How NAD therapy benefits fatigue, athletic performance, weight loss, and mental clarity

So NAD stands for nicotinamide Adenine dinucleotide and it is a critical cofactor in the body that is involved in hundreds and hundreds of processes throughout the body So one of my Favorite things about NAD is that it has an almost linear effect on the amount of ATP produced in the body ATP is our body's energy molecule and ATP simply can't be made without NAD and Patients come in to the clinic all the time complaining of fatigue It's actually one of the most common symptoms that I hear is I'm fatigued.

I'm tired I don't have enough energy and Fatigue is a really tricky symptom because it can come about from a variety of different Dysfunctions in the body and sometimes it's many dysfunctions at once create fatigue or chronic fatigue But one one underlying core issue about energy Production and fatigue is if the body doesn't have enough NAD it simply cannot produce enough ATP or enough energy So That's at the base.

If if you are feeling fatigued if you are feeling like you don't have enough energy it's likely that you don't have enough NAD and as a naturopathic doctor I work towards finding what the root cause of the fatigue is and working on those systems that Can naturally help the body produce more NAD, but during that time NAD therapy could be a really great therapy to help boost the energy while we figure out Why the lack of energy is existing there.

People who are pushing their bodies harder and harder and harder are really depleting their body of NAD Much faster and while in most cases athletes are taking extremely good care of their body many times there will be a time where they'll hit a plateau or their workouts just aren't producing the same results that they used to be producing and sometimes that's because they're they're utilizing all the energy that they possibly have to get to a certain level and Sometimes by adding a little bit of NAD to the body It can get a little bit of a boost to the performance so that either that athlete can perform at a slightly higher level or when they're in their recovery mode that that's a good time to give NAD too because Typically if athletes have performed at a very high level for a long time And now they're in kind of that recovery mode their NAD and their energy has been depleted from their body So their following workouts can be come more and more difficult so by adding NAD to the body it allows the athlete to Generate more energy so that they can recover and get back to their normal routine quicker One of the uses for NAD is to boost the metabolism So I often think of the patient who has been trying to lose weight has been trying to boost their metabolism and just operate at a higher level of functioning as a Good candidate for NAD.


I will preface that by saying that typically the patients that I look for As candidates for NAD therapy when they're trying to boost the metabolism our patients who have already consulted with their doctor primary care health care provider to be Following the right diet to be exercising to be leading at least a fairly healthy Lifestyle that would also help with weight loss and boosting metabolism but if they're looking for an additional therapy or additional boost NAD is a great place to start because NAD is involved in redox In redox reactions which are the reactions that lead to energy production again to ATP production So NAD is really important in the metabolism of carbs turning carbohydrates into sugar that can be used by the brain and the muscles and all of the energies in the cell the more efficiently your body can do that to Turn the carbohydrates into usable sugar that the cells can use quickly the faster your metabolism works Another great Effect of NAD is that it has an impact on our cognitive function Which is our mental well-being our mental emotional well-being NAD is essential to the production of our Neurotransmitters including dopamine serotonin and noradrenaline all of these neurotransmitters Contribute to a positive mood and A balanced mental emotional peace some of the effects that people who have had NAD therapy Report is an increase in concentration at elevation and mood increase in mental clarity An increase in memory both being able to retain the information and recall the information later and an increase in motivation so If you are one of those people who is experiencing brain fog or any part of the brain fog picture And you just feel like you need a little bit of boost in mental clarity or Focus or alertness NAD could possibly be an option So NAD is typically administered through an IV and It is a longer infusion So if you decide that nad therapy might be something that you want to explore the process would be you would come in Maybe 30 minutes before your appointment so that I could talk to you and see what your individual needs and goals with NAD therapy are and then you would be Connected to an IV line and the NAD would be administered through an IV.

It will be a longer infusion and Typically we can drip the IV as fast as you your body will accept it Meaning that there are some side effects that are associated with the infusion but only with the infusion if it's going a little bit too fast, so some patients will report having a slightly elevated heart rate or a little bit of a feeling of a fast heart rate a little bit of chest tightness, or shortness of breath All very mild some people experience a little bit of stomach Upset or nausea But all of this can be controlled by simply turning down the rate at which we infuse the nad and these effects are transient Most people report positive effects with NAD Sometimes the day of and then really when to look for the effects is the following week.

So the next day the next few days typically, I like to create a program for patients so it could look anything like once – twice a week for NAD infusions for a period of four or five weeks and then slowly extend them out So whereas you might need an infusion once a week for the first month It may be extended out to every other week or even just once a month.

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