How To Burn Fat Faster At Home | Uncover Simple Steps For Serious Weight Loss

in this video you'll discover how to burn fat faster in the comfort of your home when a lot of people think about losing weight they think of uncomfortable practices like hitting the gym day after day in doing excessively hard workouts following really uncomfortable calorie restrictive diets but the

truth is is that neither of those things equate to weight loss I mean you can go to the gym and still not lose weight you can also follow a very uncomfortable strict diet and not lose weight as well what does equate to weight loss time after time though

is mastering your physiology mastering your hormones and that's what I want to talk about in this video because it's the most important aspect of weight loss it's not you know the gym it's not the food that you're eating is mastering these hormones and of course those things can

participate in that process but if we don't understand the hormones we can't even get there so stick around to the end of this video but before we get started I'm doctor zorroski and welcome to the channel if you're new to the channel it's a pleasure to have you

here be sure to subscribe hit the notification bell and I'm gonna help you exhale your health and your life let's go ahead and talk about these hormones the first hormone that I want to talk about is gonna be leptin because leptin is a very important hormone in this

process in fact it's considered to be the leading cause of fat gain the leading cause that people are overweight obese you name it now what does this hormone do this is referred to as the satiety hormone and essentially what happens is as you eat or as you have

a lot of fat accumulation on your body it support your body's supposed to send this message to your brain your hypothalamus and say hey we're full we're good we got a lot of fat storage here we have a lot of you know food we just ate everything's good

you know no more hunger should be there let's go ahead and shut this thing down in that way you're able to just go on about your day but what happens is when leptin resistance is in place leptin is signaled because you have all that stored fat leptin signal

because you just ate a good full satiating meals and then the brain can't hear it when the brain can't hear it essentially what happens is you know it doesn't know that those things are happening it doesn't know that you have that stored fat it doesn't know that you

just eat a good healthy satiating meal and from there what is happening is that you have decreased energy and it is also signaling as is left and that is it's singling your body to store fat because it thinks that you're not getting enough food I mean these hormones

are all here in order to actually protect you from starving but of course when they're not working well they're doing the opposite they're causing you to get really fat and get overweight and so what we have to do is master these hormones so leptin resistance is a big

one okay and when we think of these different hormones and I talked about how you know some people it's very difficult for them to lose weight and it's not their fault in some cases it's just like the person who wakes up with anxiety every day so the person

who wakes up with depression they didn't choose to do it they woke up that way it's the same thing when you're trying to lose weight in many cases your your intent is good and you're doing the right things but because these hormones are messing with you you just

can't get there I mean imagine if you never hear the hormone that tells you you're full you're gonna be hungry all the time let's go ahead and keep moving on and talk about insulin resistance now you may be pretty familiar with this one this one's a little bit

more popular I also talked about it on my channel quite a bit insulin resistance is also one of the main fat storing hormones okay when you have insulin resistance that basically means that your insulin is not able to properly shuttle the blood sugar into the cell when it

can't do that the pancreas keeps producing it and then you have this insulin surge in the body so when you have this surging hormone in the body essentially what happens is it likes to store fat because it's really good at it and so whenever you're trying to lose

weight we have to make sure that we're always working to go in and decrease our blood sugar by eating foods that are not going to increase our blood sugar and then of course decrease insulin because if insulin is high we just can't tap into that fat storage that

we have and in fact we actually do the opposite and keep storing fat and accumulating that fat on top of each other so we have to make sure that we are taking this into consideration when you think about all the foods you're eating every food that you look

at think about it is it gonna raise my blood sugar is it does it have sugar in it I mean some of the even most uncommon foods that you pick up from the grocery stores like a can of tomatoes for instance that you would never think would have

sugar in it and a lot of cases has sugar in it so we always have to look you know is it sugar free is it gonna raise my blood my blood sugar is gonna cause hyperglycemia is it going to cause hyperinsulinemia we always have to that in consideration

because we want to master insulin if we actually want to lose weight it's so important these are the hormones behind weight loss next is gonna be gremlin now gremlin is also a hormone that can just go off the rails and cause your life to be hell when you're

trying to lose weight now gremlin is going to be a hunger hormone so this basically is a hormone telling you you're hungry think of it being the exact opposite of what leptin is doing so leptin is telling you that you're full growlin is telling you that you're hungry

now what's gonna trigger gremlin gremlin is going to be triggered when you are basically having an empty stomach okay so let's say that you ate a meal you know 10 hours later whatever the number is your stomach is empty and as a result gremlin starts to go up

as gremlin goes up your brain your hypothalamus hears this thing no one goes mmm you know you're hungry so you need to eat so gremlin goes up you eat your stomach's folk renlund goes back down here's the trouble though because when people are overweight when you're obese when

you have a lot of inflammation in your body when you're unhealthy a lot of stress essentially what happens in overweight people is that you know they go and they eat a full meal their stomachs full in chronological ittle bit okay so think of it this way a good

healthy individual who has a good healthy metabolism metabolically healthy the hormones are all functioning well there gremlin goes up they eat a good healthy meal and then BAM drops down someone who's overweight they eat a good meal and it just drops a little bit so you're still getting

that signal I'm hungry I'm hungry okay you can see how these hormones are messing with your head and causing you to not get the results that you're looking to get when you're trying to lose weight so Grenaa is a big one we're gonna keep talking about another hormone

and we're gonna then talk about some of the different things you can do in order to stop this whole process now high cortisol this is a stress hormone it's one of the main hormones it's going to be pushed out by the adrenals now the adrenals are put are

pushing out this hormone in a response to many things maybe you are doing excessive exercise maybe it's you know your lifestyle just you know stress from work stress from your home stress from your relationship whatever that stress is when you have high stress it pushes out this stress

hormone the problem is is that this stress hormone actually goes and likes to add to weight gain and it's been found in many studies that people who are overweight have more cortisol and also people who have a problem gaining weight have surging cortisol as well and so of

course one of the things you have to do is focus on decreasing your cortisol I mean that's the easy thing right decrease your cortisol by following a lifestyle that isn't as stressful yeah more an easier said than done but one of the things that is uncommonly known is

that when we have high stress in high cortisol that it's going to lead to that weight gain and things that you may be doing in order to stop the weight gain can even lead to more stress and cortisol for instance exercise so people want to lose weight they

go and they start hitting the gym in many cases it can have some symptoms show up they even become more unhealthy because they can't handle the stress from the exercise and the stress already occurring physiologically in their body and so excessive exercise can be a problem the other

thing can be that can be a big issue is if you're falling a really calorie restrictive diet this can lead to higher cortisol so you can see how when you're trying to do the right things things are still going wrong but the truth is is that we have

to think back to these hormones so if we're thinking about losing weight what is it that's going to cause leptin resistance what is it that's gonna cause your insulin levels to go high what is it that's gonna throw gremlin off the rails what is it that's going to

go in cause cortisol to be really high in our body if we think about all these hormones from there what we do is we come up with a way to master weight loss and by the way if you want to learn more about how to lose weight without

exercise I did a really powerful video you could check that out right there I'll also put it in the description below next on our list is talking about solutions to these problems because solutions is where it's at alright I mean we talked about the problems what do we

do about it the first thing is is that we need to follow specific diets that aren't going to be very restrictive and uncomfortable for us okay in also specific diets that are actually proven to actually get us results with these hormones so at the top of our list

we're thinking diets that are going to be anti-inflammatory big problem because a lot of people have so much inflammation in their body when they have this inflammation they cannot get these hormones to function properly a lot of times due to the inflammation this is why they can't be

heard that's why you're getting that resistance factor with it and so we have to follow specific diets three diets right now that are helping a lot of people reverse these patterns is going to be the ketogenic diet okay you're probably familiar with that if not I'm gonna put

resources to everything in the description below I did lots of videos on all of these topics I'm gonna mention so the ketogenic diet is great a healthy whole food low-carb diet getting a hundred grams of less of carbohydrates per day focusing on Whole Foods avoiding foods that are

also non inflammatory is gonna be important as well so next is gonna be falling even a carnivore diet this is also a diet that can be very good at this time because so many people have immune issues and inflammatory issues that the carnivore diet really helps shut down

that inflammation and that immune problem now understand this that if you have that inflammatory cycle just spiraling out of control in the body until you shut that cycle down it is very difficult to unwind these really bad patterns with these hormone resistances so we have to make sure

that we use the proper diet like I said keto low-carb carnivore is also great these are great diets at this time in order to help with these problems you know according to some of the different research out there in fact there's some of the best diets available today

so specific diets is going to be important but really focusing on anti-inflammatory foods and also anti-inflammatory diets is important next is gonna be periods of fasting periods of fasting really helps these hormones to normalize it also has going to help the blood sugar to drop lower it's gonna

help your insulin levels to stay low it's going to really really help all of these hormones collectively doing 16 ma intermittent fasting is all that needs to be done if you want to start getting some benefit from this ok you don't have to jump into a three-day water

fast you don't have to jump into one meal a day 16 a day is gonna be good enough and it's also gonna be very effective and then lastly as I mentioned already stop that inflammatory cycle that inflammatory cycle is so dangerous when we talk about these hormone patterns

so if we can unwind that follow a healthy diet we're gonna be heading down the right path now if you want to learn more about how you can improve your health watch this video right here in good quality food healthy fruits and vegetables there are some different bioactive

compounds that some people do not do well with a lot of people are going to follow the carnivore diet because they're having an autoimmune problem

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