How I Lost 10% Body Fat In 4 Months

when you walked out I was like you look like an action figure hey there I'm aria and for four months this year I trained in MMA before actually stepping in a cage and fighting someone what a fun time that was if you haven't seen that video I would encourage that you check it out because the rest of this video will probably have a lot of spoilers spoiler alert today I want to break down how things actually happen over the course of the 17 weeks talking about my training my diet the fight itself as well as answering a few questions that you guys had in the comments so originally I was only going to train for three months but then that got postponed to four months because of a scheduling change with the promotion I was fighting for but either way three or four months was always gonna be a tight time for him to try and get this done so I to make sure my training was just as good as it could be and luckily I put together a great team to work with I had Steve Zim of a tide of you fitness studio working on my strength and conditioning and then I also had Chris Riley who is a former Moya Thai and kickboxing champion as my head coach as well as Daniel Gutierrez over at Defiant gym as my striking coach so with Steve Chris and Daniel I had a crack team working with me to make sure I was at least going to be as fight ready as possible within three to four months the die was also very very key because I was aiming to fight a featherweight which means I had to weigh in on fight day at 145 pounds we were 154 and and so that came down to my work with trifecta nutrition I worked with Emmy and Mario over there their to the team and the priority of the diet was clean eating no processed sugar and making sure I just hit my macros while staying under 19 hundred calories and within that window my macro breakdown was 70 grams of fat 150 grams of protein and 215 grams of carbs by the end of my training period though my caloric limit and my americo's have changed and so I was at 2300 calories maximum 75 grams of fat 150 grams of protein at 250 grams of carbohydrates I was so strict with my diet I would log everything I had on my trifecta app I had a food scale at home and at work that I would take to restaurants with me to make sure I was weighing my food properly some may say that was a little overkill but I just want to make sure I was doing it right so one of the first things we did was that we went to go get my body fast scan together we are at body spec to get a DEXA scan this is the most accurate way to get a body fat reading because you're getting a direct reading from head to tell which is why the number is significantly higher per my total body photos 28.

4% a lot higher than jack and i thought before we even began the entire filming process you actually took me on whom i'll run to see where I was at cardio-wise yeah we did the run and I was pretty surprised with how bad your running was good so it's Steve zimwi work not just on strength training but making sure that my cardio was on point we would work on machines like Jacob's Ladder this is the hardest cardio ever because not only are you using your legs but you're using your arms your arms are going up above your heart so when your arms are up here your heart rate goes up even higher jack basically did train with me three days a week in the mornings with Steve Steve is an incredible trainer this isn't just a transformation for what we're doing here you're gonna be able to take this to other parts of your life he showed us things that I've never seen before I've never done I came up with this years and years ago we do a bungee cord so normally when you bench press when you at the bottom it's the hardest we get to the top it's easiest but when you're in sport were your body shape you want that extension to be the most explosive so we make the bottom the easiest and then top the hardest it was like a lot of weight lifting but very technical he would also isolate things you'd be doing leg curls with one leg here have you hold one of the handles here and one of the handles here and do those punches I've never seen that before we built it up and we built it up and every time I added more and more to him he could do it he was shocking me every time because I thought okay he's not gonna be able to bench this he does it he's not gonna be able to shoulder press this he does it he can't hold this position for 30 seconds he does it and so that lets me keep pushing and pushing and pushing keep in mind actually just got this test done today and so this is after a couple weeks at eating but I dropped 10% at least a body fat in these four months of training that's great I did not know exactly how cut I was going to be able to get him but he looks amazing I'm very humbled to have had the experience to learn more Thai from a champion fighter like Chris Riley I can do this and sure like you know a big strong guy can probably create some power right well watch this we did a crash course in muy Thai Chris had to throw so many fundamentals at me that it was hard to sort of juggle all of them at once there's so much coordination required you know my body's just not used to moving in the ways I expected I mean turn your body bang-bang and now come up bang I was trying to absorb so much in such a limited amount of time that it was tough at first when Daniel of define gym like Chris and I trained at his gym however that was a huge plus because essentially I was training with Chris but then I was also able to train during classes at define as well to further hone my skills and at that point it was more a matter of just repetition one two one kick beautiful better a question we did receive a lot was about how much grappling I actually did so I did take some jujitsu classes at the Jim and Chris actually had some jujitsu training himself so he was able to coach me but we definitely didn't do as much grappling or ground work as I would have liked because obviously grappling is such a huge part of MMA but there's only so much I could learn in such a short amount of time so if I do fight again I would definitely add a lot more grappling training into my work and so if there are any wrestling or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coaches out there that want to train me slide into my DMS there were a lot of doubts like after getting beat up I would wonder why am i doing this to myself you know I might actually cut out for this and so these doubts plagued me a lot and I think in every single sparring session I was always the guy with the least amount of experience so I was just getting my ass handed to me each time then a guy knew you when you're in a while he needs you right in the stomach and you're like but then you got back up and think mentally Ari is very strong physically I don't know he's probably one of the softest people I know I like to say I'm a really optimistic person but I'm also a realist and if I'm being real I'm scared we care about you so much I don't think what everyone said came from a place of like them trying to doubt you it was just from a place of protection and defense and they were scared I just want to hold him and keep any harm from coming to him I never want to seem in a situation where someone would hurt him everyone envisions themselves in you and kind of like gets scared because they're like I would never do that because they're afraid to fail everyone's afraid to fail and you're not and that's very rare you came to the fight and we only recently got close true but you for some reason we're one of the very few people that believe in me go figure I was watching you train in like the week that we had started chatting and you were measuring out your food which was bizarre and you were really not making meetings because you were going to train and I could just kind of gather that you were taking this very very very seriously so I had no doubt that you were gonna be as prepared as you possibly could in the beginning I was like there's no way that he sticks with this diet and exercise schedule but he's really done it he's been so diligent like it's almost scary it is scary biggest low point for you I feel like was when you found out the fight was pushed got a call from the promotion and they're they're pushing back the fight date I was concerned because I already put my body through something I had never done before so the idea of another month of hard training of dieting it was a struggle really hard I can tell you that a breaking point I think with us at a time but just let the door open for more doubt to just get in my head but I think what helped me overcome everything was just talking to my coaches never once in the journey that they ever really seemed to doubt me and I knew I owed it to them and to myself to just power through packing up the car right now because today is fight day weigh-ins in the morning was my first time ever seeing casein and meeting and face to face and the resonators kind of spent myself mentally ready you're doing something that a lot of men these days don't have the balls to do so no matter what when you walk out of there you better walk out of there with your head up high but no matter what you better walk in there and destroy this mother you know now is about doing it it's just about doing it yeah originally you were not coming to the fight I will not be seeing it I don't want to see it I don't want to see the fight but you came to the fight in the end REO we love you so much and you are so inspiring because you really put yourself into your work for a reason for a Cause and for love and I hope that you fight tonight for love I think I was like yeah he's got this Arya's got this until I saw one of the guys get his shoulder dislocated and they tried to like pop it back in oh and I know you guys knew backstage would you didn't tell him you guys knew I have never been more out of my element I don't think then when I walked into that arena I got to a point before your fight where I was like why am I here I don't know this guy that well like I really this is just like the last thing I want to be doing right now I'm watching a man screaming pain really close now distractions man like a whole of it you go in the back everyone else too like don't yet the focus like stay really focused on the most nerves I had was that moment before I made my walk out right now I was no joke yeah this is a real thing yeah now it's not a dream now it's not a concept now it's real the more my name was announced it all just went away and I just knew it was time oh when you walked out I was like you look like an action figure you were like angry no smile chiseled pissed I was like 2d contour because your cheekbones like popping off and you march down and I seriously thought you're gonna kill someone I was like artists brought us all here today to possibly murder this man I felt good when if I began you looked good you looked like you were doing something right you were in it you were fighting I could see you were like calculated and everything but then I think honestly it was just a lack of experience case they put me into a guillotine and then I was like hmm he's gonna he's gonna get out of this and then it was like a couple seconds later I'm like huh okay he's still fighting through it yeah punch him punch him I remember Jason squeezing his arms I remember feeling my neck getting crushed but I do also remember thinking myself whatever you do don't tap out I'm not going to tap out of this guy and then when your arm dropped your body dropped like that like a rag doll I was like is he dead okay the mood dropped like everybody froze and nobody made eye contact and everybody was like craning to try to look at you I think I I like kind of blacked out like I don't even know if my footage was usable or anything from the ring so it's just so like what just happened even then you were right back up again and we're like oh I feel like you were almost as much of a daze as I was that's why I felt bad but the lawsuit except I didn't wanna let you down don't feel bad you did a incredible job and like you did so much and you accomplished things that most people couldn't do one time you did good good you just got a yeah dude I trained for four months for one minute but that's fighting right that's that's the game that's the sport and I have no ill feelings about that that's that's what I signed up for someone has to win someone has to lose good sup man no one can do that what have been great for the fight to go all three rounds yeah whenever been great for me to win yeah and do I think I could have won yeah I think I actually felt good in there but that's fighting twice as long one of the biggest questions I've received is if I actually will fight again and if I've been completely honest yeah I would love to fight again the question is when I would fight again this sport takes so much time so much dedication that if I were to do it again I would want to do it right I wouldn't want a half-ass it are you surprised when I say that I would want to fight again no I want you to do it I want you to fight again I had the only reason I will go back into another casino like that is if you fight again just don't get choked out again please but regardless of whether or not I fight again this this has truly been probably the greatest experience in my life so much of the fight game and life is it's all in our heads you know it's it's our fears it's our doubts but it's us trying to control those fears and doubts and allowing them to motivate us instead of hinder us that's where success can be found I'm very grateful to everyone that's been a part of this journey including all of you that took the time to watch I hope that all of us can take away from my experience the endless possibilities that are within each of us [Music].

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