How I Train For Food Challenges After a Long Weight Loss Break!!

(dramatic music) – Hey everybody! This is Randy Santel, Atlas and I am very very excited because my Sexification 2020break is now officially over, and it is time to start filmingmore food challenge videos.

Lots of you all ask incomments and messages, what I do to prepare myselfto get my body ready, back into eating shapeafter a long diet period for weight loss and this video is going to answer those questions.

(upbeat music) (upbeat music) Let's unbox this thing, because now I get to walk in these.

I have this, which is my vest.

But now we've got sexy pants! Sweat's gonna be coming down, my calves are gonna look fine! Oh man! Alright, we are back in my kitchen and it's time to film part one of my two day training exercise, that I do now to get mybody and my stomach ready for all the upcoming home food challenges that I'll be doing.

Just finished up a light workout and some stretching toget my blood pumping, ready for all the food andcalories that I'll be consuming.

Along with all the water, but years ago Magic Mitch and I, we filmed a video together, showing you all what I used to do during the entire 24 hour period before a food challengeor an eating competition.

If you'd like to check that video out, the YouTube link isdown in the description, but on Foodchallenges.

com, if you check out the stomach capacity training section, you'll find three different methods to get your body ready foran upcoming food challenge or eating contest event.

You can either train with just food, you can train with just liquids, which that can potentially be dangerous, so we don't talk too much about that.

Or you can do what I used to do and what I still do nowjust for with a little more updated version, but I use food capped off with lots of water.

So, I just go to Subway now, and I do this over the course of two days.

I do the same thing tomorrow, but try to better my time.

I've got four foot long sandwiches here.

I went with three cold cuttrios and then one ham.

Switched up the bread and thenswitched up the sauces too.

With some healthy mustardand buffalo sauce, but gonna try to finishthese four sandwiches as quickly as I can.

Along with all this water.

Gonna break all the sandwichesdown into six inch pieces.

Do one six inch piece.

Chase it with some water.

Then just keep onswitching back and forth.

But, let's get this started.

(dramatic music) Alright, you're probablywondering why I have this hat on.

I'm not gonna abuse thepower of Atlas for this.

This is just Randy Santel training.

You can see I definitelydon't need the hat.

I'm already sweating.

It's pretty warm in here but I'm also sweatingbecause I'm nervous.

It's April eighth todayand I haven't really eaten a big meal since January, back when I did thechallenges back in Italy.

So, whoa.

Just lost 73 pounds too, or 73.

4 pounds.

So, oh, keep your expectations for me low.

The goal is to just finish the sandwiches, and then hopefully mostof the water today.

And then just make some progress, do better tomorrow.

But, let's get this timer going and shut up and eat.

One, two, three.


(dramatic rock music) This is getting my bodyused to burping up air again to fit more food.

(dramatic rock) Those sandwiches are totallyfilled with healthy vegetables.

(dramatic rock) I wanna say that aftereating for over ten years, that this is all like riding a bike, getting back in shape, butI don't wanna jinx myself.

(dramatic rock) I'm going to do this whole foot-long.

Getting the sandwichesdown is more of a priority cause I want my body getting used to all of the food.

It doesn't matter so much about the water.

(dramatic rock) Bon appetite!! (dramatic rock) Probably got a bit too cocky.

I don't know if I'mgonna finish all of this, but I still feel good after the three.

(dramatic rock) Ugh, I cannot wait to retire.

and I still have like, three years.

(dramatic rock) This last one's taking a while, but the goal is not tofinish strong today.

It's to get our body readyto finish strong tomorrow.

Then we can dominatethe upcoming challenges.

I wanna finish but, if I try to force it I might get sick and thatdefeats the whole purpose of what I'm doing.

(dramatic rock) Ugh! Ugh! Oh my gosh.

29 minutes and 56 seconds!! Definitely gotta go lay down after that.

Like I said, I haven't hada big meal since April.

or no.

Oh, it is April.

Since January but Going off of Subway's calories, that was like 2, 700 or 3, 000 calories total.

Of course zero calories in the water but I got this done at 2:45 pm, so I've got plenty of time to digest that.

I'm gonna get a probablytwo hour bike ride on Stacey tonight.

29 minutes and 56 seconds.

That's the goal for tomorrow, to make some progress andwe'll see how it goes.

Well good evening everybody! It's a little past 10:30 pm.

All the sandwiches and most ofthat water from earlier today is pretty digested.

I'm feeling good.

So, I'm on my bike, Stacey, getting a good littletwo, or two and half hour ride in maybe.

Gonna break a sweat, burnoff some of the calories from earlier today.

But, then I'm gonna geta good night's sleep and try to wake up tomorrow and get ready to dominate and hopefully do better than I did today.

Alright, we are back.

It is day two of my training.

Going to do hopefullybetter than I did yesterday.

I got a great night's sleep last night after that long bike ride.

Rode over two and half hours, and burned over 2, 500 calories.

A great workout anddefinitely a sweaty one too.

I still have all my clothes back here, drying out on my drying rack.

But, I'm feeling hungry.

Ready to fuel back up.

We've got four more sandwichesfrom Subway again today.

This time I went with twocold cut trios and two ham.

Gonna go through the same as yesterday.

Sandwich, water, sandwich, water.

Big thank you to Subwayfor having the deal that they have going on right now.

Buy two, get one free.

Made all this training just a bit cheaper, but if I dominate today that29 minutes and 56 second time from yesterday.

Then I'll know that my body is awoken and ready to dominate someupcoming home food challenges.

Alright time to shut up and eat.

Gonna beat 29 minutes and 56 seconds.

Special thanks to my friend Steven Foza for the hat many years ago.

Thinking about you and all our friends in the United Kingdom.

Hope you guys are all doing well, thanks for watching our videos! I'll see you in November, but for now it's timeto eat some sandwiches and get ready for all the homefood challenges coming up.

One, two, three.

Boom!! Alright.

(intense rock) Done with two of the sandwiches.

and definitely morethan half of the water.

Remember, day one wasall about just getting the body ready, acclimated.

Now we're actually focused on speed, just trying to beat that time.

(intense rock) Ah! Under nine minutes! We are cranking through.

There's all the water, and now we've got 1 foot-long left.

(intense rock) Finally down to one thing of water and one six inch sandwich.

(intense rock) Ah!! Ugh! 14 minutes and 57 seconds.

Totally crushed yesterday's time.

So, that's a big confidence booster.

We'll be good to go forthe challenge upcoming.

Ugh! I've been moaning forlike the last ten minutes.

So, fortunately you guysdidn't have to check that out, but I'm really happy with thattime that I just put down.

Just want to do a quick disclaimer though.

I was joking in yesterday'swhile I was doing those sandwiches that all ofthis, getting my body ready is kind of like riding a bike for me.

But it is kinda cocky, but also understand I've stretched my stomachover a thousand times during the past ten years ofbeing a professional eater.

So please do not expect the same results if you try this.

I am not recommending this at all.

This is just what I do, the four sandwiches andthe gallon of water, and then trying to beat my time.

If you'd like to try something like that yourself, you're ofcourse more than welcome, but be sure to be safeand please modify it based on your abilities orwhatever you're trying to do.

Whether it be lower thesandwiches, lower the water.

Whatever! But either way, be sure youhave read and checked out all of the stomachcapacity training articles on FoodChallenges.


There's a lot of other articles available on Foodchallenges.

com too, especially under thetips and strategies tabs available on the home page, but if you check those outand still have a question, be sure to message me through Facebook, my Randy Santel Facebook page.

Or else email Atlas, or Randy @ Randysantel.

com and I'll do my best to hep you.

That is it for this video.

I hope you all found it very informative.

Thank you so much for all your time and continued supportthrough watching our videos.

All of the next upcomingvideos that you'll be watching, will all be part of our new series called, Dinner is Served!! where I go around to localSpringfield, Missouri area restaurants who are still offering takeout and delivery too, during thiswhole time of quarantine, while I can't be out touringand doing food challenges, but Arthur and I will befilming at home food challenges that we create for all of you to enjoy.

I know I'm excited tostart filming the videos, now that my body is ready.

So, until next time, this is Randy Santel.

Atlas hoping you guysalways, always, always, win before you begin.

Thanks for watching!! (cymbal crash) (light music).

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