How To Avoid GAINING WEIGHT During Quarantine!!

hey guys what's up welcome back to mychannel you guys are new here welcome my name is Caitlyn and in today's video weare gonna be talking about how to not gain weight during quarantine I knowright now is a stressful time for all of us it's really difficult lots of

us arestress eating and we're bored and it's just a hard time right now and it'ssuper easy to gain weight so that's what we're gonna be talking about in today'svideo but before we get into the video asalways if you guys are not already subscribed to go ahead and

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go ahead and check out that giveaway and with allthat being said let me stop talking and let's get in that video alright you guysso let's just get straight into it so the first thing you can do in order tonot gain weight during quarantine is stay busy most of

us are just grazingaround in the kitchen looking for something to do because we're bored soreally sit down and ask yourself am i hungry or am I bored 99% of the timeyou're just bored so find something else to do with your time whether you'restarting some spring cleaning clean out

your trunk make a YouTube channel oryou can even learn a new skill whether you want to go on skillshare and learn anew skill or go on Udemy there's a whole bunch of options for you to learnsomething new and do something else with your time besides eating so figuresomething

else to do with your time and get out the kitchen which leads me intomy next point which is stay out of the kitchen you don't need to be in thekitchen to get out of the kitchen don't be reading in the kitchen don't bedoing your homework in the kitchen

don't be working in the kitchen reading emailsnothing like that if you need to be in there get out it just opens up the doorfor you to mindlessly snack so stop thinking oh I'm bored let's see what'sgoing on the fridge let's see what's going on in the pantry nothing's

changedget out of the kitchen third thing that you can do so youdon't gain weight during quarantine is exercise exercising helps to regulateyour digestion so you don't feel bloated you don't feel heavy you don't feelgross so if you're able to workout outside while still social distancingthen do that go

for walks ride your bike go for a run jump rope even if youcan't work out outside then try some at home workoutsme personally I've been loving yoga with adriene yoga with kassandra and bohobeautiful they all have really good full body workouts and they even have postworkout stretches that

you can do so if you're feeling sore after your workoutyou can do that but working out is also good for stress relief it can boost yourimmune system so just play around with different workouts see which one youlike the best and just go from there another thing that you

can do to help ismake sure that you're maintaining a routine this means changing into yourregular clothes not just sitting around in loungewear all day changing intojeans changing into regular clothes is going to help keep you mindful of whereyour weight is at you're going to be like oh my

jeans are getting tightermaybe I should cut back on the trips to the kitchen but if you're just loungingaround in sweatpants all day it's a lot easier to lose track of your weight somake sure that you're changing into regular clothes or at least weighingyourself once a week so it

doesn't get to the point where you've gained so muchweight and then it's harder to lose because it's easier to lose three poundsthan it is to lose ten pounds and lastly another thing you guys can do tell youso you don't gain weight during quarantine is don't overdo it on

thedrinks I know right now can be a tempting time to just ask the time withdrinking but drinking is filled with calories and usually leads you to eatingmore food it also temporarily keeps your body fromburning fat so I would only have two drinks a week because four drinks a

weekcan actually add 10 pounds in a year and you don't want that so figure somethingelse out to do or limit your drinking or smoke weed I know what you guys arethinking but if I smoke weed then I'm gonna get the munchies no the munchiesare definitely a personal choice

that you give into I smoke weed all the timeand I didn't lose 50 pounds on accident and it also helps me to drink a lot morewater but that comes to the end of my video if you guys have any questions letme know down in the comments below or

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