lifestyle I will start with I I wasn't real happy at 39 where my life

was going I wasn't real happy with my life a lot of drinking a lot of smoking lotta yeah a lot of art so I decided to change it I got a gym membership and I let it set for six months didn't do a thing with it and then

one day I just went into the gym this is a funny story I tell everybody I went into the gym and I walked up the stairs my legs hurt and there were these beautiful people and all this machine I didn't know what to do so I walked out

about three weeks later I had a friend that I worked with and he went to the gym he was a regular gym goer and he was always go to let's go to the gym let's go to the gym and I'm like do it look like I go to

the gym finally he talked me into it and he gave me a workout showed me a few things and I couldn't walk I was so sorry and he recommended he's like I've been doing this my whole life I'm not sure where to start with you get a trainer

so I joined a weight-loss competition and that taught me the basics and if we worked and they taught me a little bit about diets and the basics of working out and the basics of lifting weights I chose to go in the weights direction do what you got to

do do what you love do it we'll get you to the gym but I went with lifting weights doing cardio I changed my whole diet I went to school to study nutritional science to not buy it it was I just changed my mindset and the body followed when

did the when did that journey start well I'm 45 now so about six years ago yeah yeah okay that's good that's neat mm-hm and then what did you what do you mean when you say your minds changed oh my gosh I wish people would talk about this more

this is my favorite about a weight loss transformation or a health transformation it doesn't even necessarily have to be weight loss is nobody told me how I would think Claire I would be more confident I wouldn't get as upset as easy I was happier in general with life

like my whole mind my whole way of thinking the people that I surrounded myself for better my whole life became better nobody talks about what happens in your head oh when you go through this and you went through a weight loss journey I yeah I lost 60 pounds

yes and I think you would understand you know being you know I think everybody goes through this where like things don't bother you as much oh my that wasn't that bad that wasn't something you went there no but when I think about my mind and the changes or

not the changes my but the effect of mine on on the weight-loss journey it's how much emotions play such a huge role so I like to hear the idea that one of the side effects that unexpected side effects of weight loss is that your brain is clearer you

make better choices you see things differently you're more confident that's that is a huge takeaway right there that is awesome and you know I think that keeps me going more than my body like now don't get me wrong I like looking in the mirror much better than I

did six years ago but when I feel like I haven't worked out for a while I feel my mind slipping it's that's what keeps me going that's what gets me to the gym it's more of a mental thing for me cuz I love the way my love work

my headspace is when I'm working out eating well and when I was studying nutritional science one thing that I discovered is a lot of mental health happens in your gut like that is that is where yeah your body creates the chemicals that your brain needs to be happy

so well that's what they're calling gut health is the second brain oh absolutely yeah absolutely high fiber vegetables high fiber well high fiber vegetables will create serotonin and dopamine mm-hmm so like yeah the gut plays such a huge role in how you feel physically mentally so I really

feel like having a healthy lifestyle makes for better mental health and physical health I love the fact that my daughter my eight-year-old daughter I'm 45 years old had her later in life but I love the fact I can keep up with her I can we can run we

can do things we can go hiking I'm not tired okay so a lot of people now you're probably the fifth or sixth interview that I've done mm-hmm and everyone has a different journey the journeys are so different and people focus on such completely different things they all seem

to lead to success but the path to success seems to be different for for the different people so one of the things that I heard you're talking about is working out and doing weights so working out is kind of umbrella term because there's lots of working cell yeah

and there are people who run marathons there are people who are what's that thing with the oh yeah there are people who are rock climbers for exercise like there's so many varieties things so you talked about doing weights so what do you do with the weights or what

do you do at the gym well weights I mean I do both I do a lot of cardio because once again that's the mental health it keeps me focused the rhythmic helps the brain and then I do all kinds of weights I I have a need for I

hurt my knee I was doing a workout regimen called 5×5 that's just basically and it's hard to describe weights what I do without showing you but I do total body workouts before I have my last accident on my knee I was training first part and for fun cuz

I like the well-roundedness yeah but and then what about diet you do I know that you do things for gut health mm-hmm and vegetables and things like that but do you is there anything a specific thing that you follow with your diet that depends on what I'm eating

you know if I'm sick I like differently then you know if I've got a flu I'll eat differently so I am do try to do a calorie restriction thing with your food or just Whole Foods or like now there's paleo and carnivore and keto and like what wouldn't

you know the fad diets yeah I if I'm trying to lose weight I have a 500 calorie deficit each day so I record my calories and I count my calories my Fit Pal is probably my favorite but my record my calories and keep it of $500 calorie deficit

if I'm trying to bulk up I will have more calories if I'm and broke up I build more muscle mhm mhm right now I'm doing the 500 calorie deficit but and then it's also the kind of calories you eat that that plays a huge role I eat a

lot of vegetables a lot of fiber very little very like a minimal berry a lot of lean proteins a lot of fish a chicken so if you were gonna give one piece of advice well before I say that let me say this it is impressive that you lost

the weight and have kept it off six years later because there's plenty people who can lose 40 50 60 70 80 90 a hundred pounds mm-hmm but then within two years they've gained most of it back because I really want to acknowledge the fact that you lost it

and have kept it off for so long thank you so I'm impressed very well done well done so what I'm wondering about is if you have one piece of advice what would it be to somebody just starting looks like that's how you get one for each let's do

one for someone who's just starting one for someone who's in the middle one for someone who's at the end and one for someone who's gained weight back okay well first of all one that is just starting the biggest piece of advice I can give is rome isn't built

in a day I made these changes I made changes to my lifestyle little by little I started out by drinking more water making half my meals vegetables and getting on the elliptical for 20 minutes a day and then I build up from there slowly added things learn things

you can't go you cannot make a lifestyle change which to keep it off you have to you have to change your whole lifestyle you can't make your whole lifestyle change in a month you need to do it progressively and don't be frustrated like everybody starts at the bottom

and works our way up you go to anybody in the gym they'll tell you the story about when they first started working out whether it was when they are in high school or at me 50 but or 40 but it was it's you you make the changes little

by little if you want to stick with it if you are going for the long term stick with it the middle I would say education is the key nice and like I said I went to school to learn how food works with the body but I don't know

if you need to go to that extreme but blogs talking to people making friends that are get on the same journey you're on I've made a lot of great friends that wanted to start losing weight and you know having it together workout buddies are key there is no

end there is no end I there is no end I want to be 80 still kickin it still eating healthy still exercising there's no end you're always going to want to improve your body and somebody that's and then I can really relate to this right now somebody that's

seeing the weight back home wants to get back into it just I have discovered probably just this last month it's okay to start back at the beginning and where I'm restricted on where I can work out it was hard I was like well if I went through this

phase I'm not gonna lie I'm getting even getting full nura ball here I went through this phase where well if I can't lift weights or if I can't work out as hard as I would I'm not gonna do it at all and then my diet slipped and that's

why I gained the weight back I wouldn't have had I just been okay with just getting on a stationary bike and calling it good but when you say getting the way back you gain 10 pounds right so the big scheme of things it's not a lot but for

me it's a flip but but and I mean I'm still nowhere near where I was and I've still come get a long ways but you're like I said don't be afraid to go back a track I mean I can't squat 125 pounds anymore I can't even squat 10

right now good but I can still get on a stationary bike I can still have you do you have one have you ever heard of a hand bike it's a bike that yeah Oh with your which y'all yes yeah I've been doing a lot of that and you

know just even over the last month of just saying okay it's okay to just do what I did in the beginning I feel better so what thing I hear you saying is just say if you're going on a hike if you start at the bottom of the trailhead

and you get to the destination which is the amount of weight loss and you slip down the trail down down down the trail a few pounds if they kind of go again but you don't actually go to the trailhead you're actually not all the way at the bottom

no I can walk upstairs and not have my legs hurt much that was the first experience I had at the gym so yeah you backtrack but I also am going in you know also you're going into it with a lot more knowledge yeah I understand how diet works

I understand you know how exercise works so as my body heals I'll get there faster because I know what I know because I found the path yeah I just need to yeah yeah I found the direct path I've already done that so I just need to go up

the path again does that make sense totally so so are you gonna give us a before and after picture on my phone absolutely any last piece of like stellar information you want to pass on it's at this point she's the pro right she's lost the weight she's kept

it off she's gained a few but she knows what she's doing like you're the pro you're the expert right now you know with people that I've helped in the past exercise is don't be intimidated there is everybody can stand on a treadmill and walk like if that's all

you can do that's better than what you did the day before I have a phrase you only have to be a little bit better than you were yesterday that's the only competition you have diet a lot of people come to me like this I want to magic here

sorry there isn't it but the best way to start is drink at least eight ounces of water every day or I always recommend a half a pound for I mean a half an ounce for every pound you weigh drink more water and make half your meal vegetables you

do those two things you would be surprised at how quick the weight will come off okay I love it thank you so much thanks for being on the channel no problem thank you for sure thank you for inviting me you're welcome please hello you know lead from the

videos what's up we're doing a shoot here is roughing up but I've only seen women on you bitches all once with me you'll see Lee you

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