Hey everyone it's Mia today I'm gonna betalking about how I lost 50 pounds postpartum.

So if you're interested tosee how I did it just keep watching.

I just want to have a little disclaimerafter you've had a baby your body has been through so much so give your bodygrace give your body time and it took nine plus months for your body to grow ahuman and you know gain weight so really give it plenty of time to lose weightdon't try to rush anything it's not going to be healthy for your body.

So Iam currently exclusively breastfeeding our little girl our daughter Isabella isnow eight months old.

In the very beginning I gave myself lots of gracetime I did not try to diet I did not try to cut calories because I didn't want tomess with my milk supply.

I highly recommend not starting any type ofanything for at least six weeks and even then consult with your doctor and talkto your doctor about what is best for you.

So for me personallycoming home from the hospital having a newborn baby I was going through a lotso I just gave myself grace like I said I ate what I wanted I tried to eathealthy things honestly I craved a lot of fruit and tried to drink plenty ofwater all those things are great for your milk supply.

If you want I can do aseparate video on how I kept my milk supply up just leave a comment below! Iknow this video will be helpful for just about anyone even if you're notpostpartum if you're trying to lose weight this video is going to help you.

Whether you're trying to lose 5 pounds or 105 pounds I can help you.

Ifyou're new to weight loss weight loss is very very simple.

All weight loss comes down to is a calorie deficit and you might be sayingwhat's a calorie deficit a calorie? A calorie deficit is when you consume lesscalories than you burn it's as simple as that Now you might be thinking wellhow do I have a calorie deficit? All you have to do is either eat less or burnmore calories.

So some of you might be saying well duh, of course I have to eatless but how do I eat less I'm hungry!! And girlfriend I am right there with you!!For me personally breast feeding was huge in my weight loss, one little tipthat I found out is every ounce of breast milkabout 22 calories.

So there's this huge formulation that you can do to calculatehow many calories you're burning while breastfeeding or pumping and I won't gettoo crazy just for the simplicity of it we'll call it 22 calories per ounce ofbreast milk that's you're producing.

So for me personally and the very beginning Iwas making a huge oversupply of milk so I was at least producing about 40 ouncesof milk a day.

So simple math 40 times 22 is 880 calories that I was burning perday.

You do have to keep that number in mind when you're coming up with yourset calorie intake.

In theory you want to be eating the maximum amount ofcalories that your body can take in while still losing weight.

So you'reprobably thinking well how do I figure that out? So linked below I have a couplefree calorie calculators that will help you guys to figure out what your maintenance calories are.

Finding out your maintenance calories is the first step.



alot of the calculators that I have below will actually tell you your maintenancecalories if you want to lose a half a pound a week if you want to losea pound week and it's really awesome because it gives you all the information thatyou need.

Once you have your maintenance calorie number or you're losing half apound a week number or a pound a week whatever you have decided this amount ofcalories per day is your allowance.

Think of it as this is the amount ofmoney that you get per day you can't spend more you could spend a little bitless but you really should be spending that amount.

With consuming caloriesespecially if you are postpartum and exclusively breastfeeding you want to betaking in enough calories I cannot say that enough.

You need to maintain yourmilk supply if you're not consuming enough calories and staying hydratedyour milk supply will plummet, you really have to focus on taking in enoughcalories to keep yourself healthy as well as your baby.

So another questionyou guys might have is well how am i keeping track of all these calories? I'ma busy mom you know have a newborn baby I'm trying to breastfeed I'm trying tostay alive we have to worry about this too? Well good news that's why I said don'tworry about this the first six weeks you have enough on your plate you don't needto think about this.

I have two huge things that have helped me, the firstthing is MyfitnessPal so My Fitness Pal is an app you can download it onyour phone and basically you log all of your food into it you can set up yourcalories I'll show you guys.

This is actually tomorrow I'm just gonna showyou guys a fresh day so my total calorie intake in order to maintain is about2, 400 calories so as you can see there's a section of breakfast for lunch ordinner snacks and you can also exercise you can also include how much water youdrink a day.

So for mehaving something right on hand right at my fingertips I can log food in easilythat was huge for me so I use MyFitnessPal pretty much every day to log my food.

Mainly now I'm using it just to make sure that I'm eating enough because whenyou have a little baby you're crazy you're busy you're trying to keep themfed and entertained and you have a lot on your mind and so sometimes it's easyto forget about yourself that's where this app comes in handy for me right now.

When you're just starting out with this app it's gonna be a little bit of alearning curve it's gonna take some time one thing I love about the app there isan option to scan barcodes of food so it makes it really really easy for you youcan scan the barcode of the food make sure that the calories are correct andyou know you can accept it.

Foods that you eat recently they pop up so if youtend to eat the same breakfast you know you can super easily log that in andit's not like you're taking every single day to manually enter the foodsthat you're eating.

It really does get easier over time I promise!!The second thing that has helped me so much is a food scale.

I'll show you guysmy food scale, here it is it has some fanciness on the side but honestly Ijust use it to weigh food, I use the ounces and the grams.

This thing is life-changing I am telling you, again it's a huge commitment, hugecommitment weighing out your food I don't weigh everything on this food scalebut a lot of things I do.

Here's why I weigh my food.



it's gonna help me to beso much more accurate with MyFitnessPal.

I think sometimes what happens withpeople including myself (this used to happen to me a lot) I would say well Ihave even eaten very much today, why am I not losing weight? why am I still gaining weight?Well a lot of times we don't think of the little things, we don't think of theMayo that we're putting on our bread, we don't think of the amount of peanutbutter we're putting on our sandwich, we don't think about the butter that we'reputting on our veggies or the oil that we're cooking our food in.

So a lot ofthose things are hidden calories that we don't think about and can really addup along the way! So just to kind of wrap everything up with my postpartum weightloss journey when I was about six weeks postpartum I decided that I wanted tojumpstart things and work my way back to my pre pregnancy weight.

So what Idid was I figured out my total calories that I should be taking in to lose abouta half a pound a week, but what I did was I made sure that I was taking in plentyof calories to breastfeed.

I did not want to lose my milk supply over dieting orlosing weight.

I used MyFitnessPal I trackedeverything that I ate, and I used my food scale.

So by doing those three things Iwas able to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight (and actually lose a little bitmore weight from where I was pre pregnancy).

These three tips are like gold.



figure out the calories that you need to get to whereyou want to be, use MyFitnessPal to help you track (and know how many caloriesyou're taking in) and weigh your food so that you know exactly how much you'retaking in.

Those three things will help you guys get to where you want to be Ipromise you! If you stick with it (nothing is easy) you can get to where you want tobe, and you can achieve your goals.

I hope you guys have a great day, bye!!.

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