Hello fellas it's your guy again, Jobz.

we're back on again with another video Guess what? today we're going all the way Ab's, man.


today, all we gotta do is just burn fat we've being accumulating whole these while like, Fellas are like out there sleeping, eating, not going anywhere not going to work or anything, you know! it's been difficult to have access to the gyms.

but you you know what? you can do all these things inside your rooms All right.

I mean we don't need no equipment You don't need no prior experience about workouts or you need any prior experience about ab Workout All you need is the flow and your body, and also gravity, you know, you can do this All right.

I mean, sisters out there I know how you feel right now, man, all being lazy eating and like sleeping and i know it's not your faults it's just the situation right now? But you know what? y'all good to go All you have to do is just stick with me We can make this happen alright.

it might look like a bit hard but trust me is not hard.

if I can do it? So you can, all right.

Anybody can do this in your house is any way? All right I mean, all you gotta do is just stick with me and we can do this to the end All right.

It's not gonna be an easy way But I mean, you're gonna start with the basics everyone can be able to do it and from there We would move to next level.

but until then, just stick to it and see how it goes Alright, I guarantee you, if we do this a routine, trust me, in 2 weeks make tops.

You're gonna be Wow.


you'll be like all good to go.

All right.


so I mean You know what? let's take this back home man.


I'm not gonna take the video here.

I will take it back to my place I will show you that, I mean.


you don't need to go outside or anywhere.



because this is about home so we're gonna take this at and i'll show you how it goes.

okay? you guys are ready to bun some fat, right? Alright then.


Let's get on it.


first thing you will do is to bring up your legs to this position and then bring your hands to meet with em.

okay? in this case you can go fast if you want but if you go slower, that'll be more effective Alright? you wanna control you breath while you do this and you'll be fine! keep you legs together and straight, okay for starters, if it's difficult to keep your legs straight it's okay to bring all the way to this level, alright but i'd advice you if you can maintain it? just keep it straight and start moving this is how you do it.


so that was it guys it was pretty basic Everyone can do this.

Trust me And reason why we make little bit hard is because we are dealing with the Ab and that's no easy work.

you know Like you deal with the “abdomen” It's like, it has so many different muscles that you must have to impact So you can be able to burn the fat inside and also be able to have your six-pack, you know? so, yeah.


It's normal man, and just just the beginning.

I mean if you stick with me, trust me in no time you'll be good to go Alright.


i mean this is for everyone out there I mean like we need to motivate everyone out there to be able to keep themselves fit when they are home and also keep healthy I mean sisters.

You know how you like to look good, Right? So I mean do this man, you don't need fear anything, you know? it's not difficult, trust me.

if i can do it? so you can.



so i mean, get your mattresses if you have to get your floor clean you know I mean and get yourselves on it and like, do it a routine i guaranty you in 2 weeks time, you gonna be completely okay so all you have to do, guys is just stick with me, and we can all do this.

Alright i mean from now on what you have to do is just press that subscribe button right there like it, and also share it so everybody can benefit from it like i always say man.


the main reason why we doing this thing, is to motivate people so make it reach out to as many people as possible so we can all be motivated keep ourselves fit keep ourselves healthy and still stay at home and be safe, alright until i see you guys next time, peace out!.

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