How I Workout Chest (Chris Heria)

What's up guys, it's Chris Heria, welcome to another vlog.

I'm packin' a bag rightnow for all the equipment that I need for today's workout.

Today's gonna be chest using calisthenics and weighted calisthenics.

For equipment, I'll bebringing my Parallettes, we'll be using rings, we'll be using a resistance band, and I'll be using my weight vest.

And if you guys wanna getthe routine on your phone, you already know, download the Heria Pro app on the App Store or Google Play Store.

To get this routine on yourphone so we can do it together.

Let's head down to thegym and get started.

All right.

(chill electronic music) All right, so we're gonnastart off with the warmup.

Let's get our resistance band.

We're gonna start with somelight elastic stretches.

One of the first ones I liketo do to stretch your chest and for shoulder mobility is to come up and behind you.

And I like to do one at a time.

All right, so since I'mworking my chest today, I'm gonna do an antagonist stretch.

I'm gonna be working onthe spread of my chest and since we're gonna becontracting it during the workout I wanna make sure thatmy supporting muscles are just as warmed up as well.

So let's go for it.

And actually making surethat your supporting muscles are also well stretched, you'll have more strength and engagement during your exercises.

(chill electronic music) All right, to finish off this warmup, we're gonna do some pull ups to make sure I've fully warmedup my antagonist muscles.

Let's go for 50.

(chill electronic music) Now 50 pull ups sounds like a lot but there's a lottaways to do 50 pull ups.

You could do two setsof 25 or five sets of 10 and if you can't complete the amount or if they're too hard, you could always do a Australian pull ups.

(chill electronic music) All right, so now we're gettinginto the actual routine.

For the rest of this workout routine I'm gonna be wearing the weight vest.

And of course you can do thisroutine with no weight at all but if you've been trainingcalisthenics for a while and you feel like you'vemastered your body weight and you wanna take yourtraining to the next level, then you should definitelybe putting on a weight vest to make this more challenging, give you more strength, and make a lot more gains, a lot more progress, a lot faster.

So the first exercise we're gonna get into is gonna be weighted push ups.

We're gonna go for 25.

Let's go for it.

(chill electronic music) All right, nice little moveto get this workout started.

Next we'll be setting up the rings to be going for some ring dips.

Let's go for 12.

All right, now this exerciseis gonna be extra difficult but also extra effectivebecause of the extra weight and because of the stabilization factor.

So make sure you squeezesuper tight with the grip, as hard as you can.

That's gonna help keepyour body controlled and as stabilized as possible while moving through the motion as well as maintaining perfect form.

Let's go for it.

So you wanna start offwith your arms locked out.

Come all the way down.

Come all the way back upagain and then lock out again.

Twist the ditch of your elbows out so that you know you're really locked out.

(chill electronic music) So if you're followingalong with this workout with me on the Heria Pro App, remember to go into each exerciseafter you've completed it, make sure to input exactlyhow many reps you did so we can move on.

Now remember, a goodchest routine needs to hit all the areas of your chest, upper, mid, and lower, as well as the inner and outer.

Now we just started offwith weighted push ups.

That's gonna engage themajority of your chest but really emphasize mainlyon your mid to lower region.

Then we moved on to ring dips with emphasizes more on yourinner, lower, and outer pecs.

And now we're gonna be movingon to commando push ups and now with this new grip, we're gonna be emphasizingmore on our inner chest and upper chest.

And this exercise, justlike the previous exercise, has a stabilization factor to it as well.

So, with this move, we're gonna be hitting those deep muscle fibers.

Let's go for 10 reps each grip.

(chill electronic music) Haven't done those in a while.

I didn't expect 'em to be that hard with the weight vest on.

If you find yourself losing balance while doing this exercise, spread your legs, the wider your legs are, the better stability and balance you're gonnahave doing this exercise.

But to have perfect form, you really wanna work on keeping your legs close and together.

So by now, you already know that adding a stabilization factor is gonna work deeper muscle fibers and get you a whole lot stronger, although it is a lot harderto execute than a normal rep but eventually you'regonna get the hang of it and normal reps are gonnabe that much easier.

So the next exercise isgonna be pelican push ups and it incorporates a stabilization factor as well on the rings.

We're gonna go for 12.

All right, so for the lastexercise we were working on the inner and upper chest.

Now with this move, we'rereally gonna be emphasizing on the spread of our chest and that's really where a lot of our strength and power lies.

Now the great thing about this exercise is that you're able toscale its difficulty.

So it can be easily adjusted to your current fitness level or strength.

As you get stronger, all you need to do is decrease the angle.

That's gonna add more resistance, make this exercise a lot harder, but a lot more effective and have you consistently progressing.

All right, so choose anangle that challenges you and then we're gonna for 12.

Eventually you're gonna get stronger, you wanna decrease that angleand even add more weight.

You wanna start with yourhands right under your chest, just like this.

And then we're gonna comedown and allow our arms to go past our body.

Spread your chest, and thenclose your chest back up, bring it back up to the top.

(chill electronic music) A highly effective exercise.

Just make sure that whenyou're pushing back up, you're not pushing toohigh up to your shoulder, but right under your chest, to ensure that you're engaging the proper muscles and contracting your chestproperly to get the most out of this movement.

All right, so let's go aheadand check off pelican push ups right off the workout routine.

Go ahead and put in how many reps you did and let's move on to thelast exercise of this round, that's gonna be elevated push ups.

That's gonna be thelast area of our chest, the upper area of ourchest, let's go for 20.

(chill electronic music) All right, so that's the last exercise of the first round.

I'm gonna go ahead and dothis round four more times to equal a total of five rounds to complete the workout routine and then we have the cool down.

But that's gonna be anice, highly effective, straight to the pointchest workout routine that you can really do anywhere.

You don't need gym equipment, dumbbells or weights to complete this entire workout routine.

As you guys can see, I brought my whole gym with me right here in my gym bag.

Even if I'm in a gym, I really don't even needto use any of the equipment to get a great, highlyeffective workout in.

And in some cases, thereare a lot of things that you can work on and even develop that you can't do with normal weights that you find at the gym.

And you can find all thisequipment like the weight vest, and the duffle bag on chrisheria.


And the other equipment likethe rings, resistance bands, and Parallettes, on thenx.


But I'm gonna wrap upfour more rounds of this and then I'll show you guys my cool down.

Remember, if you'regoing through the rounds and you find yourself fatiguing, it's better to keep the quality of reps and decrease the weight or even decrease the amount of reps thansacrifice your form just to complete therequired amount of reps.

Remember, your body doesn'tknow how many reps you do.

It only knows the quality of the contractions in your muscles.

So I'm gonna go ahead and wrap this up, and I'll meet you at the cool down.

(chill electronic music) All right, just wrapped up the cool down and with every single workout routine I always like to touch upon some type of technique at the end.

One thing I love to do is to try something that's very demanding for my body and that's very difficult.

Once I'm already at that fatigue level.

So, when I'm actually doing it fresh, it's gonna be a lot easier.

So I just wrapped up30 handstand push ups.

Of course you could do'em against the wall if you can't do 'em freestanding.

You can even do pike push ups which is a progressionto handstand push ups, still hitting the same muscles, and will develop yourstrengths and capabilities to eventually be doing handstand push ups.

And that's gonna wrap uptoday's workout routine.

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