Home Workout – Beginner Edition

I did and we come back to a Soviet my youtube channel so I'm making this video to help beginners that are trying to get in shape or stay in shape while he stuff down in currency now happening I am pretty late since it has been more or less

a month since he's begun but I really wanted to make a quality content and to be sure to see how things are going basically so this what we do is about little compilation of exercise that you can do if you're a beginner and if you have know too

little material there is no need for band or anything like it you know Jim no anything just a couch or some chair anything and even the chair you can mix them up with some furniture you could have at home so there are a lot of exercise that you

can do if you're beginner but some of them are also usable by people that have already pretty nice level of strength fitness physique already and is therefore helping and giving ideas so I wish you go see those exercises are made of you know one big workout that I

did a few days ago and then 10 then easier for full body but you can also speak them in person like fashion or brush tool or split or all body alright we are back in so I began with hip 2x variation or good bridge to work the glutes

and the hips this is a good starting point for workout since you will be one mimic for in your knees for back the hips and you we need them so we whole walk out so beginning with the glutes all the back is something that is really key so

here I am showing a basic cool bridge you can do it on the floor for someone who is really weak or undertrained or just to feel good and you can also do it with one leg at a time if it will bring out a bit more via doctor

on the answering so this is a great movement of your whole posterior chain for the things that isn't worked out is the erector spinae after this you can also try or if you are already strong enough we better keep dressed so I don't recommend doing it if you

are if you have already you could live in a strength with two legs because you will be able to do a million reps basically but what is pretty nice to do is doing it with the one leg at a time so I'm going to show you show you

two right now we just need to brace your upper back against the couch whole bench and do it one negative time keep the shins vertical and push through the heels to squeeze the gluts this is how you are building glutes and hamstring mass with your bodyweight that and

the next exercise but for all the people that have already pretty decent amount of strength this will be your preferred variation for the glutes and you can really ramp up the intensity and the weight don't forget to squeeze now we will be more on V hip abduction movement

so this is more of a gluteus medius or via the part of volutes this is key for your hips longevity Hills because we need to be able to maintain hip rotation and external rotation hills and range of motion if you want to be properly set for your deadlift

your bench your squats your rows everything that is bent over standing or make you need to be stable after that we can go on to more legs centric walkout so this is risk WOD I speed up a bit of a video just to gain some time so here

is a proper normal squat you can do keep the back flat and parallel and go down to around parallel or just below with your legs your tights to be sure to have a good range of motion for your quads which will also recruit the glutes now if you

are mastering or if you want to get more variation for this part of a walkout you can do lunges so this is the standard normal lunges this will recruit figure boots feet quads and also some I'll swing and you're just going to need some space to be able

to do this exercise on the same room that you're used to just bend over so this isn't something that is difficult normally to implement but it can be hard on the knees so even with good technique that's why I included the next variation which are the reverse lunges

so this is more posterior chains and trick this is more glutes and answering centric but if she's really easy underneath this is one of the best exercises that I still do to do my lower body part of a walk out without trashing my knees because I had some

problem with me before you can really ramp up you move the weight and volume on them because they are pretty low stress in my opinion and they also work your balance in your proprioception in some way that squats and normal and just won't do so a good way

to get some variety in for your workout and then there is the more quite eccentric way to train your quads so this is more way to replicate the heels elevated squats you know like with V only pink weightlifting shoes or with a hug squat you're using some books

or something to get you a little abated and you try to keep your torso as stable as possible and straight and you just flex and extend the knees so this is nearly all quad and this is going to toss them if you go very freely I rip something

it you can also implement as a warm-up or as a cool-down or just to learn to do the movement properly it's single ad single legged here so this normal Romanian deadlift but with weight that you can had or not and you can do it on one leg or

– really – going to be really easy so that's why I show it with one leg this is going to recruit the latter chains of a muscle and a lot of core walk but also your balance and of course you aren't doing a new clewd so if you

have a bag if you have some materials that you can use a lift don't irritate to try this exercise this is going to be a little surprise just like the single leg hip twist and here we go to be a bubble-bath of a walkout so obviously this is

a beginner workout so I'm most proud to show V push-up underneath if you have more strength don't do them but if you don't have strength for proper push-up do them they here for them is there as a for it and here are the normal standard push-up on the

ground so I'm showing some variation the goal is just accumulate the most amount of volume you can and recover from it without trashing your joint so there was a standard push-up it is V Whitely push-ups or more chest involvement and less triceps obviously be sure to always push

through the elbow and not just try to keep your shoulder rounded forward oh you will not have muscle recruitment it would be more tendon ER on the face so realize to strengthen the wrist if you are too heavy to do them on the palm you can do them

this way you have also more range of motion and one of my favourite are supinated hands so as you can see i supinated v hand and then i just flex and extend the elbow so this is a lot more tricep eccentric and some people also feels a bicep

wisdom so yeah here the same way but we feet elevated push-ups so there will be more upper chest involvement more triceps and more shoulder keep in mind that with a push-up you are normally around 50 percent of your body weight being used as a resistance with the feet

elevated push-up you can go up to 60 65 so it will always be harder in the range of motion is deeper but you also have more weight to use so you can use the couch like me you can use a chair whatever to elevate your feet even a

table now one of the other thing you can do with a push-up are the diamond one so I show you V and position edge canoes and this is going to be a push-up variations that are way more tricep centric nearly an isolation movement for them since you will

not move anything but V elbow just flexing and extending basically v body just need to stay put and stable but this can be hard on the wrists and also on the shoulder so be mindful with them be sure to warm up properly and if you can do them

with a good form don't do them all just very sparingly I'm just giving some example and some variation there if you have the strength and if you want to also add some intensity here are some dips so I show I throw down the video just to show you

perform this is the chest dips as you can read this means that you will be more focused on the chest so as you can see you on the form I'm really bent over I am pushing through my elbow to really recruit the chest and not just trying to

extend and straighten the arm I am pushing through to get the chest to do the most work and by being bent over I have the most anatomical advantageous position to recruit the whole chest so just a quick idea again for the chest muscle and here more triceps dips

centric walkout so I keep more straight I keep my legs just under me and I am just flexing and extending basically my arm so this is more the forms that you will be using for the arm workout on the dips and now we go on the back portion

of a walkout so for people that have trouble feeling their back there is a scapular rows that you can do which chairs or just to stable object you are just not using your arm and basically using just your scapula for flexing and extending and also retracting them so

we swap your whole back musculature but without the harm so if you need to proper warm-up Oh Papa Phoenicia depending of your strength level this is a great asset to use it can surprise it now the most normal one you will use for your back exercises you inverted

room so this is something that you can do the table or between two furniture just like I'm doing you just need a place to grab and to be stable enough so they can you can so that you can pull yourself up when you are too weak to do

pull up or chinos if you go to valuation you need to do to walk you back your per back your lats and you also your hands now if you're able to do chin-ups I really recommend them to you not even not necessary every day but at least one

day every other day since they will be walking a lot of things v biceps we grip the for harm V the back feel adds we call V ABS everything and you can also do a pull-up variation which will be more for harm attend that sandwich next to the

chin up but it will also be a nice variation to had to not have any block wrist problem so let's forget to add variety and to not do always the same thing if you have a possibility and to finish it off we are going to do the shoulder

so I recommend Pike pushup if you can do this variation but if you can chose to V and stand push up against a wall or something to have some support she is going to be a partial range of motion of a red press but with your own body

weight so this is going to be pretty effective in most cases especially if you can push for volume and if you prefer you can do them against the wall with this require your Wireless stability and balance and this will be more easy to not cheat but also back

if you are getting fatigued or to get into more mechanical advantageous position to push and yet again a nice variation if you can do a lot of volume on it and wind we know we must not forget the girls so even if it's not a muscle that we

often think to train which is going to be key for your ankles and the hills this is going to be helpful for mobility in the stability on both joint and also to ography muscle and strengthen the tendons and ligaments so I recommend the poles at the top and

the bottom on them in the high volume sorry it's easy guys and gals who free body template and population of exercise which can do we watt in the material I will be posting more video in the next few days detailing what you can do if you are more

advanced at leat you can do more advanced variation of body weight and calisthenic movement and also what you can do with bands or a bit of imagination and also if you have a possibility to go a bit out of this lock down if you have a little garden

or little space here in there you can make this all yourself so I would like to thank you all for all the patients and we three and 350 subscriber I am realist but you all don't forget to leave a comment subscribe tell me anything you want me to

talk about video doping really really really fast now and I have this little thingy thing for the recording the sound I can now use it so here we go see you soon bye

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