How I Workout Lower Abs From Home – Chris Heria (Follow Along)

– What's up guys? It's Chris Heria.

Welcome to another vlog.

Today I'm gonna be showing you guys how I train my lower abdominals, specifically how I wasdoing it back in the day when I was training justfrom the floor in my room.

I didn't really have any equipment.

So, we're gonna be going through a routine that I used back then thatI still do to this day.

It's really effective on the lower abs and it takes absolutely no equipment, so you guys can follow along with me.

I know lower abs can be difficultfor some of you out there.

Because if you're just starting out, it could be hard to properly engage or feel a contraction of the muscle.

Or maybe you're notusing the wrong exercises but there is gonna be exercises out there that are way more effective like the ones I'm gonna showyou today in this routine.

And one thing that's gonna specifically, basically force you tocontact your lower abdominals is by adding weight to thelower end of your body.

Doing the exercises thatI'm about to show you with the ankle weights on, you're gonna feel a deeper contraction in your lower abdominals, engaging it more, but its also gonna be more difficult.

It's definitely not necessaryto have ankle weights to be able to performany of these exercises but having them on whiledoing the exercises are gonna increase your gainsand give you way more results.

That's why I'm gonna be using them today.

And if you want some ankle weights, you can go ahead and picksome up thenx.


All right.

So I'm all set and ready to go.

Remember guys, you guys aregonna follow this along with me.

This takes absolutely no equipment.

Just make sure you have anelevated surface close by 'cause we will be using that.

The rest will be done on the floor.

Remember, if you're feelingfatigued at any moment, you can go ahead take a momentto stop and catch your breath but then keep on going.

In fact, my best advicewould to be slow down but try not to stop.

Remember, we wanna keep our heart rate up to burn as many calories as possible because the more water retentionand fat you're burning, the more visible yourabdominals are gonna be.

So, with that said ifyou guys are ready to go the first exercise isgonna be laying leg raises for 45 seconds.

And straight out all the way up, all the way back down.

Regulate your breathing.

Keep your core tight.

Point your toes and engage your core.

(instrumental hiphop music) The straighter you keep your legs, the more you're engaging your abdominals.

So, try to keep your legsas straight as possible.

Even if they feel likethey're bending a little bit, try to fix that, try to keep it as straight, straight, straight as possible completely locked outfrom the tip of your toes.

You should feel it in your calves to your quads and your hamstrings all the way up to yourglutes and your abdominals.

All right.

Moving onto the next exercise.

We're gonna get up onour elevated surface.

Next exercise is gonnabe L-sit switching legs for 10 reps each leg.

When I was first getting started and specifically training in my room, almost every exercise whenI was doing abdominals were using L-sits.

But the reason is becausethat specific position is a highly effective position, not just for your abdominalsbut also for your arms and being able to gain controlof your own body weight.

Once you can successfullycontrol your body weight, everything else is gonnaget a whole lot more easier and you're gonna start seeing gains in other areas of your training.

And of course if you'rehaving trouble with L-sits doing them on a elevated surface is gonna allow you more room for your legs to come a little bit down until you develop the strengthin your lower abdominals to bring your legs all the wayup to the proper L-sit form.

All right, there wehave alternating L-sit.

We're gonna switch it up now, take it back to the ground.

The next exercise we're gonna be going for is laying alternating legraises for 45 seconds.

Let's go for it.

Remember, you guys wanna keepyour legs super straight.

We're gonna bring oneall the way up, match it, then bring that other onedown, come down and match it.

Now, let's go the other way.


Make sure you can keep yourlegs as separated as possible.

(instrumental hiphop music) All right, last one.

There we go.

That one is definitely a killer.

One I've been doing since 2012.

All right, moving on.

We're gonna go forL-sit kicks for 15 reps.

You wanna keep your legsas high as possible.

Keep that L-sit formation but if you can't keep yourlegs up to a 90 degree level, at least keep your legsas straight as possible and try to bring it up there.

Also when you're doing your L-sit kicks, make sure that you're bring your knees as close to your chest as possible.

Ready for, let's go for 15.

(instrumental hiphop music) All right.

There we have the L-sit kicks.

We're gonna take it back to the ground.

We're gonna be goingfor laying knee raises.

This is gonna be another timed exercise.

We're gonna be doing this for 45 seconds.

If you need to take amoment to catch your breath, go ahead and do that now.

If not, let's get it going.

Lets all the way out.

Core tight.

Bring your knees in, come back out.

(instrumental hiphop music) Here we go.

Keep it up guys, regulate your breathing.

In through your nose, out through your mouth.

Keep your core engaged, we're almost through.

Five more seconds.

All right.

Let's bring it back up.

We're gonna switch it up again guys.

We've come to the end of round one.

We're gonna finish offstrong with L-sit variations.

We're gonna go for 20 seconds each.

You're gonna go for L-sit leg flutters then L-sit open and close and finally we have the L-sit hold.

We're gonna do all threeof these back-to-back with as little rest as possible.

Let's get right into it.

(instrumental hiphop music) There we have leg flutters.

Next, we're gonna be goingstraight into open and close.

How you guys feeling? Take a second to catch your breath.

Let's get right back into it.

(instrumental hiphop music) All right.

There goes the L-sit open and close.

Last one we got the L-sit hold.

If you guys are feelingpretty fatigued right now, go ahead, take off yourshoes, take off your socks, lose some weight, let's get right into this one.

(instrumental hiphop music) All right.

There we have the last exercisefor the round, L-sit hold.

That's gonna complete round one.

If you guys were able to dothat with me, congratulations, you just completed asolid workout routine.

I'm giving you my personalworkouts that I did to get to where I am today.

And remember to get thisworkout on your phone as well as all my personal workouts and workout programs that I create with specific goals in mind, like burning fat andbuilding solid muscle, not just looking strongactually being strong with workout routines just like this that take minimal to no equipment that can be performedanywhere and even at home.

So, to get full access toall my workouts and programs, make sure you downloaded theHeriaPRO app in the app store and google play store.

It's like having me as apersonal trainer in your pocket.

So, with that being said, if you guys enjoyed the workout routine, it's not over yet.

You're gonna have to replay this video three to four more times to really get a solid workout routine in.

Doing three routines of this especially with the ankle weights on are gonna have you not just shredded but extremely strong in your core and you're gonna feel that transfer over into every other exercise.

So, don't forget if you needa pair of ankle weights, you can get them on thenx.

com/shop, along with other equipment that you may find helpfulduring your training.

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Mad love.

Peace out.

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