Home Tricep Workout (You Can Do Anywhere)

(intense music) – What's up Elite Calisthenics Athletes? It's Chris Heria.

Welcome to another videowith official Thenx.

Today I'm gonna show youa complete tricep workout that's gonna target allthree of your tricep heads.

When training tricepsthis is super important.

That's why the selection ofexercises that you choose should be diverse enoughso that they're emphasizing on all three of the tricep heads.

Of course, when you train triceps and you're extending from the elbow you're always gonna beengaging your triceps.

But depending on the exerciseand the angle and the position you can put emphasis on each tricep head to ensure that you'regetting a full tricep workout that's actually gonna benefit you.

And best of all, you cando this workout anywhere because there are nomachines and no equipment which also means there are no excuses.

So if you're ready to get right into this the first exercise that I have to show you is elevated pike push ups.

Remember, when extending fromthe elbow and training triceps you're always gonna behitting all your tricep heads but this exercise is gonna emphasize on the long tricep head.

Let's go for 15 reps.

So find an elevated surface.

Pike up as much as you can.

Keep those legs straight, hips straight up.

You wanna be straight fromyour toes to your hips and your hips to your hands.

Let's go with the crown of our head down.

Come back up, 15 reps.

(intense music) Alright, so we're gonna goon to the next exercise.

That's gonna be bench dips.

Now, depending on howyou do your bench dips this is gonna determine which tricep head you're gonna be emphasizing on.

Now since this exercise is done with our hands behind our back as you can see we'realready putting tension on the long head of our tricep.

So the bench dip is really gonna work your long head of your tricep but depending on your hand placement it will determine whetheryou're adding more engagement to your lateral or yourmedial head over here.

So let's go right into these bench dips.

If you have your hand placement like this we're gonna be working on the long head as well as the lateral.

If you switch your handplacement and move it around now we switched the lateral engagement more to the medial engagement.

So let's go for some reps.

We're gonna go for 20.

Go full range of motion all the way down all the way back up and when you come up try tolean back onto those triceps.

Here we go.

(intense music) Alrighty, so the next exerciseis cross tricep extensions.

And for this one we're gonna be putting the emphasis on the long head and the lateral.

Let's get down to the ground.

Now from this position we're gonna put our hand sideways the other hand sideways and we're gonna come all the way down and right back up.

Alright, we're gonna gofor six reps on both sides.

Now if you can't do it like this of course, come down to your knees.

And from your knees you should be straight from your knee to your shoulder.

Once you've done it on both sides switch the hands' positions and complete the other six.

Alright, so let's go for it.

(intense club music) ♪ Carry on music ♪ – Alright, switch.

♪ Carry on music ♪ – Alright, those are pretty tough so master those on yourknees first with perfect form build up those reps and then try 'em in the push-up position.

Alright so the next one we haveis gonna be skull crushers.

Now keep in mind of your hand placement.

If your hands are fulleryou're gonna be engaging more lateral and medial head and if you start turningyour hand placement maybe here or even here you're gonna start to workmore of your medial tricep.

But don't worry.

In this exercise you're targetingall of your tricep heads.

Let's go for it.

We're gonna get an elevated surface.

From here, we're gonna gostraight down with the elbows keeping your core tight, your whole body tight.

And you're gonna come all the way back up to a full extension whilekeeping your core tight and keeping your body in perfect position.

Let's go for 20.

(intense music) ♪ Carry on music ♪ ♪ Carry on music ♪ – Alright.

So now we're gonna moveinto tricep extensions.

It's just like this exceptwe're gonna do it on the floor.

Check it out.

Let's go into a plank position.

Core tight, hips up, don't let the hips sag.

Keep perfect form.

And then with our hands we'regonna push down and forward.

To let down.

Of course if this is too difficult, get on your knees and go for it.

Let's go for 20.

(intense music) ♪ Carry on music ♪ – Whew, alright, we are almost there.

We have two exercises left.

The next exercise isgonna be diamond push ups.

I'm gonna go for a quick 20 set.

Do not give up now becausewe are almost there.

If you need to do them on yourknees, go ahead and do it.

Be humble with your workouts and train what you canactually do with perfect form but it's gonna challenge you.

That's gonna get you a whole lot stronger and advance you a whole lot quicker.

Versus trying to complete reps that you haven't yetlearned how to control or learned the proper form.

You're gonna be running around in circles and that's gonna take you nowhere.

So if you need to geton your knees for these go ahead and do so.

In a couple weeks you're gonna be doing them just like this.

20, let's go for it.

(intense music) Alright, alright.

So we are down to the last exercise.

And for this exercise, I reallywant to put some emphasis onto our medial head of our tricep so we're gonna be doin' 'emwith our grip like this.

We're gonna be doing pseudo push ups.

I've shown you this move before and the secret to super human strength we're going to be pushingfrom our waistline.

Now this is a pretty difficult movement.

So if you're just getting started have your hands in this position and just go as low as you can while still being able to complete the rep and go to a full range of of motion.

Eventually, you'll beable to rep this move out with your hands lower andlower the more you train it.

So let's go for these last reps.

We're gonna go for 15.

We're gonna go ahead and lay down flat.

Put our feet flat against the wall.

Hands as low as you can go.

Let's go for it.

(intense music) (exhales sharply) Whew.

Alright, so that was round one of the home tricep workoutyou can do anywhere.

No equipment, no machines, no excuses.

So come back to this video and let's do this routine together.

Next time you're lookingfor a highly effective home triceps workout.

Thank you guys so much for watching.

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