How Much Cardio Do You Need To Do To LOSE WEIGHT?

so you're wondering how much cardio youneed to do to lose weight well in this video I'm gonna make it as simple aspossible and tell you what you need to know check it out what's up guys welcomeback Tony here I'm a certified personal trainer and to help him on

this coachand all I'm trying to do is help you take control of your own health so ifyou're new here consider subscribing anyways let's get into the video cardioit's hard for you to like but it's something you gotta do in order to stayhealthy it also helps prevent future health

problems what are we gonna doabout that well you have to do cardio so what kind and for how long those are themain two questions that everybody has and I'm here to tell you it's supersimple and it's not as bad as you think I guarantee it you don't have

to gorunning you don't have to do sprints you don't have to go as hard as you can forhours and hours a day no you can just walk yes that's rightyou can walk and lose weight that's it you don't have to run here's the thingyou got to walk at

a brisk pace fast pace moderate intensity I'll get intothat a little more okay so the American College of Sports Medicine recommendthat people get about 300 minutes of cardio exercise per week to lose weightand that should be spread out at least between three days and no more than hourper

session so what does that boil down to well that could be an hour and 40minutes total of exercise for three days a week what might be easier for peopleis an hour's worth of cardio exercise five days a week and to break it downeven further it does not have

to be an hour of continuous exercise this cardiowork can be done in 10 minutes bouts which means you could go 10 minutes onand then 10 minutes off or you could go 20 minutes on 10 minutes off or youcould go 20 minutes here take a little break an hour

break 20 minutes laterjust as long as you're getting 300 minutes a week okay so what's theintensity so you want to make sure that you're exercising at the right intensityyou don't have to be going all-out where you can't talk or you could barelybreathe you want to be going at

a pace where you can complete one or twosentences while walking but that's about itbecause you're breathing pretty heavy so basically if you're walking with afriend Moses of your interaction is like in one or two sentences and then you gota you know you got to focus on your breathing

you got to focus on yourwalking because you're walking it at a moderate intensity you know you'repumping those arms you're you're cruising you're cruising it's a morescientific way to calculate your intensity is hitting a target rangewhich is forty to sixty percent of your heart rate Reserve I'll make a

wholenother video on that whoa I'll make a whole nother video on that and also linksomething down below so you can learn how to calculate that but if you havethose numbers you could be wearing like a Fitbit or a SmartWatch and you couldtell whether you're going at the right

pace by looking at your heart rate wellthat's super complicated and if you want to get into itcomment down below I'll make another video bye anyways all you need toremember is one or two sentences while walking but that's about itokay so that's about it you want to hit about

300 minutes of cardio a week andthat will really set you up on a good pace to lose weight in case you'rewondering you know you haven't been working out in a while you don't know ifyou do 300 minutes the first week that's okaytry to start at 150 minutes a

week to start and then every week increase eachsession that you do by 5 minutes and eventually build up to 300 minutes ormore if you want I'm gonna mention this little thing but it's actually a reallybig thing to losing weight you want to make sure you're in a caloric

deficit ifyou don't know what that means I'm gonna link a video up here somewhere and downbelow in the description so please check that out so you understand that andthere you go there's no magical exercise that you can do once and you startlosing weight no but this is one

of the most important things you need tounderstand to lose weight and you will just remember 300 minutes a week ofcardio 300 minutes get to it you'll lose weight if you liked what you saw in thisvideo consider subscribing because I post a lot of content like thisif any of

you guys have any additional tips or questionslet's connect down in the comments below anyways thank you for watchingpeace

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