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your digestion at home okay let's getinto weight okay is all once again from Injibs Cosmets hoping that you staytuned to my beauty tips today now I'm gonna tell you a few things that canhelp you improve your digestion at home you can actually use several things likeherbs and other

stuff that you can find in your kitchen but first for now I'mgonna tell you a few things that really very good at improving your digestion athome and things that can be find in your kitchen first of all what actuallycauses digestion problems or digestion issues okay one of the

things thatcauses that is is is the ID hydration and several other things the foods thatwe eat and all the other things that we actually consume including includingthings that actually get our stomachs congested and all that kind of stuff butthen first of all I'll talk about the digestion that

is caused by theindigestion caused by the foods that we eat what are the foods are causingdigestion foods that cause indigestion could be lack of drinking water if youdo not drink enough water or drink liquids well some of the liquidsactually could simply cause indigestion or dehydration liquids like gases

andthick juices usually I usually tell my friends to actually make sure that ifthey taking juices to make sure that that they dilute them to get them totake the thickness away and all the sugars and the other ingredients thatare put in those juices but anyway some of the foods

that actually causeindigestion could be foods like pastries it was likebread and all that kind of stuff but it's very important that you actuallywatch what you eat watch what you put in your mouth it's very rare that peopleactually get to watch what they're eating or what they put in

their mouthswhat you put in your mouth is what you become if you give the liver you givethe kidney something tough to digest what you expect of the kidney to do thekidney has to work with that particular thing that you've given it if you giveit something that is very

dry and tough to digest obviously the kidney will havea hard time or the liver will have a hard time to process that thing that drything that you give it so some of the things that we're going to use to makesure that our in digestion gets good actually things

like things like garlicthe garlic um did I say garlic onions beetroot things that are filled with bita bit bitumen vitamin C and besides the garlic we've got vinegar apple cidervinegar very good very good for indigestion it spins out all the foodsthat are that are clawed in your stomach

letting it go loose freely down withouthaving any issues of indigestion so vinegar is one of them how do you usevinegar there are different types of vinegar you find that there are applecider vinegar the brown brown vinegar white vinegar which is the spirit butthen I would advise you to

use the apple cider vinegar it's much more naturalit's much more it's bit its natural from from apples by the way apple cidervinegar like some call it ABC a sea v is derived from fruits which areapples so I would advise you to take something like like apple cider vinegartake

a to take a take a glass of water have a glass of waterand then mix in a 1/2 teaspoon 1/2 tablespoon naturally it's not just oneit's a tablespoon 1/2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and then store itcorrectly just those are the two ingredients two ingredients just waterin apple

cider vinegar mix it together then drink it before eating 10 minutesbefore eating it's very good actually to eat it right early in the morningbefore do right after you wake up take that and then wait or about 15 minutesor 20 before you take your breakfast or you can even

do it before every time youdo before you take your meal yeah just do that so anyway that's one one thingapple cider vinegar the next thing is garlic garlic is filled with ad allisonallison which is very very good at thinning blood at the same time boostingyour metabolism so together

with the black fin and the metabolism workingfast then with the metabolism with the immunity and the metabolism thedigestion as well gets to function properlyso i would advise you to I wouldn't advise you actually to cook the garlicdo not cook the garlic chew the garlic if you can or

add raw garlic use thegarlic raw because cooked garlic destroys that Allison the strength ofthe strength that comes out of the garlic it destroys it so if you wantreally to reap the benefits the benefits out of garlic use it rawtake it and chew it if you see the girl

it when you crush itit stimulates that strength of the Allison and then when you leave it therethen the Allison goes down but when you crush itAllison is I usually usually advise people to to chew it if you canbut just because of this the bad smells and all that

kind of stufffrom your breath then it's rather you just add it in your food but better ohdo not cook it so those are the things actually that that will help you withthe indigestion the other thing that will help with that issue could bethings like like um what else

now things like fruits fruits vitamin C fruits likeoranges tech things that that could do group could actually thin out your foodand help with indigestion drink a lot of water drink a lot of warm water not coldwater drink a lot of warm water warm water is very good for

indigestion anddoing a lot of things so in case you really know exactly in case in case youreally want to deal with the indigestion drink a lot of water drink heavy waterdrink enough there's nothing like enough directed the best times to drink wateryou see when you're drinking what are

you doing that you do not just drinkwhat what has got good times for the right times you need to drink water atthe right time you didn't drink water the right amount and know exactly whento drink it the best time to drink water if you want it to work

for you is whenyou wake up in the morning right after you wake up in the morning drink waterand drink a big glass of water before you eat anything before you brush yourteeth because you've been sleeping the whole night so you've been breathing andyou've been exhaling moist you've been

exist the exhaling moist soall the water that you've lost during breathing you need to replace it earlyin the morning before you do anything so that's the best time to actually drinkwater then you do not drink water while you're eating do not drink water withmeals drink water drink the

water before you eat or after you give anyway I thinkI'm almost passing where I live let me just go backstainless so that wicked we can actually end this video but anyway three things Iexplained it's um it's al it's um it's apple cider vinegar for digestion athome apple cider

vinegar garlic – wait row and then drink a lot of water earlyin the morning as soon as you wake up anyway don't forget to digital if you'renew to my channel please subscribe below to hit the bell button if you want toreceive a notification of every video that I

have thought yeah so stay staystay focused and stay tuned for my for my next one so yeah stay well yeah

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